Classics are those which are relevant for all ages. Here is a list of 7 books from all-time favourite Indian Classics. Most of them we as kids have grown up reading or listening to. The stories are immortal and morals are relatable in current days as also.

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The Illustrated Stories of Tenali Raman: Classic Tales from India

Wonder House Books (Author)

Tenali Raman stories with wit, wisdom, morals have been passed down through generations in India. He was a poet and advisor in the court of King Krishnadevaraya. His stories teach children how to come out of tricky situations using intelligence while not compromising with morals.

They are valuable life lessons while being quite humorous as well. Children love Tenali Raman stories, and parents are happy to read them as bedtime stories. The wit and wisdom are appreciated by kids age 5 and above.. Check more in Amazon.

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The Illustrated Stories of Akbar and Birbal

Wonder House Books (Author)

Birbal was an advisor and one of the Navaratnas in emperor Akbar’s court. The folktales showcase Birbal outsmarting his rivals using his wits and wisdom in Akbar’s court. He was also a poet and singer. The folktales showcase Akbar being amused and impressed with Birbal’s cleverness. Perfect humorous stories with morals for children to grow up reading and listening. Check more in Amazon.

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Tales from the Jatakas: 3 in 1

Anant Pai  (Author, Editor)

The is a collection of 3 stories from Jataka – Monkey Stories, Deer Stories, Elephant Stories. This Amar Chitra Katha book is ideal for early readers to improve their language and reading skills, while the stories keep kids interested in reading. Ideal bedtime read for parents to read to younger kids! Check details in Amazon.

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Pandit Vishnu Sharma’s Panchatantra

Shubha Vilas (Author), Ishan Trivedi (Illustrator)

Panchatantra stories need no introduction. This book does justice to the stories with amazing illustrations and good morals in the end. The stories are ideal for age 7 and above. For younger kids, parents need to read beforehand and check, as all stories may not be suitable. Check details in Amazon.

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Buddha: The Enlightened

Wonder House Books (Author)

This is the story of Prince Siddhartha’s transformation to Gautam Buddha. This is the perfect book to introduce Buddha to young children. Age-appropriate content sprinkled with wisdom and knowledge makes this an ideal read for young children. Beautiful large illustrations complement the stories well. Check more in Amazon.

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Vikram Betal : The Best of Vikram Betal

Om Books Editorial Team (Author)

King Vikramaditya is supposed to bring Betal, a ghost, to a monk, as promised. As the king picks up Betal and carries him, the ghost starts narrating stories with puzzles in the end that Vikramaditya needs to solve. But the tricky part is – with each correct answer, Betal will go back to his original place. The stories are fun, kid-friendly and thought-provoking. The book is quite well written with nice pictures. Ideal for children aged 5 years and above. Check details in Amazon.

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Incredible Stories Of Gopal Bhar: A Joy Ride

Abhijan Guha (Author)

Gopal Bhar was a court jester in medieval Bengal, India, at the king Krishna Chandra’s court. His situational comic stories provide instant laughs and are extremely popular in the Eastern part of India. This book is a collection of 25 small stories for children. Easy to read, great laugh! Kids are sure to enjoy this book. Check more in Amazon. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to We may earn a commission when you buy through links on our site.