Once Emperor Akbar along with Birbal and a few of his other ministers went to the river to take a bath. Since Akbar trusted Birbal the most, he gave his belongings and clothes to Birbal to hold and went to the river to take a dip.

Seeing this, few of Akbar’s other ministers also gave their clothes to Birbal to hold and joined the emperor in the river for bath. Birbal stood in the bank holding and guarding the clothes of the emperor and other ministers.

Akbar finished his bath and came back to the river bank. His ministers also rose from the water along with him. Looking at Birbal standing at the river bank holding all the clothes, Akbar found the scene quite funny and could not stop himself from cracking a joke.

He laughed and said, “Look at you Birbal – carrying all the loads like a donkey!” All the other ministers also joined in the laughter. The chance to laugh at Birbal comes so rarely!

Now Birbal replied. “Yes, Hoojoor! My situation is worse than a donkey. A donkey carries only one donkey’s load. I am carrying many donkey’s load.”

Immediately all the laughter stopped. Akbar understood, he has been defeated by Birbal’s quick wit once again.