Emperor Akbar used to reward Birbal handsomely for his quick wit. Birbal gained a lot of wealth like this and made a good name for himself in the kingdom.

One day, a man came to Birbal’s house and started narrating his woes to Birbal. Patiently Birbal listened to the man’s problem while sympathizing with him.

After some time, the man told Birbal, “I have walked many miles to come to your house. All along the way, everyone kept on praising your generosity.”

Birbal now understood that the man was going to ask for money. So he asked the man, ” Will you go back to your house in the same way?”

The man responded in affirmative.

Birbal told him, “Do one thing. While going back, just deny any praise of my generosity.” The man got the hint and left soon enough.

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