Once two quarreling men, named Kabir and Fakir, appeared in front of a judge in Akbar’s Kingdom. Kabir had accused Fakir of stealing the former’s valuable, while Fakir denied it. To this, the judge asked Kabir how he knew that Fakir stole his valuables.

Kabir replied, “Sir, I have seen with my own eyes Fakir taking the valuables from my table drawer. Let him hold hot iron and tell that he did not do it. If he is telling the truth, God will protect him.”

Now, the judge was in trouble. Even though he realized that maybe Fakir did not steal, the judge could not find a way to solve the problem. He sent both the men home, asking them to come again after a day. In the evening, the judge went and consulted Birbal for a solution. The next day, as the court began, both the men appeared in front of the judge.

Now the judge said, “Yes, I agree with Kabir. Fakir should indeed take the hot iron test. God will protect him if he is telling the truth”. Hearing this, Fakir started protesting how unfair it was, and Kabir became happy.

Now the judge was not done. He continued, “Kabir, I want you to bring the hot iron with your bare hand and give it to Fakir. Since you are telling the truth, God will protect you.”

Hearing this, Kabir became quiet. After some time, he muttered something about searching his house again for the valuables and left in a hurry. Fakir thanked the judge for saving him the trouble.