Akbar was very fond of hunting and made frequent trips to the nearby and far jungles with his troop. Many animals were hunted down in the process. On one such occasion, Birbal also accompanied Akbar.

Deep inside the jungle, as they set up tents and were resting, Akbar heard two Birds making loud noises and fighting. To have some light fun, Akbar asked, “Birbal, what are these two birds arguing about?”

Birbal said, “Jahapanah, they are setting the dowry amount. First, one is the groom’s father and wants two jungles without animals as dowry. The second one is the bride’s father. He is saying that he can only give one jungle without animals as dowry”.

Akbar listened and smiled. The birds continued their fight. After some time, Akbar again asked, “Birbal, what are they talking about now?”

Birbal quickly replied, “Hujoor, the bride’s father is saying to the groom’s father, if he waits for six more months, this jungle also can be given in dowry without animals.”

Akbar got the hint and reduced his hunting trips.

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