One morning, Emperor Akbar came to his court in a very grumpy mood. One of his ministers asked him, “Hujur tell us – what is troubling you. We all will help solve your problem.”

To this, Akbar replied, “I had a strange dream last night. I saw all my ancestors in my dream. All of them were smiling happily. I was also sitting with them. But I had only one tooth in my mouth. All my other teeth were gone. What is the meaning of this dream?”

Immediately the court Astrologer was called. He could not find the meaning of the dream. Next, the Pandits and other knowledgeable people from the kingdom were called. All of them sat and discussed for hours. But they could not come to a conclusion regarding the meaning of Akbar’s dream.

Once they left, Akbar and all other ministers sat on their seats wondering what to do next. Birbal quietly rose from his place, bowed, and told Akbar, “Hoojoor, it means that you will live much longer than your ancestors and will be healthy and happy.”

Now, hearing this, Akbar was happy. All other ministers also breathed a sigh of relief.