There was peace in Emperor Akbar’s kingdom for many months. Hence Akbar was very happy thinking that people are obeying his laws and orders. He boosted one day to Birbal saying, “Birbal, people in my kingdom respect me. They listen to what I say.”

Birbal said. “Hujoor, more than love and respect, they fear you.” Akbar did not agree with Birbal. Hence it was decided that they will test this theory.

The next day, Akbar was going hunting. Before going, as per Birbal’s advice, it was announced in the kingdom that, the King is going hunting. And the King wishes that while he is away, everyone should pour milk in a tub kept in his courtyard. However, no one came and poured any milk throughout the day.

The next day, when Akbar came back, he was upset looking at the empty tub and seeing that people did not follow his order.

After few days, as per Birbal’s suggestion, it was again announced that King is going hunting. And he wants people in his kingdom to pour milk in the tub kept in the courtyard. It was also announced that this time King Akbar himself will check the tub after returning.
The next day, when Akbar returned from hunting, he was pleasantly surprised to see the tub full of milk.

Birbal said, “Hujoor, people obey you more out of fear than respect. The first time they did not listen to you, since they did not know that you would inspect. But the second time, knowing that you will check yourself, the obeyed your order.”

Now, emperor Akbar had to agree with Birbal.

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