Polar bears, seals, Narwhals- they are just too adorable! Just like little kids. Teach your young ones about the extreme weather conditions in which Seals, Cod, Narwhals, Polar bears, etc live. Or read aloud some sweet stories about the adorable arctic animals. Here is a great collection of fun stories and nonfiction Arctic Animal books for toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarteners.

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Arctic animal books for Kids

arctic animal books for kids

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1. Arctic Animals

Arctic Animals - an artic animal book for kids

Arctic Animals is an introduction to Arctic animals for toddlers. Starting with a map of the location of the Arctic and the countries in it, the book covers the Arctic ecosystem well. Each page contains real pictures of animals and factual information. This book will be useful even when your toddler grows up.

2. Pup and Bear

Pup and Bear - an artic animal book for kids

Pup and Bear. During the ice melt following the Arctic winter, a wolf cub finds itself lost in unknown territory. A polar bear takes the cub to her den and takes care of it like a mother. The cub grows into a wolf and finally ventures out on its own.

Years later, when it comes across a lost polar bear cub, the fox takes care of the cub as its own. An emotional book about mothers’ love and nontraditional families. A sweet story with emotion-provoking pictures that you can read to your little one any time of the day.

3. Here Is the Arctic Winter

Here Is the Arctic Winter - an artic animal book for kids

Here Is the Arctic Winter. How is life in the Arctic winter? Find out in this lyrical picture book. The beauty of the cold, dark, barren land is described well. Children get introduced to various animals like wolves, caribou, the arctic hare, snowy owl, polar bear, seal, cod, and narwhals. A fascinating book for 2-6 year-olds.

4. I’m a Narwhal

I'm a Narwhal - an artic animal book for kids

I’m a Narwhal. This popular book is about narwhal, a type of whale that lives in Arctic waters. The simple story is charming, describing who are the Narwhals. This book has pictures of other animals like fish, polar bears as well. A book perfect for your preschooler’s bedtime.

5. Polar Bear Island

Polar Bear Island - an artic animal book for kids

Polar Bear Island. This light-hearted story is about inclusion and accepting outsiders. A Penguin comes to a polar bear island. Read on how the polar bears react and what happens after that. The humorous story and silly phrases make this reading fun.

6. Arctic Fox

Arctic Fox - an artic animal book for preschoolers

Arctic Fox. How does an Arctic fox spend its entire day? What does it eat, where it sleeps, and how does it take care of its babies? Find out in this gorgeous picture book. The text is suitable for kindergarten to 2nd grade.

7. Arctic Animals: Toddlers COLORING book

Arctic Animals: Toddlers COLORING book - an artic animal book for toddlers

Arctic Animals: Toddlers COLORING book. An arctic animal coloring book especially made for small kids. The pictures are simple and age-appropriate. Your child will have a great time coloring the pictures, while you can read aloud the information about each animal.

8. Kids Can Draw Arctic Animals

Kids Can Draw Arctic Animals - an artic animal book for kinder

Kids Can Draw Arctic Animals. This book teaches children how to draw Arctic animals. With simple easy strokes, your child would be able to create some fun animals. A fun book to keep your child occupied for longer.

9. Are You a Polar Bear?

Are You a Polar Bear? - an artic animal book for kindergarten

Are You a Polar Bear? A little polar bear wakes up from its slumber to find no one around. Join in the journey of a little polar bear cub for its mother. The cub meets many Arctic animals along the way, who do not look like him at all. Would the cub find its mother finally? The story is engaging and easy to follow. A perfect nighttime read-aloud for kids.

10. Ookpik: The Travels of a Snowy Owl

Ookpik: The Travels of a Snowy Owl - an artic animal book for toddlers

Ookpik. Snowy owls grow quickly during the Arctic summer. However, prey in the Artic reduces by winter. Follow a snowy owl’s journey from the north pole as it flies over Canada and finally lands in the USA. The author and illustrator, Bruce Hiscock, depicts the changing landscape beautifully in the watercolors. The story is informative and well researched.

11. Counting on Snow

Counting on Snow - an artic animal book for toddlers

Counting on Snow. Teach your child to count numbers using this beautiful snow animals book. A simple book with pictures of northern animals – from seals to wolves to snowy owls. The beauty of the northern winter is captured in the pages well.

12. Look Closer: Into the Arctic

Look Closer: Into the Arctic - an artic animal book for toddlers

Look Closer: Into the Arctic. A beautiful picture book of magical Arctic land. The clear acetate pages give the impression of a layer and are interesting to look at. Watch your toddler giggle at meeting polar bears, caribou, whales, and more such intriguing wildlife.

We love all the above Artic Animal Books. However our absolute favorites are below

Read Aloud of the book – Arctic Animals

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