Children love animal babies. The adorable cubs and pups can bring a smile on any bad day (just like the kids themselves). It is no surprise then that baby animal books are a huge hit with toddlers.

The stories, family structures, and habits are relatable by toddlers. These books primarily deliver the message of love.

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Baby Animal Books For Toddlers

Check some of the best-recommended and loved baby animal books for toddlers.

Little White Fish and His Daddy

Little White Fish and His Daddy - a baby animal book for toddlers

Little White Fish and His Daddy. This heartwarming book is about what makes fathers special in the eyes of their kids. A fish baby is talking to his other friends- all sea animal babies. Join in to meet all the animal babies and find out what their fathers are best at.

The artwork is attractive, and the story is heartwarming. Perfect for a father-child story-time.

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Baby Animals Sticker

Baby Animals Sticker - a baby animal book for toddlers

Baby Animals Sticker. A charming sticker book of baby animals for your toddler. The stickers are separated by theme. Piglets, ponies, wolf cubs, bunnies, kitten, puppies, and many more bright stickers.

With animal facts, games, mazes, and many such activities, this book is sure to keep your little one entertained for many hours.

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Baby Animals (Look & Learn)

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Baby Animals (Look & Learn). Meet the adorable baby animals and their moms in this picture book. The pictures of leopard with cubs, elephant family, duck mom with ducklings, frogs with tadpoles, etc are sure to bring familiarity and comfort to your kid.

The pictures are of high quality, as expected from a National Geographic Kids book. This 6” square book is perfect to carry along for a road trip with your toddler.

Noisy Baby Animals

Noisy Baby Animals - a baby animal book for toddlers

Noisy Baby Animals. This is an interactive touch and feel sound book. Watch your toddler try to copy the baby animal sounds along. The book has 6 sounds.

The photographs are appealing. Different fur materials are used for each animal, giving children a sense of petting real animal babies. A very popular book with toddlers.

Touch & Feel Baby Animals

Touch & Feel Baby Animals - a baby animal book for toddlers

Touch & Feel Baby Animals. This touch and feel book has five baby animals in it. The texts are rhyming and the pictures are bright. Perfect for a short read-aloud to your toddler.

The edges are rounded and the book is made with thick cardboard, making it safe for your little ones.

Baby Elephant’s Big Idea

Baby Elephant's Big Idea - a baby animal book for toddlers

Baby Elephant’s Big Idea. A baby elephant finds out all the fun things his friends can do and wishes he could do the same. Until one day, when he finds out about his special abilities.

Your toddler will get to meet the cubs of many jungle animals like an elephant, tiger, lion, crocodile, cheetah, etc. A charming storybook about self-realization for toddlers.

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All Mommies Love Their Babies

All Mommies Love Their Babies - a baby animal book for toddlers

All Mommies Love Their Babies. A rhyming picture book showcasing the mothers’ love for their babies. Children would surely enjoy all the illustrations of baby animals and learning about their unique features.

The book emphasizes how each mother loves the unique trait in their babies.

Baby, Let’s Count!

Baby, Let's Count! - a baby animal book for toddlers

Baby, Let’s Count! If your toddler can not keep a book whole for long, this indestructible book is the perfect one you need to have. Teach your toddler to count numbers with the help of baby animals.

Bright colorful pictures of farm animals like ponies, puppies, and more such animals will keep your child engaged for longer. The size is just perfect to carry along wherever you go.

Hello, Ocean Friends

Hello, Ocean Friends - a baby animal book for toddlers

Hello, Ocean Friends. Does your toddler like to say hello to random strangers? So does the baby whale in this book. This baby whale learns to sprout hello and iis eager to showcase this to his ocean friends.

Follow along in the rhyming journey of the ocean life and meet a seahorse, octopus, turtle, starfish, jellyfish. It is an interactive fun sensory book.

Our Favorite Animal Books

All the books are suitable for your little one and perfectly safe to be used independently for the toddler age group.

Many of the book sizes are small enough to be carried along to be read in the car or while waiting for groceries etc. Perfect tools to keep your toddler engaged.

While all these books are so adorable, we do have our favorites. We love and highly recommend the below books.

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