Beach is fun! Everyone enjoys a good day out on the beach in summer. Now make the trip with your little one memorable, with these fun books for kids. Prepare your baby for his\her first beach trip. Teach your kids how to observe and learn from the ocean and beach. Get ideas about some fun games. There is just so much to do and learn. Let the fun begin!

15 Best beach books for kids

beach books for kids

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Here is a great collection of beach books for kids to enjoy a day out in the ocean.

You can find them in your local library or nearby bookstores. If they are unavailable locally, you can click on the links or images below to purchase from Amazon.

Babies & Toddlers

Beach Baby - beach book for babies

Beach Baby is a rhythmic picture book for a beach day with your baby. There is no story. Each page is filled with beautiful pictures and one or two lines. A positive and reassuring book for young minds. (Ages 0-2 years)

Where the Ocean Meets the Sand - beach book for toddlers and preschoolers

Where the Ocean Meets the Sand is a picture book with breathtaking artwork. Take this on your next beach trip with your toddler. And observe what else you see at the beach.

Kids will learn to observe and pay attention to things around them. (Ages 2-5)

Silly Sea Creatures - beach book for babies and toddlers

Silly Sea Creatures is a silicone touch and feel sensory book for babies and toddlers. Combine your beach trip with fun learning about ocean animals.

Each page has different textures to feel animals like whales, lobsters, etc. Look at what each one is up to. The text and pictures are bright and clear. (Ages 0-4 years)

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Fun fact: It takes thousands of years for a beach to form naturally.

Beach Day - beach book for babies and toddlers

Beach Day provides an introduction to the excitement a day at the beach brings. A good board book to prepare toddlers for beach trips. sailboats, picnics, water skiers, making new friends, drawing in the sand are just a few awesome things kids can do. (Ages 0-3 years)

Where Is Baby's Beach Ball? - beach book for preschoolers

Where Is Baby’s Beach Ball? is a lift the flap interactive book. Baby is looking for the beach ball, to play on the beach. Each time he lifts the flap he finds something beach-related – crabs, seashells, and more. The pages are sturdy enough to bear the rough handling of little hands. (Ages 1-4 years)

I Spy With My Little Eye -  - beach book for toddlers

I Spy With My Little Eye – Beach is perfect for a game at the beach. Spend a beach day with your toddler and learn to identify objects with specific letters.

There are so many interesting things to search for – beach towel, sunglasses, hat, ball, sand digger, and more. (Ages 2-4 years)

Preschool & Kindergarten

At the Beach - beach book for kids

At the Beach teaches preschoolers about the beach and the animals around. Read and look at pictures of interesting things like – shells, tidal waves, fish, etc. The images are beautiful, as with any National Geographic book. (Ages 2-4 years)

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Clam-I-Am! - beach book for kids

Clam-I-Am! is a fun way to teach preschoolers scientific information about clams ( & other sea animals). Norval the Fish is hosting a sea-side show. Meet all the ocean animals.

A beginner-friendly book written in Dr. Seuss’s style. (Ages 4-8 years)

Beach Day Sticker Activity Book - beach book for kids

Beach Day Sticker Activity Book is perfect to keep your little one busy on your next trip. Dolphins, crabs, beach sports, sandcastles, and more such amazing 1000 stickers. There are also activities fun, games to keep little ones engrossed for long. (Ages 4-8 years)

Fun fact: Fraser Island, near Australia, is entirely made of beaches.

Seashells by the Seashore - beach book for kids

Seashells by the Seashore is a picture book to learn about shells and counting. The story narrates a girl walking on the seashore collecting shells. Side notes talk about various types of shells.

Carry this book on your child’s next beach trip and match the shells collected. (Ages 4-10 years)

Beach Walk - beach book for kids

Beach Walk is the perfect book for a kid’s backpack for the next beach trip. An informative book filled with fun ideas one can do at the beach. Read about Seaweed, sandpiper, make a sundial. There are stickers as well at the end. (Ages 4-8 years)

Bats at the Beach - beach book for kids

Bats at the Beach takes readers on a fictional journey to the beach, with bats! Have fun roasting bug-mellows. Also, learn some cute and interesting batty facts. A perfect read-aloud for elementary classrooms. (Ages 4-7 years)

Fun fact: Praia Do Cassino- in Brazil, is the longest beach in the world at 212km long.

Pete at the Beach - beach book for kids

Pete at the Beach is part of the popular Pete the Cat: I can read series. Pete loves spending time on the beach – building sandcastles, finding shells, etc. And he also loves playing in the ocean but is just too scared. Read how he overcomes that. (Ages 4-8 years)

Sun, Sun - beach book for kids

Sun, Sun is a celebration of the arrival of summer after a long cold winter. Join three kids as they explore the beach on a sunny day. Building sandcastles, swimming, ice creams – all just make a fun memorable time.

The popular part of this book is how easily relatable it is. (Ages 6-8 years)

Beach Babe - beach book for kids

Beach Babe is part of popular humorous Babymouse book series. The Baby mouse is off to enjoying her beach time after school is over.

But a vacation of sun, sand, surf, snorkeling turns into a nightmare soon enough. How does she escape? Read and find in this beginner-friendly book. (Ages 7-10 years)