Kids love bears – they are big, furry, and oh so cuddle-worthy. Check here the best of the bear books for your 0 to 3-year-olds. We have gone through a dozens of books to create this list. Scroll down to read in detail.

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the bear ate my sandwich - image of a bear book for babies and toddlers
Peek a Bruce - image of a bear book for babies and toddlers
Corduroy - image of a bear book for babies and toddlers

Bear Books For Babies & Toddlers

Good Night Baby Bear

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Follow the routines of a Teddy bear as it gets ready for bedtime in this cloth book. Toddlers can easily relate to small activities like putting away toys, getting ready for a bath, putting on pajamas, etc.

The book is colorful with a good quality soft cloth, making it suitable even for babies. There are pockets on each page for the attached teddy bear to slide into. A perfect book to get your child into a bedtime routine.

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The Bear Ate Your Sandwich

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A bear is lost in the city and chances upon an unattended sandwich in the park. Read on to find out how the bear finds its way home through the series of delightful adventures.

There is also a surprise twist at the end. It is a sweet and funny story with colorful, eye-catching illustrations.

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

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Join a father and his four small kids as they undertake a journey to catch a bear. The road to the bear cave is adventurous through tall wavy grass, deep cold river, swampy mud, dark forest, snowstorm.

Kids love listening and reading about the obstacles all the characters go through. This one is a beautifully illustrated classic picture book. The language is repetitive, helping toddlers build vocabulary.


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Read about the adventurous little bear Corduroy. He has been left on the department store shelf for way too long. Now he is shopworn and even has a button missing.

However, little Lisa instantly fell in love after looking at Corduroy. Her mother is not so keen. Corduroy wants to tidy himself up for Lisa. So he goes on a nighttime adventure for a new button.

This fifty years old classic is still a fun read.

Three Bears of the Pacific Northwest

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A small blue bear falls out of his camper on the roadside. A black bear, a brown bear, a harbor seal, and an eagle help the blue bear get back to his home.

This charming adventurous story with a happy ending is suitable for 0 – 3-year-olds.

All About Bears

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Introduce your little one to all types of bears – Grizzly, polar, sun, sloth, black, and brown. With large bright pictures and single sentences on each page, this book is suitable for babies and toddlers.

The information provided is basic – like food habitat, etc. There is also an activity at the end for advanced toddlers. It is a beautiful bear book with amazing National Geographic pictures.

Bear Came Along

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This fun picture book delivers the heartfelt message of togetherness. A river flowing through a forest never knew what adventure was. Then an adventurous bear comes along.

Slowly Froggy, Turtles, Beaver, Racoons, and Duck also join in. Somewhere while going downstream, the river also joins in. The pictures are artistic, and the texts are hilarious. This one is a joyous read.

Bear Snores On

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A bear is in deep slumber during winter. One by one, other animals of the jungle fill in the bear cave, looking for a respite from the cold weather.

They are having a party with popcorn, tea while the bear snores on. Read on to see what happens when the bear finally wakes up to a houseful of uninvited guests.

A charming story with rhyming text, this is a perfect bedtime read.

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Bruce, the bear, wants to be left alone. Children are to find him on each page. Watch your little one giggle with delight at finding Bruce each time.

The facial expressions and body language of the bear are adorable. This seek-and-find book is suitable even for babies.

Sleep, Big Bear, Sleep!

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It is winter, and the bear has to go to sleep. The old man Winter asks the bear to go to hibernate. But the bear can not hear properly and goes on all kinds of wild adventures by mishearing the advice.

Finally, he gets exhausted and suddenly realizes what he should have done all along. A book with a beautiful subtle message of trusting yourself.

The pictures are beautiful, and the text is rhyming. It is a fun story for young ones.

Daddy And Me

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A little bear and his father spend a day in the woods exploring, playing, and just spending some good time together.

This story celebrates many small beautiful moments of a father-child relationship – like swinging around, tickling, taking care of each other, etc. An adorable board book with a charming story.

I Love You Every Day

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A mommy bear talks to her child about all the various ways she loves him. The illustrations are bright and the text is rhyming.

The finger puppet attached to the board book encourages interactive play for babies and toddlers while keeping them interested in the story.

Alaska’s Three Bears

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Join the polar, grizzly, and black bears in their adventure through the Alaskan wilderness. This story is a retelling of the classic three-bears fairy tale.

Filled with simple facts about Alaska and bears, this book is for advanced toddlers and above.

Bear Coloring Book For Kids!

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If your toddler loves coloring, check out this bear coloring book here. The pictures are big, perfect for small kids to unleash creativity.


Every child has a bear toy. Naturally, bear books are quite popular with young kids. We hope you have enjoyed our selection of books and found something suitable for your child.

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