A comprehensive list of best book series your 2nd grader would love reading. Chapter books, laugh-out-loud funny stories, mysteries, adventures, biographies, fantasy, and more. Choose a genre your child has an interest in, and build up more reading practice with the book series.

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Best Book Series For 2nd Graders (7 Year-Olds)

book series for 2nd graders

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Judy Blume book series for 2nd graders

Judy Blume’s Fudge series is sure to keep your 2nd grader hooked to books. Laugh out loud as Peter has to spend the holiday with his brother Fudge and Sheila in the same house. Each day is a bigger disaster than the other. Find out how Fudge tries to sell his sister. Or how about when Fudge wants to print money to buy American cities. This collection includes 5 of Judy Blume’s popular books from the Fudge series. (Ages 8-12)

Read For: Humorous Sibling, School Situations

Book series for 2nd graders - Bad guys

The Bad Guys graphic novel is with disgusting 7-year-old level humor. There are not many texts, so even reluctant readers can read by themselves. The stories are hilarious and well-written. (Ages 7-10 years)

Read For: Sticky, smelly 2nd grader humor

Book series for 2nd graders - Bird and Squirrel
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Bird & Squirrel ends up becoming best friends while dodging their common enemy, cat! The squirrel is worried, while the bird is confident. Together they travel to the south for the winter. Read about their hilarious adventure on the road and on the South pole. (Ages 7-10 years)

Read For: Hillarious animal adventure

Book series for 2nd graders - Humphrey

Humphrey is everyone’s favorite class pet. This box set has 3 of the popular books. Follow along as Humphrey solves classroom problems, learns about family, friendship. Humphrey is smart, observant, with a great sense of humor. The narration is captivating enough for 2nd graders to sit through the entire reading.

Read For: Pet Humor, Classroom situation, friendship

Book series for 2nd graders - Just Grace

Just Grace books are perfect for a read-aloud. Read the hilarious antics of third-grader Grace and her friends. Read how Grace helps her neighbor find her missing cat and many other everyday adventures. 6-8 year-old girls can easily relate to the lovable character. Also, check out the next set of Just Grace Again! and other books from this beginner reader series. (Ages 6-9 years)

Read For: Relatable girl series

Book series for 2nd graders - Dory
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Dory is the youngest of the siblings with a crazy imagination. The book series starts with Dory fighting monsters in the house, while her elder siblings just ignore her mostly. And then she goes to school, makes friends. With her wild imagination, she turns everyday school challenges into fun adventures. (Ages 6-8 years)

Read For: Wild Imagination, School Fun

Book series for 2nd graders - elephant and piggie

Elephant & Piggie collection set by Mo Willems is the perfect gift set for second graders. Read the stories of two best friends Gerald, the elephant, and Piggie the pig. They are quite different from each other. Has completely different taste. But when the time comes, they learn to work with each other’s preferences. Kids learn simple yet important lessons about friendship, feelings. An award-winning easy read beginner-level collection.

Read For: Award-winning, friendship, emotions


Book series for 2nd graders - How to catch a Leprechaun
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How to Catch series is a bestseller and popular with young kids. The books are funny and extremely imaginative with creativity. The text rhymes and the pages are filled with bright pictures. So go ahead and find out How to Catch the Tooth Fairy or How to Catch the Easter Bunny and more such imaginary creatures! (Ages 4-10 years)

Read For: Rib-tickling funny, creative, rhyming

Book series for 2nd graders - fiction
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Princess Pulverizer is Not a typical fairytale princess. She does not want to be a princess. She wants to be a knight instead. But she has to prove by her work that she deserves to go to knight school. Read on the stories of how the princess rescues Lester the jester from an evil wizard. Or how she helps find missing cow herds of a village. The short chapters are full of braveries and good deeds. (Ages 6-8 years)

Read For: Princess to the Rescue

Book series for 2nd graders - scaredy bat
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Scaredy Bat, Ellie is a smart vampire that loves solving mysteries. But she is afraid of many things – spiders, loud noises are a few to name. But then she gets a chance to attend the royal wedding where guests get frozen suddenly. Can Ellie solve the mystery on time? (Ages 7-10 years)

Read For: Vampire detective

Book series for 2nd graders - fantasy
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The Princess and the Dragon is the third book in this fairy tale chapter books series. The first two books are about the unicorn and castle. Travel to the Wildflower Kingdom with eight-year-old Princess Olivia and her sisters. Join in their adventure when Olivia gets the magic wand to tidy up the castle. Or they have to deliver a package to a dragon home. The chapters are short and ideal for beginner readers who love fairy tales. (Ages 6-8 years)

Read For: Fairytale, Dragon, Princess

Realistic Fiction & Nonfiction

Book series for 2nd graders - biography
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Biography Series for New Readers has inspiring life stories of role models kids need to read about. Read about celebrated artist Frida Kahlo and how she fought against odds after an accident. Know how Alexander Hamilton invented the nation’s first banking system. The life of Marie Curie continues to inspire scientists and researchers through decades.

Read For: Inspiring biographies

Book series for 2nd graders - Keena Ford
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Keena Ford and the Second-Grade Mix-Up is a short chapter book about a child who just started 2nd grade. She wants a fresh start in a new school year and does not want to be the troublemaker she is known as. But then her birthday gets mixed up. What does Keena do? She wants to tell the truth, but eat the cake too. Also, check Keena Ford and the Field Trip Mix-up and Keena Ford and the Secret Journal Mix-Up (Ages 6-8 years)

Read For: Spunky Asian African 2nd grader stories

Book series for 2nd graders - Goodnight stories for rebel girls

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls has real-life stories of extraordinary women. Kids will read about nineteenth-century computer pioneers, environmental warriors, novel prize winners are more. The women included are not commonly known. The chapter books are easy reads and for beginner readers. (Ages 7-12)

Read For: Women Change-makers

Book series for 2nd graders - Sadiq
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Sadiq and the Desert Star is about family friendship and early introduction to STEM. Sadiq’s father tells him the story of the desert star. Now Sadig is interested in outer space and wants to start a space club. Can he convince others? Read other books from the series – where Sadiq wants to own a pet, when he joins the run club etc. The entire Sadiq series is educational with simple stories.

Read For: Early STEM, Family, Friendship

Mystery & Adventure

Book series for 2nd graders -  Magic Treehouse

Magic Tree House series books are highly recommended read for their educational and entertainment content. Travel to different locations in history. Join Jack and Annie in their adventures. The characters are quite relatable to younger kids. Kids get a chance to learn about Greek pyramids, Rain forests, aquatic life, and more. (Ages 6-9 years)

Read For: Ancient Adventures, educational

Book series for 2nd graders - Ballpark Dugout

Ballpark Mysteries is for sports-loving kids. Mike and Kate are baseball-superfan cousins. Join them as they solve the mysteries of a stolen baseball bat, chase a ghost to help save the games. Their detective skill and passion are commendable. An easy chapter book series for early elementary kids.

Read For: Sports, Kid detective

Book series for 2nd graders - Boxcar children

The Boxcar Children is a classic mystery series that needs no introduction. Join Follow Henry, Jessie, Violet, and Benny Alden as they go on adventures and explore on their own. The short chapters are highly engaging for new readers. The characters are nice, well-behaved- perfect role models for today’s kids. (Ages 7-10 years)

Read For: Classic mystery series with role model kids

Book series for 2nd graders - Epic Zero

Epic Zero series by R.L. Ullman is the story of a powerless child born in a superhero family. Elliott’s entire family are superheroes, even his dog. he is stuck in school while his entire family is out fighting crime. But that changes one day he is trusted with a very important job. He needs to complete the task before the villains and aliens get to it. Can Elliott find his power? (Ages 8-12)

Read For: Imagination & Superheroes

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