You would not find a second-grader who does not love animals. Therefore it is also no surprise that animal books list high in second graders’ list of favorite books. Anything fun, fuzzy, happy is surely to be a hit with these growing readers. Here is a list of animal books loved by our second-graders everywhere.

Books About Animals For 2nd Graders

Animal Books for 2nd Graders

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Belly Rubbins For Bubbins: The Story of a Rescue Dog

Jason Kraus (Author), Connor DeHaan (Illustrator, Designer)

All, Bubbins, the pit bull ever wanted was some ‘Belly Rubbins’, but his owners were mean. Still, he never gave up. He always believed that he would get a loving home one day. This story teaches about acceptance, resilience, compassion, and kindness. The author beautifully wove many life lessons through the story of a shelter dog. A must-read book for any animal-loving child, 2nd grade and above. Check here on Amazon.

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Unicorn (and Horse)

David W. Miles (Author), Hollie Mengert (Illustrator)

Unicorns are everywhere. Every 8 year old is only too familiar with them. The author here crafted a sweet story about jealousy and friendship. It is a story about differences and commonalities between a unicorn and a horse who share a pen. This fun story is a laugh riot. And the readers discover in the end that the Unicorn is a male, making the plot unique. A book your second grader would love to read. Check here on Amazon.

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Claris: Bonjour Riviera

Megan Hess (Author)

An adorable mouse who moves to Paris to follow her fashion dreams. A new friend and adventure in French Riveria! This one is the third Claris book from acclaimed fashion illustrator Megan Hess. It is a treat for fashion-obsessed readers. Not only are the illustrations gorgeous, but the stories are fun, and the rhyming is on point, making it a great read-aloud. Perfect for children in second grade and above. Even the parents would enjoy reading this book. Check here on Amazon.

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Seekers: Return to the Wild #2: The Melting Sea

Erin Hunter (Author)

Erin Hunter, the bestselling author of the Warriors and Survivors series, continues to explore the world of bears and their environment in this thrilling ecological adventure saga. This one is the second part where, Kallik, the polar bear, has almost reached home and eager to be reunited with her brother, Taqqiq.

But when she and the others arrive at the Melting Sea, they see that Taqqiq has rejoined a group of bullies who are terrorizing the other bears for food. It is not a fairy tale, but a reflection of how difficult life can be against the elements. The story leaves the reader with a positive message. Children of second grade and above can read this book and appreciate the message in it. Check here on 20&language=en US&l=li2&o=1&a=1626867429

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The Magnificent Book of Animals

Tom Jackson (Author), Val Walerczuk (Illustrator)

Do you have a child who loves learning about animals? The Magnificent Book of Animals features oversized pages with detailed full-color illustrations of 36 of the world’s most majestic mammals, including giant pandas, African elephants, polar bears, and ring-tailed lemurs.

The book has bright pictures, along with simple explanations about each animal. Just enough to not overwhelm anyone with information. Perfect for children aged 6 to 10 years. Check here on Amazon.

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Adopt A Cat: iAmMoshow’s Lyrical Cat Tales

iAmMoshow The Cat Rapper (Author), Booksprocket (Contributor)

Moshow, the Cat Rapper, has long been advocating for the rights of cats, worldwide. This book is based on his hit singles, Adopt A Cat. It brings awareness to cats in need of help. This book will teach your child how to help out homeless kitties, and introduce him\her to a beautiful family with 5 cats. Bright pictures and gorgeous lyrical words make this book a fun read for any second-grader child. Check here on Amazon.

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Make Way for Ducklings

Robert McCloskey (Author)

Mrs. Mallard, a mother duck, found the pond in the Boston public garden to be the perfect place to live with her eight little ducklings. But the problem was, how to get there through the streets of Boston. However, Boston police come to rescue and help Mrs. Mallard and her eight ducklings reach the pond safely. The story talks about a kind world where everyone feels secure, even ducks.

The illustrations are magical and received quite a few awards. Generations of children grew up listening and reading this classic. This book is a good read for any animal loving child of second grade. Check here on Amazon.

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Dr. Seuss’s Beginner Book Collection

Dr. Seuss (Author)

If you are looking for an easy beginner read for your second grader, look no further. This collection of animal books from Dr. Seuss is the perfect one you can get for your child. With five books in one super giftable set, this is a collection item that your child would cherish forever.

Each book is one complete story, with funny characters, unusual adventuresome plots, and happy endings. Bright illustrations, catchy tongue twisters, a fun story plot, easy rhyming language, make these books a fun read. Check here on Amazon.

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Encyclopedia Prehistorica Dinosaurs : The Definitive Pop-Up

Robert Sabuda (Author, Illustrator), Matthew Reinhart (Author, Illustrator)

Is your second grader fascinated by Dinosaurs? This book is a collection of fascinating facts, peppered with good humor about dinosaurs of all kinds. However, the most magnificent part of the book is its breathtaking large cutouts. Around 5+ popups on each page, as you open and turn the pages. It is a brilliant display of paper engineering and creativity. Check here on Amazon.

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National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of the Ocean

Catherine D. Hughes (Author)

Do you want to introduce your 8-year-old to ocean life? This national geographic book contains the detail of many of the well-known and lesser-known animals of the sea. More than 100 sea animals with bright pictures are enough to keep your child engrossed for long. Quite inspiring for any child. High recommended for all ages. Check here on Amazon.