Looking for a new book your third grader will love? These animal books are sure to delight your third grader. While also containing enough information to quench their thirst for knowledge. Starting with animal Encyclopedia to fun animal storybooks about friendship and moral stories, these animal books are a perfect choice for your third grader.

Books About Animals For 3rd Graders

Animal Books for 3rd Graders

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National Geographic Animal Encyclopedia: 2,500 Animals

National Geographic (Author)

Are you looking for an animal book for your 3rd grader? This National Geographic book for kids is the most comprehensive one for kids out there. It features 2,500 species along with beautiful photographs, amazing animal facts, maps, and more. This one is a great reference book for a beginner. Each picture of the animal comes with classification, habitat, feeding habits, etc. Enough to raise curiosity for your child. Check here on Amazon.

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Strictly No Elephants

Lisa Mantchev (Author), Taeeun Yoo (Illustrator)

A sweet book- about a boy and his pet. It leaves the reader with the message of inclusion, acceptance, and friendship. On pet day, a local pet club does not allow the boy’s tiny elephant, while cats, dogs, and fishes are allowed. Now the boy starts his pet club, where all other different kinds of pets are welcome. The story is sweet, funny, and quite endearing. A perfect book for a 3rd grader and above. The message of inclusivity is not only for children but even for adults also. As the book enforces, “All are welcome”. Check here on Amazon.

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If You Give a Dog a Donut

Laura Numeroff (Author), Felicia Bond (Illustrator)

This one is from the best selling series, “If you give..” which has long been popular with young children. Each book from the series has one animal as the main character. This book features an adorable pup and the exciting adventure it has. Fun and easy to read story complimented with vivid illustrations, make this book a children’s favorite easily. Recommended for kids- preschoolers to grade 3, this charming book is sure to make reading time fun. Check here on Amazon.

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Bear Snores On

Karma Wilson (Author), Jane Chapman (Illustrator)

In the cold weather, all the animals and birds find comfort in the cozy cave of a bear while he snores on. The bear finally wakes up to find his house full of uninvited guests who are having a party. This one is a rhyming book with lots of big pictures. Written in a way that parents can read to the preschoolers, while 3rd graders can read on their own, this is one book your child would not tire of reading again and again. Check here on Amazon.

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Narwhal’s Otter Friend

Ben Clanton (Author)

This book is the 4th book in the Narwhal and Jelly series. The friends meet Otty, the super-adventurous otter. As with other books from this series, the story focuses on real-life lessons for children – friendship, jealousy, adventure. Added with animal facts, this book makes a fun read for any 3rd grader. An apt to read in the classroom, this book celebrates friendship and triggers classroom conversation about various animal facts. The entire series is very popular with children. Check this book here on Amazon.

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How to Catch a Dinosaur

Adam Wallace (Author), Andy Elkerton (Illustrator)

Is your 3rd grader obsessed with dinosaurs? This book from “How to Catch.. ” Series is a great addition to any library. Kids like to read the fun and silly ways the characters in this book try to catch dinosaurs. Simple words and eye-catching illustrations keep the kids engaged throughout. Children of 2nd and 3rd grade can read this book easily by themselves. Check here on Amazon.

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And Tango Makes Three

Justin Richardson (Author), Peter Parnell (Author), Henry Cole (Illustrator)

This one is a diverse family book for children with animals as the main character. It is a heartwarming true story of two penguins who create a nontraditional family. Two male penguins, Roy and Silo, at New York’s Central Park Zoo, had become a couple. They were given an extra fertilized egg to hatch on their way to becoming a family. This celebrated book is highly recommended to introduce the concept of different family types to young children. Children of preschool to 3rd grade will appreciate this book. Check here on Amazon.

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Yertle the Turtle and Other Stories

Dr. Seuss (Author)

A Dr. Seuss books for older children! Perfect for 2nd, 3rd, 4th graders. This picture book features three tales about greed (“Yertle the Turtle”), vanity (“Gertrude McFuzz”), and pride (“The Big Brag”). The story of Yertle finds political relevance. Animals tales with lessons for older children. If you are buying one Dr. Suess book for older children, this one comes highly recommended. Check here on Amazon.

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Encyclopedia Prehistorica: Sharks and Other Sea Monsters

Robert Sabuda (Author), Matthew Reinhart (Author)

If you are looking for a book of Sea animals, that would be appreciated by your 3rd or 4th grader, this book is a must. Details of scary sea monsters – massive prehistoric sharks, giant scorpions, colossal squid – make this book quite a hit with children of all ages. Full of interesting facts and more than 35 amazing pop-ups. This book is bound to raise the curiosity about sea animals in any child. Flawless paper engineering makes it a true work of art. It is a great addition to any library. Check here on Amazon.

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Finding Winnie: The True Story of the World’s Most Famous Bear

Lindsay Mattick (Author), Sophie Blackall (Illustrator)

This book has the true story of the bear who inspired Winnie-the-Pooh. In 1914, Harry Colebourn, a veterinarian on his way to tend horses in World War I, followed his heart and rescued a baby bear. He named her Winnie, after his hometown of Winnipeg. He took the bear to war across the ocean. A beautiful book with memorable artwork and a moving story. The story is well written with original black and white photos from the army veterinarian. Check the book here on Amazon.