Finding a good animal book for your fourth grader can be tricky. They are confident enough to read big chapter books or series on their own. At the same time, the books need to have enough information to serve the purpose of learning, while keeping the children interested.

Animal books are a perfect choice for the fourth graders. The options are plenty – starting with Dino, fossil, bugs, and some even with moral lessons about diversity. Just about what a fourth grader would love to read! Here is a list of best-recommended animal books for fourth graders.

Books About Animals for 4th Graders

List of Animal Books for 4th Graders

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Warriors: Omen of the Stars Box Set

Erin Hunter (Author), Owen Richardson (Illustrator)

This book set contains all six books of Erin Hunter’s national bestseller Warriors: Omen of the stars. The Warrior Cat series is a favorite with children from 4th grade to middle school. The books are easy to read and have elementary level plots. The plot has fantasy, drama, humor, love – basically everything in our day to day life, but only with cats. The battles are not too violent for a child. And the stories are captivating enough to turn a non-reader into a bookworm. Check here on Amazon.

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Dog Diaries #1: Ginger

Kate Klimo (Author), Tim Jessell (Illustrator)

If your child love puppies, the dog diaries series of books are perfect buy. Each book has the story of a different breed, telling from the view of the dog. This particular book focuses on Golden retriever. Ginger, the golden retriever, looks back at her life and remembers the various sets of people who owned her. The narrative is descriptive enough for children to understand the difficulties and horror Ginger had to go through. Ideal for children 4th grade and above. Younger children can read under parental guidance. Check here on Amazon.

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Dino Dana: Dino Field Guide (Dinosaurs for Kids, Fossils, Prehistoric)

J.J. Johnson(Author), Colleen Russo Johnson(Author), Christin Simms(Author)

This book is a perfect buy for the kids who love dinosaurs, history, science. It is an easy read. Has complete information on the species – like when these animals lived, how to pronounce them, where they lived or where they were found and how big they were. It even contains the Dino experiments that were performed and the expected outcome. A quality book which can be appreciated more by elder children, grade 4 and above. Check here on Amazon.

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Ultimate Bugopedia: The Most Complete Bug Reference Ever

Nancy Honovich (Author), Darlyne A. Murawski (Author)

Young children have always been intrigued by bugs. This National Geographic book ensures that all their curiosity is fulfilled. It is the most comprehensive imaginable book for bugs. This one includes information about all types of bugs- beetles, wasps, bees, ants, caterpillars, butterflies, dragonflies, spiders, flies, crickets, grasshoppers, centipedes, millipedes. Fun facts, information about size, diet, etc accompany the bright pictures. Simple words and easy to read small sentences make this book an instant hit with children. While younger children enjoy the pictures, elder children aged 8 years and above will appreciate the details and learn from the book. Check this book on Amazon here.

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Meet Maya Cat: A story about acceptance

Lauren Beader (Author), Harrison Makofsky (Illustrator)

This book teaches children about inclusion through the metaphor of a cat. It explains the younger children about accepting and letting others be as they want to be. Older children can learn to be kinder to others in need. The story is simple, light, and easy to follow. The silly illustrations perfectly complement the theme of the book. A worthy purchase for children aged preschoolers to 4th grader. Check here on Amazon.

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An Anthology of Intriguing Animals

DK (Author)

This animal encyclopedia contains details about more than 100 animals, most of whom are lesser-known. Gorgeous vivid illustrations, intriguing and unique facts, and details make this book a favorite with children. It has everything – starting with sea creates, to flying birds, big animals, tiny bugs. You can not go wrong with this book. Ideal for children from 4th grade and above. Though, younger children can read with little help. Check here on Amazon.

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The Big Bad Fox

Benjamin Renner (Author)

A charming story about a big fox. It wants to be the predator of the jungle. However, ends up losing the fight with the chickens. Destined to live on the turnip forever, the fox turns to the ferocious wolf for help. The wolf advises the fox to get eggs from the chicken and hatch and raise them to be his dinner. But the plan goes wrong when the cute chicks come out of the eggs and starts calling the fox Mommy. A hysterical read for the children grades 2nd and above. Check here on Amazon.

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E. B. White Box Set: 3 Classic Favorites

E. B White (Author)

This one is a giftable book set of three classic books of E.B. White – Charlotte’s Web, Stuart Little, The Trumpet of the Swan. These chapter books with animal characters are the classics many generations have grown up reading. They are highly recommended as beginner chapter books. Suitable for children grade 2nd to 6th. Check here on Amazon.

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The Search for Elephants in Thailand

Deborah Z Haile (Author)

Written by Deborah Haile and 5-year old co-author, Johan Seyum, this book is from the real-life experience of Jonah’s life. Adventurous Jonah goes to Thailand with his mother to see his favorite animal – elephant. But, things do not go as planned. However, Jonah accepted all the changes gracefully, setting a great example for young readers. This book is an easy read with beautiful illustrations on every page. It does an excellent job of keeping the story fun while also being informational. Recommended for the second, third, fourth graders – your child would love being part of Jonah’s adventurous journey. Check here on Amazon.

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Science Comics: Coral Reefs: Cities of the Ocean

Maris Wicks (Author)

This gorgeous book about coral reefs is part of the popular 20 book series: Science Comics. Your child will get to learn all there is to know about these adorable coral reefs and their ecological importance. The author, Maris Wicks, made a name for herself as a nonfiction comic genius. She has succeeded in making hardcore science interesting for kids, with her great writing and illustrations. It is a graphic novel, which kids can enjoy for hours on end. Your child would wish that all textbooks were this interesting. Perfect book for grades 4 and above. Check here on Amazon.