Toddlers love animals. Even before they learn to talk properly, toddlers love to imitate the animal sounds. You can never go wrong with animal books for any toddler.

With so many good animal books out there, your child is surely spoilt for choice. Here is a list of most loved books for toddlers. Go ahead, start early with your child’s love for books.

Animal books for toddlers

are you my mother?

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An age-old story about a baby bird’s search for its mother. The storyline is familiar, easy read for any toddler. It is a short and engaging book for early readers. The board book is in perfect size and format, making it easy for your child to hold.

As you read together with your child, the wonderful illustrations of different animals will take your child to the world of the other animals the baby bird meets along the way. Go, explore with your toddler.

Champ and Major: First Dogs

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This heartwarming story about two rescue dogs being in the White House! Champ and Major- Joe Biden’s dogs are already famous. A beautiful book sprinkled with historical information. And accompanied by eye-catching illustrations. Good bedtime animal story for your toddler!

Where’s Spot? Lift the Flap book

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This one is an exciting book for your young toddler. The lift the flap parts keep the toddlers engaged for long. You can see the sheer joy of finding Spot at the end is, in the face of your young one. It is a fun read for parents and teachers to start a conversation around.

The book-length is perfect for any toddler’s attention span. Captivation interactive book perfect for toddlers and even bigger children. And for some parents, this book will surely bring back childhood.

LOLA Dutch: I Love You So Much

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A children’s book about Croc, Crane, Pig, Bear friends. The child in this book, Lola is not only creative and active but finds ways to show love to her friends. A beautiful book with inspiring messages for your toddler.

The book shows how meaningful love is. This book is a great addition to any Lola Dutch collection. A sweet book with gorgeous illustrations – this one your child can not get enough of.

I Give You The World

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This animal book is about welcoming a new baby into the world. Babies love listening to the rhythmical poetry text in this book. The book helps parents find the perfect gift to give to a new baby.

It lifts the materialistic mindset and reminds parents of everything else we have to offer to our children. It has a sweet message with beautiful illustrations. You and your child will surely love it.

Little Blue Truck

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This one is an animal book with a great message – perfect for your toddler. The story is about a blue truck that meets its farm animal friends along the way. Then a dump truck comes around and is rude to the blue truck.

The story teaches us to help others in need and apologize when wrong. This one is a lovely truck story with animal friends – perfect for keeping your toddler engaged for long.

The Cat in the Hat

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This book is a classic Dr. Seuss book about a cat. It is one of the all-time favorites for beginning readers. The story is beautifully written using a small set of short words in a rhythmic style. When Sally and her brother are left alone, they think they’re in for a dull day – until the Cat in the Hat steps in on the mat.

Also, bringing with him mayhem and madness! A read-aloud book about a cat to keep your toddler engrossed. This one is a must-have for your toddler’s bookshelf.

The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear

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This book has large colorful pictures with lyrical, simple text, just what a toddler needs. The little mouse is full of character. The writing is quite clever to keep your child hooked to the story.

Read the story with your child and get back to your childhood with sniff sniff and boom boom, as goes the hungry bear!

Never Touch a Porcupine!

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This is a sensory book about animals for toddlers. Your child would love petting the porcupine and other animals. With bright eye-catching pictures and interesting textures, there are many animals for little hands to explore.

A fun rhythmic book that even parents enjoy reading together.

The Gruffalo’s Child

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An animal storybook with a moral message, parents would love to stress on their children. What happens when a child does not listen to parents and ventures out on his\her own. Gruffalo tells his child not to go out to find the horrifying mouse. But Gruffalo’s child still goes off on an adventure to hunt the mouse.

The ending is perfect, teaches a strong life lesson of never being afraid of Goliath, and David can outsmart him. Wonderful illustrations by Axel Schaffer makes the beautiful story come alive. A great captivating animal book for any toddler.

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More animal books for toddlers – with sound

Amazing Animals 10-Button Sound Book

Amazing Animals 10-Button Sound Book - an animal sound book for toddlers

In this animal sound book, toddlers will learn about 10 animals and their sounds. Children would learn to connect the animal sound with the pictures. The animals are most of the common ones toddlers see around and can easily recognize.

Noisy Dinosaurs

Noisy Dinosaurs - an animal sound book for toddlers

This one is a fun book about dinosaurs. Watch your toddler scream and giggle, as the book instructs to roar or screen along. With real-life illustration, touch and feel texture, and five exciting sounds, this book is an easy favorite

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Sing-Along Songs

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Sing-Along Songs - an animal sound book for toddlers

This one is a musical interactive book for toddlers. Images of Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Pluto, and Goofy appear in the mirror when a button is pressed. There is no song, just music. The book is simple and attractive enough to keep your toddler engaged for hours.

Peppa Pig – Moonlight Bright

Peppa Pig - Moonlight Bright - an animal sound book for toddlers

Join Peppa Pig on the magical trip to the moon. Use the flashlight and discover something new during the journey. The five buttons play Peppa pig voice and sounds. The flashlight is safe for kids and a quite popular accessory.

Pop! Goes the Zebra

Pop! Goes the Zebra - an animal sound book for toddlers

This book is created based on the popular son -Pop! Goes the Weasel. Let your toddler join the tiger, elephant, and zebra as they set out for an adventure. The buttons play a melody along with the animal name and sound. The song buttons are bubble-shaped, which is popular with toddlers.

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Reading animal books to little ones is so much fun. Together you can explore what the animals eat, where they live, and best of all – how do they sound. Watch your toddler enthusiastically imitate animal sounds along with you.

They are a perfect read for any time of the day. The colorfully illustrated animal books keep toddlers engaged on each page for a longer duration. Animals books are the first knowledge material for toddlers to the real world.

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