Check out these fascinating books that celebrate the holidays and cultural traditions around the world. With festivals from different regions and how people celebrate them, these books are perfect introductions to different cultures. The language is easy enough for toddlers, preschoolers to tweens.

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children's books about different traditions, cultures and holiday

Books About Cultural Traditions & Holidays For Kids

Image of a book - Let's Celebrate!: Special Days Around the World

Let’s Celebrate!: Special Days Around the World

Read about 13 cultural holidays of different countries – Sweden, Mexico, USA, Japan, China, Russia, Nigeria, and more. The language is lyrical, making this book suitable for a read-aloud. Fascinating facts about each holiday make the reading fun and educational. There is also a global festival calendar added in the end.

Suitable age- Preschool & Early elementary

children's books about family traditions, cultures, holidays

Japanese Celebrations

How is New Year’s, Children’s Day, Cherry Blossom Season celebrated in Japan? Learn about these and many other festivals Japanese celebrate in this picture book. Ancient cultural traditions, beautiful clothes, exotic decorations, delicious food – all transport readers to Japan. There are also fun activities at the end.

Suitable age- 7 to 12 years

Every Month Is a New Year - image of a Book About Family Traditions & Holidays Around The World

Every Month Is a New Year

Did you know every month the new year is being celebrated somewhere around the world? Not every culture celebrates the new year in January. Iranians observe Nowruz in March, Thai people celebrate Songkran in April, Ethiopians celebrate Enkutatash in September. Read about the customs and traditions around the regional celebrations. The illustrations are captivating.

Suitable age- 7 to 10 years

A Year Full of Celebrations and Festivals - image of a book about festivals and celebrations around the world

A Year Full of Celebrations and Festivals

Celebrate Thanksgiving, La Tomatina, Colorful Holi with this beautiful book. It has over 90 festivals with colorful pictures and insightful information about the holiday. The book is organized according to seasons for easy reference.

Suitable age- Kindergarten and Elementary

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Christmas in Lagos

How is Christmas celebrated in Lagos, a West African nation? Celebrate the festival with Ranti, a six-year-old. She was initially upset as all her friends were travelling far for Christmas and Ranti’s family would not travel anywhere. However, encouraged by her teacher, Ranti keeps a journal of the exciting things that happen in Lagos during Christmas.

Suitable age- preschooler & kindergarten

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The Big Ceremony

Experience a traditional Nigerian wedding with this book by Ozi Okaro. Join six-year-old Cheta and her best friend, Kosi as they attend Kosi’s cousin’s wedding. An affair of family, culture, rich traditions, rich rituals – this is a perfect book to peek into Nigerian culture.

Suitable age- Primary grades

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Festival of Colors

Spring is the time for Holi, the Indian Festival of Colors. Learn with siblings Mintoo and Chintoo how the colors are prepared. And finally, the day comes. It is time to celebrate Holi with family and friends. The festival is synonymous with fun, food, forgiveness, joy, friendship.

Suitable age- 2 to 8 years

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Golden Domes and Silver Lanterns

Get introduced to Muslim customs and traditions with this beautiful and colorful book. The protagonist in the story is a little girl, making the book relatable to kids. A good book if you would like to introduce your kids to other cultures and customs.

Suitable age- Preschool & Kindergarten

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The Little Book of Giving

A holiday is a time for sharing and giving. This book encourages kids with ideas and strategies that they can use in real-life situations – at home, at school, or in the communities. It teaches kids that some gifts don’t cost money and come straight from the heart. The illustrations are beautiful.

Suitable age- 0 to 12 years

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AlphaFete: A Caribbean Carnival From A to Z

Let your child experience Caribbean Carnivals with alphabets from A to Z. This book is a celebration of the west Indian culture with traditions, history, music, dance, food, folktales, and more. There is also a sing-along included. The illustrations are captivating.

Suitable age- 3 to 7 years