At 4 years’ age, most of the children can not read a complete storybook by themselves. Nevertheless, the books need to be interesting enough for a 4-year-old to want to read or listen to.

Activity books and bedtime stories work really well for this age. Children can learn to explore the world of books through different activities in it. A good activity book can keep a 4-year-old child engaged for hours on end. Learning is a natural process here.

A child at this age is also very keen and interested in knowing and learning about the world around them. Parents can read bedtimes stories or choose from the ever-popular classic tales. The choices are plenty.

Activity Books

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Flower Fairies Magical Doors​

Cicely Mary Barker​

A pop up book for kids to open each page and see what magic lies behind. The different hidden doors that fairies have in various places are so imaginative and beautiful. A child’s fairy dream comes alive. Truly Magical for a 4 years old! Click to know more.

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Lily’s Favorite Color​

Rosemary Nwaosuagwu​

A book to teach and explore basic colors along with your child. A fun and entertaining book to keep the kids engaged. Perfect for a 4 year old to explore the world of colors along with the book! Click to know more.

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Where’s Waldo? The Wonder Book​

Martin Handford(Author, Illustrator)​

The very popular Waldo series! This book is perfect to keep kids engaged as they search for waldo and many other hidden characters in the book. Sturdy pages with vibrant drawings. Suitable for age 4 and above, to keep the screen time away! Click to know more.

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Get Ready for Kindergarten​

Heather Stella(Author)​

This has been a staple for parents for many years to prepare their children for the challenges of upcoming school year. It has 7 different sections ranging from science to different types of activities. Loved by kids and parents alike! Click to know more.

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School Zone – Big Preschool Workbook​

Joan Hoffman(Author), Ph.D. Shannon M. Mullally(Editor)​

One of the favourite preschool workbook of children and parents. This is a great resource for learning ABCs, numbers, beginning to draw and color. Each page offers a fun new lesson in innovative ways! Click to know more.

Bedtime Stories

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Alexander’s Pretending Day​

Bunny Crumpacker​

A simple picture book where the very young Alexander and his mother engage in a game of wild imagining. Kids love the pretend play story setup. Ideal for spending some good quality time with your child before bedtime! Click to know more.

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Lily the Unicorn​

Dallas Clayton(Author, Illustrator)​

Lily the Unicorn loves making new friends and going on adventures! A riot of colors in each page and beautiful message about trying new things and not being afraid to fail. A story every parent would love to read to their 4 year old! Click to know more.

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What’s in the Witch’s Kitchen?​

Nick Sharratt​

A fun Halloween book, which 3-4 year old kids can not get enough of! The flaps in the book is quite engaging for a child, which lifts in two different directions in each page. Quite addicting indeed. You are sure to be requested to read this everyday! Click to know more.

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How to Be a Baby . . . by Me, the Big Sister​

Sally Lloyd-Jones (Author), Sue Heap (Illustrator)​

A cheerful tale about the power of imagination. A child conjures up an elf to play with in a dull day. Every imaginative child is sure to relate to the story. The bright illustrations compliment the story so well! Click to know more.

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Peanut and Fifi Have a Ball​

Randall de Sève(Author), Paul Schmid(Illustrator)​

This one is for every kids who have trouble sharing special toy! Illustrated in bold graphics and bright colors, it a touching and dynamic story between siblings, filled with wonderful character, warmth, humor! Click to know more.

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Frances Dean Who Loved to Dance and Dance​

Birgitta Sif(Author, Illustrator)​

The book is about a shy little girl, who likes to dance but she does not want other people to know she can dance.  A “warm fuzzy” story from an award winning author. Perfect gift for a little artist! Click to know more.

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Nell’s Elf​

Jane Cowen-Fletcher(Author, Illustrator)​

A cheerful tale about the power of imagination. A child conjures up an elf to play with in a dull day. Every imaginative child is sure to relate to the story. The bright illustrations compliment the story so well! Click to know more.

Classic Tales

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The Gingerbread Man​

Parragon Books(Author)​

The classic tale of The Gingerbread Man comes to life in vibrant retelling. Simple story, Great pictures. Designed to improve vocabulary of young learners. Kids love reading this classic! Click to know more.

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Make Way for McCloskey​

Robert McCloskey(Author)​

Generations of children have grown up delighting in the timeless stories of Robert McCloskey. This book includes many well known and few lesser known stories accompanied by great illustrations.  Good story time read for age 4 and above! Click to know more.

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Five-Minute Stories: Over 50 Tales and Fable​

Parragon Books Ltd(Author)​

This book is a treasure-trove of five-minute stories, fables and well-loved fairy tales. Awesome content and beautiful illustrations! The short story length makes it perfect for bedtime. Parents just love sharing the stories from their own childhood with children! Click to know more.

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The Goldilocks Variations: A Pop-up Book​

Allan Ahlberg(Author), Jessica Ahlberg(Illustrator)​

This clever Goldilocks pop-up book will delight children and adult readers. Perfect for a read aloud.  The classic fairy tale is wittily retold by the celebrated author Allan Ahlberg, with charming illustrations by his daughter, Jessica Ahlberg. Go down the memory lane along with your 4 year old! Click to know more.

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Anansi Goes Fishing​

Eric A. Kimmel(Adapter), Janet Stevens(Illustrator)​

Anansi the Spider tries to trick Turtle into fishing for his dinner. All the books in the Anansi series are fun and enjoyable. This one lives up to the reputation! The kids love to see how someone will trick this lazy spider! Click to know more.

Early Learning

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The to Z Book of Wild Animals​

Peter David Scott(Illustrator)​

With this book, kids can explore an amazing alphabet of animals, from ants and butterflies to whales and zebras! Gorgeous illustrations and few good uncommon selection. There’s a host of further information as well for the animal lovers! Click to know more.

Funny Storiesq? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B012J0X7LC&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=hobyhub 20&language=en USir?t=hobyhub 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B012J0X7LC

Stinky (Toon Books)​

Eleanor Davis​

An extremely engaging and enjoyable book set with great comics. Fun series and the fact that the hero likes stink swamp etc just relates to kids. a great funny book for 4 years and above! Click to know more. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to We may earn a commission when you buy through links on our site.