Selecting books to read for 5 and 6-years-old can be tricky. Children at this stage start reading small words and need some guidance in finishing the complete story. They are yet to start reading independently.

Furthermore, the books need to be interesting enough for them to want to practice reading. This is a very crucial stage. The books for 5 and 6 years old have to be selected keeping in mind all the needs for this age group.

We have a list of best books for Preschoolers. They are in different ranges of storybooks, chapter books, beginning readers, activity books. The books are selected keeping in mind the need for independent reading as well as a read-aloud.

Story Books

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An Awesome Book!​

Dallas Clayton​

A book which teaches kids to dream big and let their imagination run wild. Just what you need in a storybook for your 5-6 year old.  A surefire hit as a read-aloud book.  It is ‘an awesome book’, just as the name states! Click to know more.

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Charlie and Lola’s I Am Not Sleepy and I Will Not Go to Bed​

Lauren Child(Author), Corina Fletcher(Designer)​

How does Lola get ready for bed when there is a lion hogging her toothbrush and whales swimming around the bathtub!  An amazing popup book with plenty of hands-on activity for the readers! Click to know more.

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Coat of Many Colors​

Dolly Parton(Author), Brooke Boynton Hughes(Illustrator)​

A book about empathy and generosity,  for kids who are fortunate enough to be able to take things for granted. Simple lyrics, beautiful illustration – a must have book from Country music legend Dolly Parton! Click to know more.

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Mallory Kasdan(Author), Marcos Chin(Illustrator)​

A parody pictorial story book about a 6 year old girl. This is a good portrayal of today’s hipster generation and helicopter parenting. This book is fun, charming and creative! Click to know more.

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Doctor Nice​

Valeri Gorbachev(Author)​

A book for pet lovers and wannabe vets. An endearing story of a young boy who helps all his animal friends overcome winter woes. A great read for family time! Click to know more.

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Me and My Dragon​

David Biedrzycki(Author)​

A boy lists the reasons why he wants a dragon.  He even details how he would take care of it. A story book with amazing whimsical artwork with subtle details.  A treasure of a book any child would love growing up with! Click to know more.

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New Reader

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Frog and Toad Storybook Treasury​

Arnold Lobel(Author, Illustrator)​

This is full of stories about frogs and toad. Stories about friendship and procrastination along with few laughs. Highly recommended for early readers. A total of 20 stories to keep the kids engaged! Click to know more.

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Pete the Kitty and the Case of the Hiccups​

James Dean(Author, Illustrator)​

A storybook that is fun for little ones to read and make them want to read on their own. A well written book for kindergartners! Click to know more.

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Inside a House That Is Haunted: A Rebus Read-along Story​

Alyssa Satin Capucilli(Author), Tedd Arnold(Illustrator)​

A beginner read with a Halloween story. Young kids can easily memorize this book. Great for children struggling to read because it has rhymes and repetitiveness to it! Click to know more.

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The Danny and the Dinosaur Storybook Collection​

Syd Hoff(Author, Illustrator)​

Do you have a 6 year old obsessed with dinosaurs? A classic beginner read. The 5 stories add variety for bed time reading night to night! Click to know more.

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World of Eric Carle​

Eric Carle (Illustrator)​

A collection of 8 books by Eric Carle – the author of hungry caterpillar. A perfect electronic reader to make kids interested in reading. Children enjoy pushing the buttons and reading the book along! Click to know more.

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Chapter Books

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Heidi Heckelbeck Is So Totally Grounded!​

Wanda Coven(Author), Priscilla Burris(Illustrator)​

A great chapter book about cleaning up and not getting into trouble. Your child will surely relate to the story about Heidi getting into trouble while trying to avoid cleaning up. A book parents love to buy for their child! Click to know more.

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Zelda and Ivy and the Boy Next Door​

Laura McGee Kvasnosky(Author, Illustrator)​

A great book from Zelda and Ivy series, with big-sister little-sister dynamics painted so well. A great chapter book for 5-6 year old early readers. It increases their vocabulary in humorous and fun way! Click to know more.

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Being Bree: Bree and the Nametag Worries​

Christine Sromek Laforet(Author), Lisa Rush(Illustrator)​

6-year-old Bree Wilson thinks she needs a name tag to make friends on the first day of school. An extremely relatable story about making friends. Takes us to our childhood! A lovely chapter book with a heartfelt lesson – kindness wins the day! Click to know more.

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Dinosaurs Before Dark​

Mary Pope Osborne(Author), Sal Murdocca(Illustrator)​

Join Jack and Annie as they travel back to the time of dinosaurs where they encounter all sorts of Dinos. A book set which combines adventure with learning about so many different things … history, other cultures, geography, animals. If there is only one chapter book anyone is buying, this has to be it! Click to know more.

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The Alien Next Door 8: A New Planet​

A.I. Newton(Author), Anjan Sarkar(Illustrator)​

This is from the book series – Alien next door. All the books from this series are funny and great read for 5-6 year old. Keeps the kids engaged. Chapters are quick read, making them perfect for bedtime! Click to know more.

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Dory Fantasmagory: Tiny Tough​

Abby Hanlon(Author)​

The Dory books are always hilarious – and this one rates as the best. It has illustrations scattered in the paragraphs and something to look at on each page. Your 6 year old will surely enjoy the series! Click to know more.

Activity Books

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I Can Draw it Myself, By Me, Myself​

Dr. Seuss​

A classic Dr. Seuss interactive book. Each page has colorful Seuss drawings that are incomplete, with his typical whimsical rhymes accompanying them. Kids complete the drawings themselves, personalizing the book. Your child is sure to love the entire series! Click to know more.

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There’s a Dragon in Your Book​

Tom Fletcher(Author), Greg Abbott(Illustrator)​

“Oh, Look! There’s an egg in your book! It looks ready to hatch. Whatever you do, don’t turn the page….” The story is filled with instructions like this – making it extremely funny, engaging. An interactive book with lots of imagination, making it a hit with 3 to 10 year old! Click to know more.

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My Map Book (Rise and Shine)​

Sara Fanelli​

This has a map of everything a 5-6 year old can relate to – not just city, home, bedroom, body, face. The idea of mapping our world – is beautiful! A book and idea who can be easily adapted to family nights and functions. A book for the creative thinker in your child! Click to know more. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to We may earn a commission when you buy through links on our site.