Selecting the most suitable books for babies can be quite exciting. There are so many choices and so many types. The books for newborns to toddler fall under a few categories like – board books, cloth books, vinyl books, touch and feel books, etc.

If you need guidance with deciding the types of books depending on the age of your baby and keeping safety in mind, you can check our guide here. Here is a list for you along with why the book is recommended for your child. Enjoy the beautiful journey into the world of books, along with your baby!

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Peekaboo, Blueberry!​

Barney Saltzberg (Author)​

A lift-the-flap book for 1-year-old babies. Play Peekaboo with your baby while searching for Blueberry’s eyes, nose, etc. This book teaches babies about identifying body parts in a fun way. Watch your baby giggle after turning each page. Amazing illustrations to hold a baby’s attention for longer. The book also contains touch and feel texture and sound. Check Here in Amazon.

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Noisy Zoo (Noisy Books)

Sam Taplin (Author)​

An early learning book about babies and toddlers for learning animals sound. Can be used 6 months onwards. This is not a storybook, but a sound book. Babies can press the button to hear the sound of animals they like. Watch as your baby has fun trying to imitate the sound. A highly recommended interactive book for babies and toddlers. Check more in Amazon.

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Animal Babies​

Eric Carle (Illustrator)​

An animal board book for babies with illustrations by Eric Carle, accompanied by the sound of 10 animals. Perfect for newborns and babies. Babies can match the picture on the pages with the ones on button and press for sound. Few words on each page describing the animal baby. Perfect for the early learning stage. Check in Amazon.

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Look, Look!​

Peter Linenthal (Author)​

This book is designed as the first ideal book for babies when their color vision is still not fully developed. Made with only 3 primary colors – black, white, and red – the only ones newborns can see. Big bright pictures are ideal for newborns. Highly recommended by parents of newborns. Check more in Amazon.

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Hello, Bugs! (Black and White Sparklers)​

Smriti Prasadam(Author), Emily Bolam(Illustrator)​

A sparkly book of 10 bugs for newborns, this one is made with black and white colors with one shiny, metallic bright spot on each page. An ideal board book for babies’ tummy time. The book holds baby’s attention long enough to calm any fussy baby down. Highly recommended by new parents and as baby-shower gift. Explore in Amazon here.

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TummyTime®: Happy Baby​

Duopress labs(Author), Violet Lemay(Illustrator)​

A book specially made for babies’ tummy time and lives up to the name!  Includes a mirror as well, on the page, which is quite interesting for the babies. Sufficient to sustain the attention of a newborn for some time.  Check more in Amazon.

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Where Is Baby’s Belly Button​

Karen Katz (Author, Illustrator)​

A lift-the-flap book for newborns and toddlers. The book has body parts name and picture for your child to learn. A great interactive book to read to babies any time of the day. Check more in Amazon.

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See, Touch, Feel: A First Sensory Book​

Roger Priddy(Author)​

A sensory book for babies which helps them in development. Big book, plenty of touch-and-feel textures, sturdy pages, beautiful colors, engaging illustrations, to keep your baby engaged for a long time. The amazing variety of textures to feel are definitely a notch above other books in the same category. Check more in Amazon.

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Lift-the-Flap Tab: Trucks​

Roger Priddy(Author)​

This book is a colorful collection of big trucks for your car-loving child. The flaps lift open to reveal what is going on inside the trucks. Bright colors, sturdy pages, highly glossed pictures, to keep your toddler engaged for long. Explore in Amazon.

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I Love You Through And Through​

Bernadette Rossetti Shustak(Author), Caroline Jayne Church(Illustrator)​

An ideal bedtime rhyming book to read to your child. The lines describe how you will always love every part of your child. It teaches baby about body parts as well. Beautiful, big, clean pictures give the baby something to look at while you narrate. This board needs to be part of any baby library. Explore in Amazon.

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Spots and Dots (Art-Baby)​

Chez Picthall (Author)​

Designed for babies 6 weeks to 6 months, this book has high contrast visual patterns to provide visual stimulation to babies. Babies can stare at the pictures for a long time -, helps calm fussy babies down. Five-star reviews from parents of newborns on this book make this an ideal purchase. Explore in Amazon.

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Cloth Book Squishy Turtle (Coth Books)​

Roger Priddy(Author)​

A book that you can let your baby explore with hands and mouth! Babies can chew on the soft cloth and stare at the bright colors. This one is for parents who are always trying to take the board book away from babies’ mouths. There are different objects and textures which your baby can touch and feel. This crinkly cloth both is great for baby to hold and teething as well. A purchase worth making and you would not regret it. Explore in Amazon. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to We may earn a commission when you buy through links on our site.