Reading to kids is a big part of parenting. It builds vocabulary, knowledge and helps in the overall development of children. Reading aloud builds confidence in new readers. Start childrens’ developmental journey early with these recommended readings to first graders.

Best Books To Read To First Graders (6-Years-Old)

books to read to first graders

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Here is a great collection of books parents or teachers can read to first graders. The words are simple. 6-year-olds can also try to read them on their own.

You can find them in your local library or nearby bookstores. If they are unavailable locally, you can click on the links or images below to purchase from Amazon.

Pencils on Strike - book to read to 1st graders

Pencils on Strike is a hilarious classroom read about the feelings and demands of pencils. Pencils are abused in the classroom all the time – chewing, breaking. Read this rhyming story about their grievances.

The pages are artistically designed. A fun story to help kids understand the importance of classroom supplies. Also, check Chairs on Strike (Ages 4-10 years)

The Night Before First Grade - book to read to 1st graders

The Night Before First Grade is a good read to alleviate anxiety before the start of the school year. Two friends are preparing for their first day at school. They realize they would not be in the same class, but are excited to make new friends. The story is short and rhymes. (Ages 5-6 years)

I Want to Be a Doctor - book to read to 1st graders

I Want to Be a Doctor and other books from
I Can Read Level 1 are perfect for 1st graders learning to read. The topic is interesting and relatable. Readers learn what a doctor does.

The words are short and familiar with interesting pictures spread throughout. (Ages 4-8 years)

Sticky Icky Vicky - book to read to 1st graders

Sticky Icky Vicky is a book about gathering the courage to overcome fear. Vicky is a fun-loving girl who has a fear of water. She hates taking baths. Read what Vicky does when she is invited to a water park.

The text rhymes and illustrations are artistically done. Follow up the reading with a round of discussion about conquering fear. (Ages 5-7 years)

First Grade, Here I Come! - book to read to 1st graders

First Grade, Here I Come! explains to kids the difference between kindergarten and first grade. There are lots of unfamiliar things in a new school year. But many interesting things to look forward to as well. The book does a good job of piquing kids’ interests. (Ages 4-6 years)

My Favorite Dog Stories

My Favorite Dog Stories is perfect for reluctant readers to try to read their own. This collection includes five dog stories. The furry tales would surely keep the new reader hooked to the book.

The font size is large enough. And pictures are bright and adorable. (Ages 4-8 years)

Amelia Bedelia - book to read to 1st graders - book to read to 1st graders

Amelia Bedelia funny chapter book series is popular with first-time readers. The humourous situational antics of the young girl and her friends make the stories engaging. The chapters are short and fast-paced. (Ages 6-10 years)

Sight Words and Spelling Workbook - book to read to 1st graders

Sight Words and Spelling Workbook helps kids learn and practice essential high-frequency sight words. It helps build a reading foundation for first-timers. (Ages 5-7 years)

Learn to Read with Tug the Pup and Friends! - book to read to 1st graders

Learn to Read with Tug the Pup and Friends! This book set has 11 stories and a parental guide to help navigate parents. Tug and Pup are two lovable animal characters.

The stickers included in the book add an extra level of excitement to reading. (Ages 4-8 years)

What Should Danny Do? - book to read to 1st graders

What Should Danny Do? series is suitable for first graders starting school. The book has 8 stories in “Choose Your Own Story” format.

Kids will love to be able to make choices and feel empowered. It teaches kids to be kind, responsible, stand up to bullies, and more. A highly educational and interactive read. (Ages 4-8 years)

Dinosaur Lady - book to read to 1st graders

Dinosaur Lady is the inspiring biography of Mary Anning, the First Paleontologist. Kids love listening to the story of Mary Anning as a child and her discoveries in later life. Read how fearlessly she went on about her work.

The added bonus is lots of fossil facts included. An early nonfiction book. (Ages 4-8 years)

Junie B. Jones - book to read to 1st graders

Junie B. Jones box set is the perfect gift for a first-grader. Junie B makes mistakes and learns from them. The classroom antics are silly and funny. Kids can relate to most of the situations.

The comedy is light-hearted. Each story has a good message. Have a discussion with your child after a session of read-aloud. (6-9 years)

Flat Stanley - book to read to 1st graders

Flat Stanley is everyone’s favorite classic. Read how an ordinary boy Stanley Lambchop became Flat Stanley. The collection includes four stories of fun adventures, Join Stanley as he goes to outer space, nab bank robbers, and more. (Ages 6-10 years)

I Really Like Slop! - book to read to 1st graders

I Really Like Slop! is a cute story of two best friends Gerald the elephant and Piggie the pig. Piggie wants Gerald to try her favorite food Slop. But Gerald does not like its smell and is not inclined to taste. Read how these two come to an amicable solution.

The entire Elephant & Piggie series is quite good. Each story ends with a lesson that parents can discuss with their kids.

My First Human Body Book - book to read to 1st graders

My First Human Body Book is an early introduction to STEM for kids. Kids will learn about their bodies while doing the coloring activity. Each body part has a detailed description of it. Read how body sweat gets formed and pain travels. (Ages 6-10 years)

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