Camping books are quite helpful to introduce your little ones to the outdoors. Venture out into the wild. Or create a campsite in your backyard. There are books for every age group. Board books, preschooler books, nonfiction books for confident campers – choose one based on your kid’s age.

Children’s Books About Camping

Check these highly recommended camping books for kids. You can find them in your local library or nearby bookstores. If unavailable locally, you can click on the links or images below to purchase from Amazon.

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Camping Board Books For Toddlers

camping books for toddlers

Introduce your toddler to the outdoor with these camping board books. Or carry them for night storytime at the camp.

Good Night Campsite - camping book for toddlers

Good Night Campsite

Introduce the concept of camping to toddlers. If you are planning to take your little one on his\her first camping trip, this book is the perfect companion. All the usual camping activities are covered – hiking, swimming, campfire, roasted marshmallows. The board book format makes it easier to read to toddlers.

Age: 0-3 years

Fred and Ted Go Camping - camping book for toddlers

Fred and Ted Go Camping

is a camping story with classic characters, written by P. D. Eastman’s son Peter Eastman. Their approach to camping is different – starting from packing to setting up the tent, fishing.

The concept of opposites is introduced in a humorous way. Your child would not be able to put this one down. Age: 2-4 years

Camping Picture Books

camping picture books

Check out these camping picture books for your 4-7-year-olds. The books are ideal for a camping theme read-aloud in preschool classrooms.

Scaredy Squirrel Goes Camping  - camping picture books

Scaredy Squirrel Goes Camping

is a funny take on scares for the outdoors. Meet Scaredy Squirrel, a lovable animal that is just not fond of dirt, mosquitoes, wild animals – anything outdoorsy.

Read about how Scaredy faces his fears. A great book to talk to your kids about anxiety. Don’t miss the list of survival supplies Scaredy packs.

Ages: 4-8 years

camping picture books_1
Let's go on a hike!  - camping picture books

Let’s go on a hike!

Join a family as they step out on a beautiful day and go on a hike. The story is super adorable and sure to fire up a love for the outdoor in your little one.

The introduction to binoculars is quite useful. The diverse characters are a plus. A fun book for toddlers and above.

Age: 2-6 years

The Little Book Of Camping  - camping picture books

The Little Book Of Camping

lets imagination take wings. Kids will read about camping on the starry night outside. Or they can be creative and make one of their own.

There is nothing to stop one who wants to do camping. The text is easy to read with one line on each page.

Age: 2-12 years

Biscuit Goes Camping  - camping picture books

Biscuit Goes Camping

is a simple story for beginner readers. Biscuit – the dog, can not wait to go camping. It is just so much fun being outside – tents, fireflies, flashlights.

But will the rain spoil their camping trip? Pitch on a make-shift tent inside and read this book with your little one.

Age: 2-6 years

Camping Fun Cut and Paste  - camping picture books

Camping Fun Cut and Paste

is a workbook you can carry on a camping trip with your preschooler. The pictures are all camping-themed – wild animals, camping supplies, fishing, butterflies.

Basic scissor skill is the only thing kids need to know to complete the activities. Children can cut and paste the pieces in the place.

Age: 3-5 years

The Tent Mouse and The RV Mouse  - camping picture books

The Tent Mouse and The RV Mouse

is a book about love for adventure. Nature-loving comes in different ways. So while the tent mouse likes to pitch his tent to be closure to nature, the RV mouse likes to be safe inside his RV.

This book reminds kids that it is ok to be different. The story is sweet. A perfect book for preschool classroom read-aloud.

Age: 3-8 years

More Helpful Camping Books For Kids

More books about camping

Make your little one a pro at camping with these children’s camping books. The list has camping guides, activities, games. Kids will also learn to explore nature.

The Camping Trip that Changed America - camping book

The Camping Trip that Changed America

is a piece of history that saw the establishment of America’s National Parks. In 1903, President Theodore Roosevelt and naturalist John Muir went on a trip to Yosemite. What happened on the trip?

Read the interesting story based on the true piece of history.

Age: 6-8 years

Exploring Nature - camping book

Exploring Nature

encourages kids to go outside, explore and learn. Kids learn to observe nature. It has a total of 50 activities. The activities are interesting. Elementary readers can understand and do most of them independently.

The introductions to the topics life leaf, flowers, etc are quite interesting. A book your child can carry on an outdoor camping trip.

Age: 5-9 years

Camping Activity and Puzzle Book For Kids - camping book

Camping Activity and Puzzle Book For Kids

is the book you need to make camping fun. Mazes, scavenger hunt, map skills, and more – everything you need to make your outdoor time enjoyable.

The book has a list of activities kids can do both inside and outside.

Age: 5-7 years

The Kids Campfire Book - camping book

The Kids Campfire Book

is everything kids (and even adults) need to know about the campfire. Tips of finding the best campfire site, making pizza on an open fire, activities to make campfire fun – everything is included.

Also, check out the section on how to identify animal cries at night. The easy language is suitable for beginner readers onwards.

Age: 5-10 years

helpful camping books
Camping Anatomy Activities for Kids - camping book

Camping Anatomy Activities for Kids

teaches kids all the fun learning activities kids can do. Read and understand the nature around – water, maps, and more.

Each chapter covers important camping topics like the anatomy of a campsite, how to set on a trail etc. Also learn to start your camping journal and record your ideas and observations.

Age: 6-10 years

Camp Out! - camping book

Camp Out!

is The Ultimate Kids’ Guide for camping for tweens. Kids will learn how to choose a camping site, pitch a tarp tent, etc. Also included are interesting outdoor recipes like – Solar Oven Pizza and more.

Filled with 247 camping activities, games, crafts, recipes – this handbook covers all aspects of camping. A big plus for teaching young ones how to leave a campsite neat.

Age: 8-12 years

Camping for Kids - camping book

Camping for Kids

is a middle school book on camping. Children will read about camping gear, history, along with how to remain safe during camping.

The simple story narrates a grandpa and grandchild enjoying the great outdoor. The silence of camping under the starry sky. The chapters are small and read easily.

Age: 9+ years

The Young Adventurer's Guide to (Almost) Everything - camping book

The Young Adventurer’s Guide to (Almost) Everything

is a kids survival guide in the woods. The tips are practical and things your need to know. The book includes 45 step-by-step illustrated activities.

Find out how to build a fort with sticks, navigate your way outdoor without a GPS, learn to eat bugs – everything survival. Or learn to escape a bear without being eaten.

Age: 8-12 years

The Kid's Guide to Exploring Nature - camping book

The Kid’s Guide to Exploring Nature

is created by experts from Brooklyn Botanic Garden(bbg). Read about the complex ecosystem of plants and animals. learn to observe nature how a naturalist would.

Check out the fun projects, science experiments, and more. This award-winning book is a must for nature-loving middle schoolers.

Age: 8-12 years

Camping Activity Book for Kids - camping book

Camping Activity Book for Kids

is a beginner-level book to get your kid camping and outdoor-ready. The book is divided into logical chapters like campsite, trail, wondering in the wild, star gazing, etc.

Also included are survival skills like building a shelter, making a compass, tying a knot. Have fun with 35+ outdoor activities.


Interactive Kids Camping Journal - camping book

Interactive Kids Camping Journal

is perfect to log the adventures of young ones. The prompts help kids to think and learn to observe.

Go ahead, make childhood memories, to last a lifetime.

camping books for kids

Get your child camping ready with these amazing gears and toys.

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