Everyone loves cheese! Now bring these yummy stories to bedtime or classrooms with these adorable Children’s cheese books. The rhyming stories and picture books are perfect for preschool and kindergarten classrooms. Kids will love reading stories full of adorable critters, mainly mice. Many in this list are beginner books for newly independent readers. If your tween is interested in cheese making, there is a step-by-step book for that too. Select one and let the cheesy ride begin!

You can find them in your local library or nearby bookstores. If unavailable locally, you can click on the links or images below to purchase from Amazon.

15 Appetizing Cheese Books For Kids

cheese books for kids

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Fred the Ant Loves Cheese - children's cheese book

Fred the Ant Loves Cheese

Fred is a smart Ant. His love for cheese lands him on a big adventure. Along the way, he makes many friends – Ellis, Clara, Amy, and Austin. The characters are loveable.

Read For: 3-8 years | Funny clever preschool books

The Great Cheese Robbery - children's cheese book

The Great Cheese Robbery

Read this cute story about mice taking away an elephant family’s cheese. Can the strong Daddy elephant or little Patrick stop this? A cute book about strengths and weaknesses in everyone. Pretty soon you will be making all the elephant and mice sounds!

Read For: 3-7 years | Cute bedtime read aloud

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A Tale of Moon Cheese - children's cheese book

A Tale of Moon Cheese

A young mouse Roger dreams of tasting the moon. He believes it is made of cheese. Read the adorable story of how Roger gets to taste the ‘moon cheese’. A cheese picture book perfect for bedtime.

Read For: 4-8 years | Rhyming story read aloud

I Don't Like Cheese - children's cheese book

I Don’t Like Cheese

Mike is different than other mice. He thinks he does not like cheese every day. So young Ashley brings him different kinds of food. Mike is enjoying the variety way too much to check if the food has cheese. A sweet story to go with elementary class food discussion.

Read For: 3-8 years | food book about fussy eating

WHO MOVED MY CHEESE? - children's cheese book


Join the search for magical cheese with Sniff, Scurry, Hem, and Haw. Kids will enjoy going through the maze. And then one morning the cheese vanishes. This is a children’s version of the popular book suitable for kindergarten and above

Read For: 4-8 years | A book about change

The Old Man Who Loved Cheese - children's cheese book

The Old Man Who Loved Cheese

Wallace loves his smelly cheese a lot. His family and pets abandon him when they cannot stand the cheese smell. A witty story with plenty of twists and turns. Kids will love the tongue twisters. and funny drawings. A Perfect preschool classroom read.

Read For: 4-8 years | children’s classic

Mac and Cheese and the Perfect Plan - children's cheese book

Mac and Cheese and the Perfect Plan

A beginner reader story with characters named after kids’ favorite food. Mac and Cheese are best friends. Their different personalities provide a constant source of entertainment to readers. Rhyming lines and simple words make it easy for new readers to read independently.

Read For: 4-8 years | Humororus friendship book

I Love You and Cheese Pizza - children's cheese book

I Love You and Cheese Pizza

Brian, the pig in jeans, asks the meaning of the word ‘LOVE’. His mother explains it. But he does not get it initially and instead thinks all he loves is cheese pizza! Celebrate Love with this beginner reader book. The story is hilarious and the illustrations are silly.

Read For: 5-9 Years | Perfect mother’s day gift

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Anatole - children's cheese book


Anatole mouse plans to earn his living. So he anonymously helps a cheese factory in finding the best tasting cheese. Pretty soon the factory starts making the best of cheese taking Anatole’s advice. So they want to reward him. Will they find Anatole?

Read For: 5-8 years | Picture book with an adorable story

Please Don't Sneeze on my Cheese!!! - children's cheese book

Please Don’t Sneeze on my Cheese!!!

A silly rhyming book with silly poems. The words are catchy enough for kids to repeat, perfect for the classroom. Pictures are vibrant. Find the cute mouse on every page.

Read For: 5-6 years | Rhyming read aloud

Hold the Cheese Please! - children's cheese book

Hold the Cheese Please!

An introduction to lactose intolerance for kids. Read the story about young Danny where he teaches his classmates about lactose intolerance. A great book with a subtle message on bullying and being different

Read For: 6-8 years | Bullying and lactose intolerance

The Great Cheese Conspiracy - children's cheese book

The Great Cheese Conspiracy

Read about the mouse gang and their leader Merciless Marvin. Their next target is a cheese shop. Can they succeed in their heist! This old book is fun to read even today.

Read For: 6-8 years | Classic with many twists

Stink: Hamlet and Cheese - children's cheese book

Stink: Hamlet and Cheese

Sophie tells Stink about the Shakespeare camp. Stink cant wait for swordplay and other interesting parts. But it really does not go as planned. The entire Stink series is popular with primary graders.

Read For: 6-9 years | Small chapter book for beginners

The Cheese Experiment

The Cheese Experiment

A funny book for the popular Geronimo Stilton series. An epidemic broke into the Mouse City. Everyone is covered in blue spots. The most famous doctor is called to find a solution. But there is a twist also. A humorous book with many scientific facts. The colorful and different fon words make it a fun read.

Read For: 7-10 years | Popular pre-teen book

Say Cheese! - children's cheese book

Say Cheese!

Kids will learn to make 12 classic cheese types like mozzarella, feta, ricotta, and cream cheese. The step-by-step instructions with photos are easy for kids to follow independently. Children will also learn about the history and science behind cheese-making. A good book to spend some quality time in the kitchen with your child.

Read For: 8-12 years | A Kid’s Guide to Cheese Making