Cookies! Who does not love the taste of hot fresh cookies! Make reading enjoyable for your little one with these cookie books for kids. Drool-worthy pictures, fun stories, life lessons, delicious recipes – there is just so much possible with this baked goody. Even a healthy recipe book to encourage kids for healthy eating. From toddlers to preschoolers and beginner readers – the list has cookie books for all age groups.

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10 Best Children’s Books About Cookies

cookie books for kids

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Cookies for Elmo - cookie book for kids

Cookies for Elmo

Cookie Monster bakes cookies for Elmo. But they are just too yummy to resist. Read the adorable story of friendship, sharing, and having a good time. The story of internal conflict kids can easily relate to.

Read For: 3-7 years | Cookie picture book with the theme of friendship and sharing

Cookies! - cookie book for kids


Next time you make a batch of cookies, involve your toddler also in the preparation. As you mix, stir the ingredients, your child can also mimic with this interactive book. The pull-out tabs are made well to handle the rough handling of small hands.

Read For: 2-4 years | Toddler interactive book

The Cookie Book of Colors - cookie book for kids

The Cookie Book of Colors

A glorious picture book with different shape cookies in rainbow colors. Each page explores one color. There are also many shades of one color. Kids would learn color and shape names with cookies. The book is super cute with rich artistry on display.

Read For: 2-5 years | Artistic board book

The Tasty Adventures of Rose Honey - cookie book for kids

The Tasty Adventures of Rose Honey

Make the yummiest chocolate chip cookies. Join in as little rose make cookies with her parents. The recipe is healthy. A lesson for little kids on healthy food.

Read For: 3-8 years | Beautifully illustrated cookie recipe book

A World Of Cookies For Santa - cookie book for kids

A World Of Cookies For Santa

Take a tour around the world with Santa on Christmas eve. From the Philippines to Russia, Malwai – see how different types of cookies are made. Honey-spice cookie, sweet potato cookie, and more. A good book for kindergarten classroom food study.

Read For: 4-7 years | Cookies from around the world

May I Please Have a Cookie? - cookie book for kids

May I Please Have a Cookie?

Learn manners with Alfie. He wants a cookie. But grabbing for one is not going to land him a cookie. Finally, he gets one by saying the magical word ‘please’. The text is easy to read, suitable for beginner readers. Suitable for preschool classroom read-aloud.

Read For: 4-8 years | Easy beginner reader picture book

The Smart Cookie - cookie book for kids

The Smart Cookie

Cookie wants to be smart. But never feels as smart compared to cupcakes and rolls. Read how creativity, self-belief help cookie achieve her potential. A story where kids learn everyone is good at something. The book celebrates uniqueness and differences.

Read For: 4-8 years | Must-read story about realizing one’s potential

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie - cookie book for kids

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

A fun preschool read from the popular series. A hungry mouse lands at your door. But be prepared for the consequences when you offer him a cookie. The series of events is entertaining. Kids can easily relate and laugh out loud at these silly things.

Read For: 4-8 years | Humorous picture book

Tough Cookie - cookie book for kids

Tough Cookie

A fox tastes a sugary cookie but realizes it is just not as delicious. The cookie gets super disappointed. They become friends. The fox tries to cheer the cookie up but does not succeed. Others from the town join in too. Pretty soon the cookie realizes its true purpose. The illustrations are sweet and the characters are deliciously adorable.

Read For: 4-8 years | Picture book with a sweet lesson

The Cookie Fiasco - cookie book for kids

The Cookie Fiasco

Hippo, Croc, squirrel, piggie – there are four friends. But only 3 cookies. How do they divide and share equally? A primary grader book where kids learn about problem-solving and maths. The characters are funny and the pictures entertaining. Check out other such books from Elephant & Piggie series.

Read For: 6-8 years | Beginner reader book with a good lesson

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