Children love pets. They are good company, playful, active. However, owning a pet is a big responsibility. That is where the children’s books about pets come in handy.

There are plenty of books available in the market, written for different age groups and topics. Books about caring for pets are a must for any pet owner. And books on how to cope with the death of a pet helps children process grief.

The below is the list of the best pet books available – starting with picture books, read-aloud books, to books about unusual pets.

If you are looking for books about any particular type of pet, check the other lists below.

Children’s books about different types of Pets

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Children’s books about dogs

12 Best Children’s Books About Pets

Picture books about pets

The Perfect Pet

The Perfect Pet

Margie Palatini and Bruce Whatley

This one is a hilarious picture book every parent and child would relate to. Elizabeth wants a pet and tries her best to convince her reluctant parents. However, they do not agree. Finally, one day, she adopts Doug, a bug. He is the ideal pet. A laugh riot with beautiful pictures for children till 8 years old. Check here on Amazon.

What Pet Should I Get

What Pet Should I Get?

Dr. Seuss

This book is a classic timeless Dr. Seuss. A brother and sister visit a pet store to pick a pet. However, they just can not decide on one. Written in typical Dr. Suess rhythmic style, along with bright pictures, this book is sure to strike a chord with the young ones. Check here on Amazon.

Look Learn Pets

Look & Learn: Pets

National Geographic Kids

Read about all types of pets your child can adopt in the National Geographic book. The choices are plenty – starting with the fish, kitten to dogs – this book has all covered along with how to take care of them. A pet picture book for toddlers to kindergarteners, this one has colorful pictures along with age-appropriate texts for kids. Check here on Amazon.

A Family for Louie

A Family for Louie

Alexandra Thompson

Louie, the foodie dog is alone and yarns to be part of a family. Follow along with Louie in his search for a perfect family, and meet many new people. A charming picture book about a pet finding a home. Perfect for toddlers to beginner readers bedtime story. Check here on Amazon.

Turtles Bullfrog Books My First Pet

Turtles (Bullfrog Books: My First Pet)

Cari Meister

Full of vibrant colorful pictures, this book teaches how to take care of a pet turtle. A book for kids till aged 6 years old, this is a beginner level book with little text and more pictures. Check here on Amazon.


Children’s books about pets – read aloud

Some Pets

Some Pets

Angela DiTerlizzi, Brendan Wenzel

Join the pet show and meet all different kinds of pets. While there are the usual pets like cats, dogs, etc, unusual pets like snakes also find a place in this book. Written in rhythmic style describing each pet, this book is a perfect read-aloud book for any class or individual. It is a charming book, sure to be hit with kids from preschool to grade3. Check here on Amazon.

Me and My Dragon

Me and My Dragon

David Biedrzycki

This is a fun read-aloud book about a boy and his pet dragon. With tips on how to pick a pet dragon, what to feed them and how to handle a misbehaving dragon, this book a laugh riot. The illustrations match the fun theme of this book. Ideal for small children till age 7 years old. Check here on Amazon.

See You Later Alligator

See You Later, Alligator

Sally Hopgood, Emma Levey

A tortoise is leaving for new adventures in his life. But before that, he has to say bye to all his friends. With rhyming text and silly farewell, this is a perfect book for a fun read-aloud session. Check here on Amazon.

Franklin Wants a Pet

Franklin Wants a Pet

Paulette Bourgeois , Brenda Clark

A storybook about the responsibilities which come with owning a pet. One of the classic Franklin storybook – this book is sure to strike a chord with many kids asking for a pet. A quick and fun read with beautiful illustrations, perfect for bedtime. Check here on Amazon.


Children’s books about unusual pets

Geckos Keeping Unusual Pets

Geckos (Keeping Unusual Pets)

Sonia Hernandez-Divers

If your child loves unusual pets, this pet gecko book is a must. Find out about food and habitat for a gecko, and how to take care of one. This primary grader book is packed with helpful information. Check here on Amazon.

Hermit Crabs Keeping Unusual Pets

Hermit Crabs (Keeping Unusual Pets)

Tristan Boyer Binns

Unusual pets are quite popular with many children and Hermit Crabs are one of them. This the best book out to take care of the hermit crabs. Easy read and packed with helpful information – suitable for all grades. Check here on Amazon.

Hieronymus Betts and his unusual pets

Hieronymus Betts and His Unusual Pets

MatM.P. Robertson

A funny book about unusual pets. Meet the gruesome, disgusting, slimier pets of Hieronymus Betts. Full of fun pictures, short easy to read – text, and silly jokes – this book is a delightful read for children till grade2. Check here on Amazon.