Check out these amazing Children’s pumpkin books for your kids. Read cute fictional stories with pumpkins as central characters to your preschool, kindergarten kids. First-graders and above can read the beautifully illustrated pumpkin picture books independently. The nonfiction pumpkin books teach kids more about pumpkins, growing them, carving them for Halloween. Read interesting nonfiction facts about celebrating Thanksgiving with pumpkin. Don’t miss the delicious pumpkin recipes.

25 Best Children’s Books About Pumpkins

children's books about pumpkins

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Bear Picks a Pumpkin - children's book about pumpkins

Bear Picks a Pumpkin

It is fall time. Bear is looking for the perfect pumpkin. Rhyme along as Bear is searching for one. The story is adorable with quite detailed pictures. There are also other animals and insects leveling up the excitement.

Age: 0-4 years | Rhyming pumpkin story for toddlers

It's Pumpkin Day, Mouse! - children's book about pumpkins

It’s Pumpkin Day, Mouse!

Join Mouse and his friends as they color all the pumpkins in the pumpkin patch. There are friendly pumpkins, silly pumpkins. But then one of the pumpkins goes missing. Read what happens next. There are short, few sentences on each page

Age: Baby-4 years | Pumpkin board book with different emotions

You're My Little Pumpkin Pie - children's book about pumpkins

You’re My Little Pumpkin Pie

An adorable bedtime board book for your child. The interactive cutouts keep kids engaged in the story. Each page has only one or two lines that rhyme. With lots of Halloween characters, this makes for a perfect festival gift.

Age: 0-3 years | Halloween picture book

Five Little Pumpkins - children's book about pumpkins

Five Little Pumpkins

It is a beautiful twist to a favorite children’s poem. The song is a diversion from the original one. The tabbed pages make it easier for little fingers to turn the pages. The book can be used to teach toddlers counting math.

Age: Baby-3 years | Toddler nursery rhyme of pumpkin

Trick Or Treat Little Pumpkin - children's book about pumpkins

Trick Or Treat Little Pumpkin

Read the Halloween story to your toddler. The rhyming texts help kids repeat along. The attached hand puppet adds a great deal of interactive excitement for little ones. The artwork is bright.

Ages: 1-4 years | Toddler interactive pumpkin board book

Hoot Howl Halloween - children's book about pumpkins

Hoot Howl Halloween

A fun book with 10 spooky sounds – for 1-5-year-olds. Hear the sound of ghosts, bats, witches, etc. The Halloween story is cute with bright easy to read text. The sounds are not too scary for little ones.

Ages: 2-5 years | Toddler, preschoolers sound book

The Roll-Away Pumpkin - children's book about pumpkins

The Roll-Away Pumpkin

A little child Marla’s pumpkin is rolling away downward. As she is screaming for help, townfolks around her join in to stop the rolling pumpkin. There are some fun catchy words for toddlers to make read-aloud fun.

Age: 2-5 years | Charming pumpkin story with nostalgic village characters

The Legend of Spookley the Square Pumpkin - children's book about pumpkins

The Legend of Spookley the Square Pumpkin

Spookley is the strangest pumpkin in the patch. Unlike other pumpkins who are round, Spookley is square. He gets teased by other pumpkins. Read how Spookley found the use of his unique shape.

Age: 2-5 years | Preschool picture book on tolerance and acceptance

How Big Could Your Pumpkin Grow? - children's book about pumpkins

How Big Could Your Pumpkin Grow?

Celebrate America’s love for pumpkins along with some landmarks and events. Children would enjoy reading about giant pumpkins creatively put in different places. the illustrations are rich. Compliment the reading to a trip to some of the places mentioned.

Age: 3-5 years | Celebrate pumpkin season with a fun story

Perfect Pumpkin Pie - children's book about pumpkins

Perfect Pumpkin Pie

Read on as a ghost demands the perfect pumpkin pie. The repeated lines make of perfect read-along. The story is humorous and the pictures are quirky. A great family thanksgiving read-aloud book.

Age: 3-7 years | Humorous Thanksgiving reading with pumpkin pie

The Ugly Pumpkin - children's book about pumpkins

The Ugly Pumpkin

The Ugly pumpkin waits to be picked up from his patch, but no one wants him. The disappointed pumpkin leaves in search of a place for him. Finally, the pumpkin discovers the truth about itself. But the road to the beautiful end is full of struggle, uncertainty, loneliness.

Age: 3-5 years | Fictional pumpkin story read-aloud for preschool group

Pumpkin Heads - children's book about pumpkins

Pumpkin Heads

Teach kids the different ways one can carve a pumpkin – scarecrow, cowboy, witch, snowman, and many more. The illustrations are amazing while being silly and spooky at the same time. There are very few texts.

Age: 3-7 years | Classic beginner reader book

Pick a Pumpkin - children's book about pumpkins

Pick a Pumpkin

Make the perfect jack-o-lantern. The book gloriously narrates each of the steps, starting with picking the perfect pumpkin to light the candle inside. The images are spooky enough for the Halloween spirit.

Age: 3-7 years | Spooky rhyming read-aloud

Cutest Pumpkin In The Patch - children's book about pumpkin

Cutest Pumpkin In The Patch

A non-spooky Halloween book for your little one. each pumpkin shows a different form of emotion that is illustrated beautifully. Kids also can count the pumpkins. First graders can read the story independently.

Age: 3-8 years | Fun early-elementary read

The Little Green Pumpkin - children's book about pumpkin

The Little Green Pumpkin

Change is scary. But at the same time, it can be fun too. Find out with the little pumpkin as it does not want to leave the pumpkin patch. A cute story with a great lesson. Kids will also learn about the pumpkin life cycle.

Age: 3-8 years | Good fall unit study for kindergarten and above

The Pumpkin Book - children's book about pumpkin

The Pumpkin Book

Read about how to plant pumpkins, different types of pumpkins, the history of pumpkin carvings, How to carve one, and more. Everything about this vegetable kids need to know. Also included are interesting pumpkin facts and stories.

Ages: 4-8 years | Nonfiction pumpkin book- grow, carve, facts, fun story

Too Many Pumpkins - children's book about pumpkin

Too Many Pumpkins

Rebecca dislikes pumpkins. But then an accident happens and her yard gets full of pumpkin seeds. They sport in autumn and her yard is full of them. Read on how she finds a creative solution to this pumpkin problem. Also makes people happy in the process. The language is simple. Elementary kids can try reading independently.

Ages: 4-8 years | A seed to pumpkin story with a good lesson

Pinkalicious and the Pink Pumpkin - children's book about pumpkin

Pinkalicious and the Pink Pumpkin

Join Pinkalicious as she searches for the perfect pink pumpkin. Turn on each page and lift the flaps to see what is beneath. Find out if Pinkalicious found what she is looking for. There is a good surprise at the end. This one is for the Pinkalicious fans.

Age: 4-8 years | Interactive lift-the-flap book

Pumpkin Jack - children's book about pumpkin

Pumpkin Jack

Tim had carved his first Halloween pumpkin. Once festivities got over, he put it in the garden. Watch the pumpkin transform as it got rotten and a beautiful plant grew from it. The artwork is captivating.

Ages: 4-8 years | Preschool pumpkin life-cycle book

Stumpkin - children's book about pumpkin


A stemless pumpkin waist to be picked up during the festival season. One by one all its friends get picked up. Read along and feel the beautiful emotions the pumpkin goes through with the gorgeous pictures. The ending is beautiful without being preachy.

Age: 4-8 years | Elementary book with a great message

Pumpkin Soup - children's book about pumpkin

Pumpkin Soup

Make a delicious pumpkin soup with three friends – cat, squirrel, duck. The three make the same soup every day, in the same way. The problem starts when the Duck wants to do things differently while others resist change. After lots of disagreements, finally they discover the value of friendship. The illustrations narrate the season and spirit of the story well.

Age: 4-8 years | Friendship story for kindergarten and above

Seed, Sprout, Pumpkin, Pie - children's book about pumpkin

Seed, Sprout, Pumpkin, Pie

Celebrate with pumpkins this fall season. This book narrates how the pumpkin became a symbol of celebration. Kids will learn about the pumpkin life cycle. Different uses of pumpkins. The pictures are big and bright real images.

Age: 4-8 years | Elementary classroom pumpkin unit study

The Pumpkin Roll - children's book about pumpkin

The Pumpkin Roll

The book is based on a hurricane that happened in St. Augustine, Florida. Pumpkins were floating away in the flood. Read how 10-year-old Piper got the entire community together. They managed to celebrate the annual fall tradition.

Age: 5-8 years | Feel good, community celebrations

Pumpkin Pie for Sigd - children's book about pumpkin

Pumpkin Pie for Sigd

Maddie has moved to Israel from America. It is thanksgiving time. She is excited about celebrating the Ethiopian Jewish holiday of Sigd with her friend. But what about thanksgiving! Find how the girls celebrate both traditions.

Age: 5-10 years | Different cultures and Holidays

Penelope Pumpkin - children's book about pumpkin

Penelope Pumpkin

Teach kids about farms and all about growing pumpkins. A wonderful way for children to learn to appreciate the hard work that goes into making food. Learn the life cycle of pumpkins through different seasons with Penelope pumpkin. The story is based on a real family farm in Pennsylvania.

Age: 5-10 years | Growing pumpkin in fams

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