Moral stories and books form a part of early education for kids. Parents can read the books to kids and have a discussion about the learnings. They serve as a good bedtime bonding.

Children’s Books With Moral & Life Lessons

moral story books for kids

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Here is a recommended list of books with moral stories and life lessons for kids.

You can find them in your local library or nearby bookstores. If they are unavailable locally, you can click on the links or images below to purchase from Amazon.

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That Monster on the Block teaches kids to accept others who are different. Read this adorable story of a monster who is waiting for his new neighbor to arrive. But his new neighbor is different and is not what he has hoped.

So, the monster rallies others against the new person. Read on to find out how the acceptance comes. (Ages 2-7 years)

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Teach Your Dragon To Understand Consequences Each action has a consequence. This powerful story teaches kids to understand the impact one choice makes.

Read this cute story about a pet dragon that is always doing wrong things. How does one teach the dragon that every small thing matters! The entire My Dragon Books series is great for kids. (Ages 4-6 years)

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Walter Does His Best is a hilarious dog adventure story spreading kindness. Join Walter the dog, as it goes through various New York City landmarks. And he tries his best, but his good intentions do not always end up with the best results.

The narrative is charming and the pictures are bright. A good way to teach kids that things may not go as planned. Good intentions matter the most. (Ages 4-8 years)

Books with moral stories help build ethics and values in young kids.

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Sylvester and the Magic Pebble is a Caldecott Medal Winning book. Sylvester finds a magic pebble that can make any wish true. One day the wish brings in an unexpected result and now Sylvester is in trouble.

Read how he unites with his parents and the story ends happily. Kids learn an important life lesson – think before wishing for things. (Ages 6-8)

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A Little SPOT Takes Action is a set of 8 books. The topics covered are – honesty, safety, organization, patience, kindness, responsibility, finding self.

All the concepts are explained with simple language and realistic life examples. The language is simple. (Ages 5-8 years)

Reading books with life lesson help kids understand that actions have consequences.

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What Should Danny Do? School Day is a highly popular book with kids and parents. A perfect book for kids at the beginning of the school year.

Kids learn the benefit of being kind, responsible, standing up to bullying, and more. There are a total of 8 stories. And kids get to make a choice and see the impact. (Ages 4-8 years)

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Ayedin Learns to Share teaches kids the important life lesson about sharing with others. Ayedin gets a new blue ball and takes it to the park. But he is not so keen on sharing it with others.

Things change when he spots a shiny bike that he wants to try on. A simple lesson for kids that will help them to learn the value of sharing with others. (Ages 5-8 years)

Read-aloud of the book – Chrysanthemum

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