Wolves form an important part of our ecosystem. These misunderstood creates have long been portrayed as villains in tales. Here are a few fascinating reads about wolves. Toddlers and preschoolers would love the adorable wolf pup stories. Check out the interesting nonfiction range for tweens. There is a book for every type and age.

15 Best Children’s Books About Wolves

wolf books for kids

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Wish - children's  book about a mother and a baby wolf

Wish celebrates the special bond between parents and children. The text portrays the emotion of the wolf cub and her mother well.

The illustrations are simple and not busy. A good picture book for babies and toddlers. (Ages 0-3 years)

The Little Wolf - a good book about a wolf's search for a friend

The Little Wolf is an adorable story of a little wolf’s search for a friend. Read how the wolf realized the true meaning of friendship.

The pictures are fascinating and mix fantasy and real-life well. A beautiful message in the end for young kids. (Ages 3-8 years)

The Way Home for Wolf - a preschooler book

The Way Home for Wolf is a heartwarming story about a lost wolf-cub. Wilf is sure he does not need any help. But once lost in the arctic, he realizes everyone needs a helping hand sometimes.

The introductions of other arctic animals make the story interesting. The illustrations are super cute. The rhyming texts make this a great bedtime read. (Ages 3-5 years)

Little Wolf's First Howling - a beginner reader book

Little Wolf’s First Howling celebrates the importance of being true to self. Little Wolf is ready for his first howl. Big wolf gives him all the instructions to make him ready.

But when the time comes, there is a surprise. The story is sweet and loving. Kids are guaranteed to howl with laughter. (Ages 3-7 years)

Wolves Of North America - a nonfiction book for early elementary kids

Wolves Of North America teaches kids about wolf behavior, habitat, and their roles in the ecosystem. Did you know that wolves have evolved from an ancient animal called Mesocyon!

They are also great swimmers! Read many such fascinating facts about wolves.

Different species of wolves are included along with bright pictures. An interesting and popular read for preschool and above. (Ages 4-8 years)

Beginner Readers

Bear and Wolf - an award-winning beginner reader book

Bear and Wolf is an award-winning book with the story of an unlikely companionship. A Bear and a Wolf meet one snowy evening and become good friends. They do many fun explorations together.

Finally, it is time to say bid goodbye, as they need to go their separate ways. The story is gentle and feels special! Beautiful illustrations portray nature well. (Ages 4-8 years)

Living With Wolves! - a fascinating National Geographic Kids nonfiction

Living With Wolves! Join Jim and Jamie Dutcher as they narrate how it is to live in the wilderness with wolves!

Young kids would learn that wolves are not as bad as they are shown in the fairy tales (Little Red Riding hood). Wolves very rarely attack people.

Filled with National Geographic style engaging pictures, this nonfiction book is beginner readers friendly and a must-read. Look out for the interesting Sidebars! (Ages 7-10 years)

The White Wolf - a mystery book

The White Wolf is part of a popular mystery series for elementary kids. Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose visit the Marine wilderness. Soon after a baby wolf gets stolen from her mother.

Read how the trio helps solve the mystery. A great beginner reader-friendly book. (Ages 6-9 years)

Gray Wolf - a children's wolf book

Gray Wolf is a beautiful and intelligent creature. Read how these animals thrive in the environment despite facing many challenges. Learn about their diet, behavior, breeding, and more.

The information presented is researched. Pictures are bright and real. (Ages 3-11 years)


Child of the Wolves - a great book with animal behavior

Child of the Wolves is a well-researched story that portrays animal behavior well. Granite, a Siberian husky puppy escapes his kennel.

Now he finds himself alone in the Alaskan forest. Snowdrift, a white wolf welcomes him to his wolf pack.

Read this fictional story to know how Granite navigates the challenges and finds his place. A great middle grade read (Ages 8-12 years)

A Wolf for a Spell - an adventure read

A Wolf for a Spell Meet the wolf pup Zima, who seeks help from the witch Baba Yaga to save her family. But things go awry. Finally a village girl, Nadya comes to the rescue of Zima.

This fictional story is an adventure roller coaster. A perfect read for grade 4 and above. (Ages 8-12 years)

Bringing Back the Wolves: How a Predator Restored an Ecosystem

Bringing Back the Wolves: How a Predator Restored an Ecosystem Read how Yellowstone National Park was restored with the introduction of gray wolves to the park. A government initiative in 1995 gave the park a new life.

It is a story of interdependency and the beautiful ecosystem, around us. The artwork does justice to the beautiful subject. An eye-opening read. (Ages 8-12 years)

Summer of the Wolves - a middle grade book

Summer of the Wolves narrates a beautiful story of the relationship between humans and wolves. Twelve-year-old Nika and her seven-year-old brother Randall visit their uncle who studies wolves.

Nika’s connection with nature and an orphaned wolf pup would surely keep the readers hooked throughout. A perfectly balanced middle-grade novel. (Ages 10-12 years)

Lone Wolf - a heart-warming story

Lone Wolf is the first book from the series Wolves of the Beyond.

Faolan, a wolf pup is born with a twisted paw. As per the wolf code, he is left alone to perish. However, a kind bear, Thunderheart finds Faolan.

Read this captivating heart-warming story. It’s a start of a great series. (Ages 8-11 years)

Mission: Wolf Rescue teaches all about wolves and how to rescue them.

Mission: Wolf Rescue teaches all about wolves and how to rescue them. The short chapters are full of fun facts and amazing stories.

Read about real-life wolves and learn their challenges. Young kids would also know how to save these endangered creatures. (Ages 10+ years)

Watch and Listen to the fun read-aloud of Wolf! By Becky Bloom. It is an interesting story about a wolf who has meandered into a farm of reading animals. He wanted to learn to read himself. So he joined a school.

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