There are so many things to learn from bees! Hard work, discipline, helping the nature and ecological system – there is always something new to know. Check out theses fun picture books narrating all about bees in a kid-friendly way. Read the fascinating bee stories with your toddler, preschooler, kindergartener.

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16 Bee Books For Toddlers, Preschoolers, Kindergarteners

honey bee picture books for kids

Check out these 16 bee books suitable for toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarten kids.

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Bee & Me is an fictional story about a little girl who befriends a bee. Join the duo as they provide a glimpse into the natural world showcasing the importance of bees. This picture book has no words, making it perfect for 1-year-old and toddlers.
(Ages 1-5 years)

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Bee: A Peek-Through Picture Book Peek inside through the hole of the book’s cover and get a glimpse into the bee’s active day. Page by page, the peekaboo holes reveal how the bee works tirelessly to help the planet.

The illustrations of flowers, plants, nature are gorgeous!
(Ages 3-7 years)

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The Beeman Join a little girl through an entire year of beekeeping as she helps her grandfather, the Beeman.

The text rhymes, making this a wonderful read-aloud for preschool and kindergarten classrooms.

Check out the added information about bee anatomy, colonies, and more.
(Ages 3-8 years)

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The Life and Times of the Honeybee Read about the life cycle, social organization, and history of honeybees. The only book children would ever need to learn about bees.

Learn how honeybees make honey, what do beekeepers do, products that include beeswax. A scientific picture book.
(Ages 4-10 years)

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Are You a Bee? chronicles the life cycle of bees. Teach your toddler the challenges faced by young bees, as they go out flower to flower and find their place in a hive.

The captivating writing by Judy Allen comes alive with beautiful illustrations by Tudor Humphries..
(Ages 2-6 years)

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Hello Honeybees provides a perfect introduction to bees for toddlers. The book transforms itself into a stand-up beehive and kids can play with the attached bees.

Visit a garden, look inside a beehive, see how honey is made.
(Ages 2-5 years)

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What Did Busy Bee See? is an interactive book for babies and toddler. Children can follow the journey of a happy little bee through textured paths and cut-outs.

The touch and trace experience elevates kids learning.
(Ages 1-3 years)

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The Honeybee Man takes children through the life of a beekeeper and the process of making honey. With simple texts, Lela Nargi narrates how the bees are busy foraging flowers, tending hives, feeding babies, making wax rooms.

The collage-style illustrations by Kyrsten Brooker make this picture book a charming read.
(Ages 4-8 years)

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The Bee Book introduces the topic of bees conservation to little kids. Where does honey come from? How is a worker bee born? What does queen bee do? Why do we need to help the bees?

Read all these and more with simple colorful pictures and interesting infographics.
(Ages 2-8 years)

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The Bee Tree compares the joy of reading with finding honey. Mary Ellen is bored of reading, so her grandpa takes her on a hunt for a bee tree.

Once they return home from their adventure, the child makes a sweet discovery. Read on to find out.
(Ages 4-8 years)

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These Bees Count! Mr. Tate takes his class for a visit to a bee farm. Along with learning about flowers, bees, making honey, children also learn how counting forms a part of bees’ daily routine.

There is also detailed information for advanced readers. This picture book is suitable for toddlers to primary.
(Ages 4-8 years)

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Bees Like Flowers Find out why bees and flowers are best friends. Through colorful images and small words, children get introduced to pollinating plants and flowers, making honey, basic facts about insects, and common flowers.
(Ages 2-4 years)

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Follow That Bee! Learn what happens inside bee colonies, how bees feed and pollinate, the difference between the bees at work inside the hive, types of flowers they like.

Also, read why bee conservation is needed. Vibrant illustrations and easy texts make learning fun.
(Ages 4-7 years)

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Being a Bee Waggle dance into the world of bees and discover their fascinating world. How does a young bee practice flying and learn to find its home? What do bees do with their extra stomach? Did you know it takes 10 million trips to make enough honey to fill a jar?

This one is an engaging and delightful read.
(Ages 5-8 years)

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Bee Dance narrates activities of bees with stunning pictures. Large font and gorgeous cut-paper illustrations make this book a fascinating read.

Younger kids would enjoy doing activities like buzz, twirl, waggle-dance – following the action words.
(Ages 3-5 years)

Here are some ideas on honey-bee activities for children.

Watch and listen this read aloud of the book ‘Are You a Bee’?

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