Sharing the list of 15 best classic books for preschool and kindergarten kids. The stories are as relevant even today as they were decades back! Most have a beautiful moral in the end, without being too preachy. Go on a trip of nostalgia as you read aloud these classics to your 3-6 years old.

Classic Books For Preschool & Kindergarteners

classic books for preschool and kindergarteners

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Introduce your little one to the golden year of classic with these 15 books for preschoolers and kindergarteners.

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a 60 years old classic book for preschoolers

The Snowy Day is a beautiful picture book with the universal message of happiness. Read the heartwarming story of Peter who steps out to enjoy his first day in the snow.

Set in 1962, this timeless classic continues to be a favorite even after 60 years! The artwork is bright and beautiful! (Ages 2-5 years)

The polar express - a classic book for preschool and kindergarten kids

The Polar Express is a 1986 Caldecott Medal winner book, winning hearts for 4 decades. Abroad the magical train and go to the land of reindeer and Santa. The story is just perfect to read to 4 years olds on Christmas eve. This one is a special edition. (Ages 4-7 years)

The little red hen- a classic book for kids

The Little Red Hen wants to bake a cake. So it asks for help from the cat, dog, and mouse in planting wheat. But they don’t agree to help. Finally, the hen decides to do it all work by itself.

And of course eats the cake by herself too. The delightful story is narrated humorously. (Ages 4-7 years)

Clifford's Good Deeds

Clifford’s Good Deeds is part of the Clifford books series. Meet Clifford – the good-hearted dog. He wants to help others. But just sends messing up a bit more. Sounds familiar with a preschooler at home?

Read how in the end Clifford gets to be a hero. Check out other books from the popular Clifford series. (Ages 3-5 years)

Swimmy - a classic for 3-7 year olds

Swimmy is a brave clever little fish. Other small fish are afraid to come out faring the danger of open water. However, Swimmy shows how they can overcome the danger with smart and teamwork.

A classical tale of courage for young kids. This book is a special fiftieth edition. (Ages 3-7 years)

The Story of Ferdinand - a classic for 3-5 year olds

The Story of Ferdinand advocates being true to self. Read about the charming bull that decides to go against the norm and do what feels right. So while all the other bulls lock horns and fight, this one sits quietly.

The pictures are black and white. A timeless classic indeed! (Ages 3-5 years)

Caps for Sale - a classic story for 4-8 years olds

Caps for Sale is the timeless tale of a peddler and a few mischievous monkeys. Read how the peddler smartly outwits the monkeys. The story is humorous and just perfect for a nighttime read-aloud. (Ages 4-8 years)

The Fire Engine Book - a classic book for 3-7 years

The Fire Engine Book takes young kids on a ride in the big red engine. Hop in and see the fireman at work, as they go up the ladder, pull the hoses. The full-page pictures narrate the story. Each page has only a line describing the scenario. An ever-appealing subject for young children. (Ages 3-7 years)

The Three Little Pigs - a classic story for preschool and kindergarten kids

The Three Little Pigs story has entertained generations of 2 to 6-year-olds. Now read the bilingual version of it. The words are simple enough for young kids to memorize and try to read by themselves. (Ages 4-8 years)

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The Mitten will have kids laughing hard from the very first page. Young Nicki misplaces his white mitten in the snow without realizing it. Then starts the adventure, as few woodland animals crawl into it one by one.

The climax is hilarious where the brown bear sneezes throwing everyone out. The flying mitten is back at Nicki. A warm read on a cold day. (Ages 3-5 years)

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The Busy Little Squirrel is getting ready for the winter. It does not stop at the request of other animals. The charming story subtly highlights the importance of hard and timely work. The pictures document the changing of the fall to autumn season well. (Ages 1-4 years)

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The Wheels on the Bus presents the age-old nursery rhyme in an interactive format. Sing along as your older peeks through the holes into the next pages. A much-loved and recommended book. (Ages 2-4 years)

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Bear Can’t Wait for his good friend hare to arrive. He has planned a surprise. But in his impatience, the Bear ends up messing things up. Now he has to set things right before the hare arrives. (Ages 4-8 years)

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Whoever Heard of a Flying Bird? This one is an age-old story retold. Pip, a little bird wants to fly to eat the fruits high up. But no one has seen a bird fly on her island. All the other birds discourage her. But, Pip decides to try. Does she succeed? Read the rhyming story to find. (Ages 3-6 years)

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What Pet Should I Get? Join Dr. Seuss on a trip to the pet store. The struggles to decide on a pet is real. As each one seems better than the next. Pet-loving kids can easily relate to. The narration is funny in the classic Suess style. (Ages 3-7 years)