Check out these fantastic coloring books for 5-8 year-olds. The drawings are easy enough for the beginner level while also fun enough to keep kids engaged for hours. So bring out the crayons, pencils, gel pens, watercolor and let creativity soar!

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Learn to draw Animals in easy steps
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A fun and spooky Halloween book
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Perfect coloring book for Sports crazy kids.

Best Coloring Books For 5-8 Years-Olds (K-3rd Grades)

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Select from the various topics below – unicorns, sea-life, avengers, mandala art, comics and lot more.

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Big Backyard is for kids who love Bluey, Bingo, and Bob Bilby! 64 pages to color the favorite character of the kids – enough to keep children engaged for hours.

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Unicorns, Rainbows, Mermaids and More If your child is into unicorns, fairies, mermaids etc – this big-sized coloring book is a good choice! Also included are drawings of butterflies, rainbows, etc. Over 50 cute drawings are there for kids to color.

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Sea Creatures Deep dive into underwater and be amazed at the beautiful sea life. Turtles, octopuses, different kinds of fishes – there are plenty of charming sea creatures for your preschooler to color.

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Mandala Coloring Book for Kids This intricately designed mandala book is simple enough for early elementary kids to color. Coloring these fun and easy designs helps in relaxation. 30 large pages of drawings for your child to color with tools of her choice.

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Marvel Heroes This coloring book is popular with Marvel fans. The characters are versions of the movies, so children can easily relate to them. The intricate designs make it suitable for advanced-level coloring.

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Mermaid Mermaids are always a huge hit with kids – there is just something about these magical characters. Explore the ocean, beaches, castles with mermaids and let kids color them as per their wish. Plenty of rainbows, stars, delightful scenes – to make the magic happen.

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50 United States Teach kids about the 50 states of the USA with this fun and educational book. Each page has one state – along with flags, fun facts about the state. Kids can learn about the place while coloring. Also included are other activities and games.

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Cute and Playful Patterns Quirky patterns, fun animals, whimsical cartoons – this book has a variety of things to color. Kids can choose any of the 30 designs based on their mood. The book is travel-sized with full pages of circular drawings. A suitable book for advanced level.

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How to Draw Animals for Kids Learn how to draw 50 animals. The categories include – pets, jungle animals, farm animals, ocean animals, and more. The step-by-step instructions are suitable even for beginners.

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How to Draw Monsters for Kids Every child loves monsters! Now teach them how to draw with this adorable book. Starting from mythical monsters to creepy creatures – all types are present. The step-by-step instructions are easy to follow, completing the drawing in just a few steps.

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Sports Coloring Book is for the sports fans. 50 illustrations and activities about football, basketball, tennis, hockey, golf, skating etc provide hours of coloring fun. A book – suitable for reluctant painters.

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Big 4 Sports Logos Coloring Book Sports Logos are a craze with kids. Now color 145 pages of every logo imaginable – MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL. The thick pages and larger drawings even work well with crayons.

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Things That Go A cute coloring book with all sorts of vehicles for kids to color. Trains, bus, truck, yacht, forklifts – everything is included. Learn about transportation while coloring them as wish.

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Big Book of Trucks Coloring Book Trucks craze has caught in even with younger kids. Now there is a perfect book for the truck-crazy young one. Dump trucks, fire trucks, monster trucks, garbage trucks – let your child be creative and color them wild. The book is quite large in size with 100 unique designs.

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Halloween Coloring Book For Kids Trick-or-treat, haunted houses, ghosts, witches, Jack-O-Lanterns – oh it is Halloween time! Feel the festivity! Let your child be creative and color the designs in this beautifully Halloween-themed book.

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The National Parks Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, Zion, Olympic, Acadia, and more – a total of 24 national parks of the USA are included in this coloring book. Detailed drawings of the animals and flora-and-fauna of each park make learning fun and playful. Maps of all these parks are also included. This coloring book is for advanced elementary kids.