Check out these awesome dinosaurs coloring books for your child.

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From beginner-friendly designs to more intricate illustrations for confident kids – the below list has a wide variety of books for your little one. There is even a book with step-by-step instructions on how to draw a dinosaur.

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Dinosaurs Coloring Books For Toddlers & Kids

Here are seven fun dinosaur coloring books for your future paleontologist.

The Ultimate Dinosaur Coloring Book

The Ultimate Dinosaur Coloring Book - image of a dinosaur coloring book for kids

So you are looking for a dinosaur coloring book for your 2-year-old? Check out this adorable dinosaurs coloring book. With 50 pages of cute, whimsical, and some goofy dinosaurs staring back, this book is super fun.

The outer lines are simple and bold – making it easier for younger kids to color. The finer lines inside ensure that even older kids are not bored while coloring.

The page size is large with one side illustration. This coloring book is hugely popular with kids.

Dinosaur Coloring Book

Dinosaur Coloring Book - image of a dinosaur coloring book for kids

Go on an adventure to the dinosaur world with this coloring book for kids. And meet all kinds of dinosaurs – from ferocious meat-eaters to peaceful herbivores.

All the animals are shown in their natural habitat in various action poses. With 33 uniquely drawn dinosaur pages, this book provides endless fun.

My First Big Book of Dinosaurs

My First Big Book Of Dinosaurs - image of a dinosaur coloring book for kids

This book has illustrations of dinosaurs along with other prehistoric creatures for kids to color. There are dinosaurs, other Jurassic creatures, eggs, plants, etc.

The pictures are quite simple without any complicated background. The faces are humorous, making the finished work fun. Thick pages ensure that the color does not bleed through. A great book for toddlers or reluctant artists.

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Gigantic Dinosaur Coloring Book

Gigantic Dinosaur Coloring Book - image of a dinosaur coloring book for kids

This one is a giant coloring pad with 32 oversized sheets sized – 11″ x 14 ¾”. The pictures are all from prehistoric scenes having dinosaurs in them. So it is just not dinosaurs, there are other animals also, making the scenery complete.

The pages are perforated so that your little one can display the finished artwork with pride. The easy-to-carry handle makes this book easier for little hands to carry around.

Dinosaurs, Diggers, And Dump Trucks

Dinosaurs, Diggers, And Dump Trucks - image of a dinosaur coloring book for kids

This book combines two of the kid’s favorite things – dinosaurs and construction vehicles. Watch your kid’s face light up while coloring these dinosaurs driving the coolest of construction vehicles.

T-Rex, Brontosaurus, Triceratops, Stegosaurus, etc driving bulldozers, steam rollers, forklifts, dump trucks, cement trucks, semi-trucks, front loaders, and more. What can be more fun than that!

A total of 40 pages of single-side illustrations are enough to keep your little one occupied for a long time.

Jumbo Dinosaur Coloring Book

Jumbo Dinosaur Coloring Book - image of a dinosaur coloring book for kids

This one is a Jumbo coloring book with 101 unique illustrations. You will find all the popular types of dinosaurs in their realistic settings.

The book size is big with illustrations on single side. The pictures are quite detailed, making this coloring book suitable for kids with advanced coloring skills.

Learn To Draw Dinosaurs!

Learn To Draw Dinosaurs! - image of a dinosaur coloring book for kids

How tough or easy it is to draw a ferocious T-rex? Find out with this drawing book. Learn to draw T. Rexes, Pterosaurs – all types of dinosaurs, with this book.

The steps are simple enough even for a 6-year-old to follow along. Kids who are not so confident of their artistic skills can trace along the line.

There is enough room for children to draw and practice on opposite pages.