Kids love dolphins. And adults too! Need proof, just head out for a dolphin show at any sea world! Now read aloud the fun dolphin stories to your young one at bedtime. Or check out the collection of nonfiction books to learn more about this fascinating ocean animal. The books are suitable for toddlers to middle graders.

Best Children’s Books About Dolphins

dolphin books for kids

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Here is a great collection of dolphin stories and nonfiction books for kids.

You can find them in your local library or nearby bookstores. If they are unavailable locally, you can click on the links or images below to purchase from Amazon.


The Truth About Dolphins- nonfiction dolphin book for kids

The Truth About Dolphins is filled with cute and funny true dolphin facts. Did you know dolphins use sound to find food? Or they are born tail first, and why?

The information is presented in a kid-friendly format with fun pictures. The easy-to-read text is ideal for preschool and early elementary kids. (Ages 4-8 years)

Hope for Winter- nonfiction dolphin book for kids

Hope for Winter is a charming true story of Dolphin’s friendship. Read how a marine team nursed one injured dolphin and named her Hope. Perfect follow-up book for kids who read the Winter’s Tail (Dolphin without a tail) story.

A story teaching kids about empathy, so much needed in today’s world. (Ages 4-10 years)

Fun fact: Dolphins can five upto 1000 feet deep onto ocean.

Facts About the Amazon River Dolphin- nonfiction dolphin book for preschool and above

Facts About the Amazon River Dolphin is for kids to teach more about Botos. Read about the cute pink sea creature. Learn fascinating details about its life, habitat, and more.

The information is accurately presented with relevant pictures in an organized way. A good pictorial introduction book for preschool and kindergarteners. (Ages 5-7 years)

More Fascinating Pink Sea creatures for kids.

My Best Friend is a Dolphin!- nonfiction dolphin chapter book

My Best Friend is a Dolphin! is an informative chapter book for dolphin-loving kids. Read amazing and true stories of human and dolphin bonding. Also included are interesting research projects being done with dolphins.

Fun and informative chapter book for beginner level. (Ages 7-10 years)

Dolphins and Sharks: Fact Tracker nonfiction dolphin book for kids

Dolphins and Sharks: Fact Tracker is the nonfiction companion of Magic Tree House. Children will get all their answers along with Jack and Annie. Learn how dolphins communicate and many such interesting things.

The book is filled with up-to-date information, fun real pictures of dolphins. The text length is suitable for new chapter book readers. (Ages 7-10 years)

nonfiction dolphin book for kids

Absolute Expert: Dolphins Turn your middle grader into a Dolphin expert with this National Geographic Kids book. Did you know dolphins do not use their teeth while eating?

Learn about many such interesting dolphin facts along with pictures. Read all there is to know about this ocean mammal. (Ages 8-12 years)


A Dolphin's Wish - fictional dolphin story book

A Dolphin’s Wish is a picture book for preschool, kinder and elementary kids (and parents too). Deep dive into the ocean with a dolphin family. Hear the story a Dolphin father narrates to his baby – about the new evil, plastic.

Ocean pollution has reached an alarming level. This colorful charming book helps the young understand the effect of evil plastics. (Ages 4-8 years)

Dolphin Kids Coloring Book- fictional dolphin story book

Dolphin Kids Coloring Book is for the Dolphin-loving little one. 30 coloring pages include pictures of dolphins in every setting – splashing, swimming, diving, singing, and more.

Also included are fun facts about dolphins, Orcas. A suitable book for preschoolers and above (Ages 4-6 years)

Fun fact: Dolphin babies live with their patrrents for 5-10 years.

Dolphins at Daybreak - fictional dolphin chapter book

Dolphins at Daybreak is from the popular Magic Tree House adventures series. Jack and Annie have been whisked away to the ocean. The giant shark and octopus are ready to pounce.

Read how dolphins come to the rescue. A thrilling primary grade level adventure book. (Ages 6-9 years)

Dilly the Dolphin - fictional dolphin storybook

Dilly the Dolphin stories are short, perfect for bedtime. Learn how Dilly adjusts to his new school. A total of 5 humorous stories. Each one ends with a moral lesson.

Also included are activities, games, puzzles, jokes, and more. A completed package for dolphin lovers. Ages (7-9 years)

Read-aloud of the book – The Clever Dolphin

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