Dolphins continue to fascinate all! The series Flipper left an endless impression in everyone’s mind. The dolphin shows in all waterparks always run in full. Now take dolphin learning a step further with these interesting crafts, activities, and projects. Combine this with a visit to a beach, theme park, or aquarium.

Preschool & Kindergarten Crafts

1. D is for Dolphin

D is for dolphin craft for kids

This D is for Dolphin craft is perfect for preschool and Kindergarteners. Just get some ocean animals toys(pretty sure everyone has some turtles, fish, crocodiles, dolphins, etc lying around). Add some blue color modeling clay. And you have a sensory play ready! check out the tutorial here from Share and Remember. It also has dolphin shape matching, dolphin tricks, etc, and more.

2. Clay Dolphin

dolphin clay craft for kids

Craft a small clay dolphin with fingers and a toothpick (optional and under adult supervision). There is really no end to creativity. Kids can give their own finishing touch to the tails, fins, etc. If you are looking for inspiration, check on explore arts.

3. Dolphin Dot Art

dolphin dot art for kids

Keep your 3-5 year-olds engaged with this easy and cute dolphin dot art. No fancy art supplies are required. Just get a dolphin layout from an art book and some colorful round markers. You can also print the layout from free kids crafts. The end result is just so satisfying and colorful!

4. Dolphin Quill Craft

dolphin quill craft
image: Ivanka Monova via Pinterest

This Dolphin Quill craft is suitable for creative elder kids. It is definitely going to take quite a few hours to complete. Kids can do any model, design they like. The end result would surely be frame-worthy.

5. Dolphin Suncatcher

dolphin suncatcher

Create a dolphin suncatcher with your little one. Perfect for a rainy day, or when stuck indoors for long. This one is sure to keep you occupied for at least an hour. You need some clear contact paper, tissue paper, scissors, sharpie marker, and some dolphin template for the guide. Check the tutorial here from simple mom project.

6. Dolphin Paper Plate Craft

dolphin paper plate craft

We have gone through many dolphin paper plate crafts. And found this one from the mad house mummy to be just perfect for small kids. It is quite easy to do with minimal materials and the least parental supervision. A paper plate, color, and a few pieces of paper do the trick. Just help your young one cut this into shape.

School Projects

7. Dolphin Facts Spinner

dolphin fact spinner school project

Dolphin facts spinner is a cool project idea for elementary school kids. It has enough space for 6 facts for kids to spin and reveal. Parents, teachers can get creative and add many layers and more facts to it. Check out this cool tutorial here in A little Pinch of Perfect.

8. Dolphin Habitat Diorama

Here is a cool dolphin habitat diorama to get inspiration from for your 2nd-3rd grader’s next school project. When it comes to dolphin diorama, the sky is the limit to creativity. Just get your dolphin facts right! You may also check out these Kids dolphin books to learn more about this ocean mammal before proceeding further.

9. Dolphin Notebook

dolphin notebook craft
image: Paper Magic

A Dolphin DIY Notebook kids can do for back to school or a summer project.
Paper Magic has the full tutorial. It is quite easy to make. And can be completed in under an hour. Add a level of complexity and decoration based on kids’ maturity level.

10. Dolphin Fact board

dolphin fact board for school project
image: interest

Make a dolphin fact board using diet, habitat, and other interesting facts. Children can create any type of model using colored chart paper. They can either print out the information or write on paper, besides pictures. The above image is just an idea. Pretty sure kids can come up with their own cool creative stuff.