Sticker books are an excellent way to teach and reinforce basic concepts in young kids. There is a good variety of alphabets, numbers, and other maths books available for 2 to 6 year-olds.

So, whether you want to teach your reluctant learner or looking for some quiet independent activity time for your child, the below books are sure to help.

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educational sticker books for toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarteners

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7 Best Educational Sticker Books for 2 to 6 Years

School Zone – Alphabet Stickers

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School Zone – Alphabet Stickers. This alphabet sticker book is perfect to teach ABCs to toddlers and preschoolers. Sticker pages contain stickers with names starting with a particular alphabet. Kids are to find the appropriate sticker and stick to the correct scenes.

There are a total of 64 activity pages and 8 sticker pages- plenty for your young ones to play with. The pages are colorful and attractive. There is a parental guide inside helping parents get the best value out of this book.

ABC Hidden Pictures Sticker Learning Fun

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ABC Hidden Pictures Sticker Learning Fun. Reinforce letter recognization for your child, using this alphabet-themed hidden pictures puzzle book. This sticker book has activities with letters A-Z. Kids are required to find the few sticker objects starting with a specific letter to complete the specific puzzle.

There are mazes, games, etc adding variety to the mix. A total of 290+ puzzles are enough to keep young kids engaged for long.

Preschool Stickers Workbook

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Preschool Stickers Workbook. Let your child learn shapes, letters, numbers, patterns, etc with this educational sticker book. There is a total of 324 stickers and 64 activity pages. Perforated pages make it easier to tear and display the finished work.

The concepts covered are – finishing patterns, tracing letters, sorting items by beginning sound, counting, alphabetical order, etc. Children will also learn about animal habits, different seasons, and more.

There are helpful prompts on how to use the stickers. It is a wonderful book covering lots of academic concepts for beginners.

123 Counting Sticker Book

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123 Counting Sticker Book. Teach counting to your child with her favorite animals. There are stickers of familiar animals like pigs, monkeys, frogs, socks, owls, ladybugs, and more. Children are encouraged to count and add the correct number of stickers on each page.

The artwork is bright and cheerful. The stickers are reusable and the pages are glossy, making them easier to move around. Kids can finish most of the activities independently, with little parental supervision.

ABC Alphabet Sticker Book

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One can never have too many alphabet stickers book. Teach your kid letters of the alphabet with this educational sticker book. Children are asked simple picture questions, and they need to find the missing object sticker from the list. The stickers are of familiar objects, making them easier for children to use independently.

Sticker Early Learning: Shapes

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Sticker Early Learning: Shapes. Preschoolers and Kindergarteners can learn all about shapes with this interactive sticker book. Kids will need to find the missing shapes stickers and put them in the correct space. There are also reward stickers for an activity well done! There is a total of 100 bright colorful stickers.

Math Stickers Workbook

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Math Stickers Workbook. Your 3 to 6 years-old would learn to read time, count numbers, and more with this sticker book. A total of 426 stickers and plenty of activities are enough to keep your young one busy for a longer time.