Children love elephants! Books featuring these majestic and gentle giants can be both fun and educational at the same time.

We have gone through tons of elephant books to find the best possible fun and suitable ones for babies and toddlers. Scroll below to see the list.

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17 Best Elephant Books for Babies & Toddlers

Read the encouraging story of an elephant trying to fly, or a hilarious fiction of an elephant sneeze creating a catastrophe, or get an elephant ready for bath time, and many more.

Jellycat Elephants Can’t Fly

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This one is a small cute short story for your toddler. Elly the Elephant wants to fly. But no one has ever seen an elephant flying. So everyone discourages her.

Now Elly wants to prove them wrong. Read this book to find out what Elly does to fulfill her wish. The illustrations are adorable and goes perfectly with the story.

Richard Scarry’s Polite Elephant

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Your toddler would learn the concept of good manners, being polite and helpful from this book. Richard Scarry artistically shows how the central character elephant, is being polite.

Be it visiting a neighbor, having a meal, or hosting a playdate – one can always have good manners. Even babies would enjoy looking at the bright pictures of elephants tilting his hat in courtesy and many such fun pictures.

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Listen Like an Elephant

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If you want your child to practice mindfulness, this is the book. The book – Listen Like an Elephant, teaches kids the virtue of slowing down and listening.

The analogy with elephant behavior is spot-on. A much-needed book is today’s messy and busy life. You can help your child practice mindfulness anywhere – car seat, home, everywhere.

Busy Elephants

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Your 2-3-year-old would delight in looking at the pictures of elephants romping, chomping, stretching, splashing, and more.

The elephants are always busy doing something, just like your little one. Real-life pictures along with rhyming texts of two-word verb phrases help improve toddler vocabulary.

Welcome Little One

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This book is a perfect gift to give to any newborn or toddler. The pictures are cute, along with a charming elephant story to go by.

What makes this book unique is – the space provided to record birth details and personal messages. Beautiful rhymes and vibrant colors make this book an easy favorite with small kids.

Baby Elephant: Finger Puppet Book

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Follow along with a baby elephant through its entire day. Find out what it does the entire day till bedtime. How does a baby elephant greet its family? What does it do to cool down on a hot day?

The book is sturdy. Your child would love touching the elephant puppet while listening to the charming story.


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This book reassures your little one about parents’ love for their kids. It features a charming illustration of an elephant family. The various moods described in the book are relatable.

The story is perfect for bedtime to reinforce in your little one about family love.

A Parade of Elephants

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Follow an elephant family as they march throughout the day – four big and one baby elephant. Let your child notice and point what the elephants do during the day.

Many concepts like – numbers, shapes, dawn, dusks, etc -are introduced in the book. The pictures are adorable. It is a perfect book for your child’s story-time or bedtime.

Have You Seen Elephant?

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Let your child find the hiding elephant in pages of this beautiful book. It is a hilarious book with a clever hide-and-seek concept- to actively engage children during story-time.

There are only a few words, making it perfect for a two-year-old to follow along. The watercolor illustrations are original and add to the overall charm of the book.

“Stand Back,” Said the Elephant, “I’m Going to Sneeze!”

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How would it be when an elephant sneezes – find out from this hilarious book. All the animals know that it would be a catastrophe.

The fish, fly, crocodile beg the elephant not to sneeze. Read this super fun build-up of an elephant sneeze. Full of fun rhyming, this is a book your child is sure to love.

Elephant Coloring Book

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If you want your toddler to start doodling or coloring, this would be a good book to start with. With simple lines and beautiful colors, your child can spend hours engaged in the activity.

Gentle Giants – Edutaining Facts about the Elephants

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This book is for elephant-loving toddlers. With tons of actual bright pictures and plenty of animal facts, this is a fun and educational book.

Young kids would love looking at the beautiful pictures, while 3-year-olds would enjoy the small bites of elephant facts.

Elephant Wishes

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What does a baby elephant wish? Nothing much – just plenty of hugs, kisses, smiles, love. Just like your little one!

The illustrations are charming, with a cuddly elephant in them. A happy board book for your cute one.

Little Elephant – Finger Puppet Board Book

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This one is a finger puppet board book for your baby. The story is fun and simple, with vibrant illustrations.

Make reading time fun for your baby with this interactive book.

Touch and Feel Ella’s Bath Time

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Ella, the elephant, is getting ready for bed. It is bath time now, and she is just excited about this. She also meets other friends who are getting ready for bed – owl, tiger, zebra, duck.

This book is sure to make bath-time fun for your child. It is a padded board book with touch-and-feel material, making it suitable for your 0-3-year-olds.

Welcome to the World

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This book celebrates the arrival of a new baby. Follow baby elephant on its beautiful journey of the world as it discovers all the wonders.

The story is simple and adorable. There is also space for personalization, making this a good choice for gifting.

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Dad Can Do Anything

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This book celebrates the father-child bond. A baby elephant describes and idolizes its Dad through various activities during the day.

The little elephant is not yet tall enough to do everything on its own, but with Dad nearby, it does not have to worry about reaching high places or arranging things in order. A cute story for toddlers when children are still so physically dependent on parents.

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All the above books are absolutely fun read along with your little one. Hoping you found something suitable to make story-time memorable.

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