Children’s Fairy Books Series is ruled by Rainbow Magic books. And rightfully so. Each series is made targeting a theme around. Sports, pets, weather and so much more. Here are some of the best fairy series books kids LOVE. The stories each have a predictable ending. The protagonist girls set good role model examples for young kids. The books are targeted for the age group of 4-10 years. Choose a series based on your kids’ interests.

10 Enchanting Children’s Fairy Books Series

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Here is a great collection of fairy books series for preschoolers, early elementary, beginner readers.

You can find them in your local library or nearby bookstores. If unavailable locally, you can click on the links or images below to purchase from Amazon.

children's fairy book series - Sporty Fairies Rainbow Magic Series

Sporty Fairies Rainbow Magic Series

Meet Helena the Horseriding Fairy, Franscesca the Football Fairy, Zoe the Skating, and others. This collection has 9 books of the series. The stories have great messages of friendship, working as a team, empathy. Chapters are short. Suitable for kindergarten-level beginner readers. (Ages 4-8 years)

children's fairy book series - The Flower Fairies

The Flower Fairies

The series started with Jessie helping save the Fairy Realm. Read along as Jessie tries to protect the flower fairies. She needs to find a way to get Queen’s pet Griffins back to guarding task. Jessie is a good role model for elementary kids.

children's fairy book series - Katie, the Kitten Fairy

Katie, the Kitten Fairy

The Pet Keeper Fairies series is for pet-loving little ones. Shimmer, Katie the Kitten Fairy’s kitten, is missing. Our heroes Rachel and Kirsty help Katie get Shimmer back. Each book has a magical animal in them that keeps the pet animals safe. (Ages 4- 8 years)

children's fairy book series - The Weather Fairies Series

The Weather Fairies Series

Weather fairies use their magical feathers to maneuver the weather in Fairyland. But now their magical feather is stolen, and the weather is all mixed up. Join in as Rachel and Kirsty help all the fairies find their weather. A collection of 7 books for Rainbow-loving kids!

children's fairy book series - Rita the Frog Princess Fairy

Rita the Frog Princess Fairy

Check this 4th book from The Fairy Tale Fairies series. The familiar theme of the books encourages new readers to continue with reading. Goblins have stolen Rita’s magic charm. Join Kirsty and Rachel as they help save magic. Frog, princess, fairy in one book. Let your child’s imagination soar.

children's fairy book series - Rebecca the Rock 'n Roll Fairy

Rebecca the Rock ‘n Roll Fairy

Rebecca’s magic purple ribbon is stolen by the usual suspects. Now no one at Wetherbury can rock ‘n’ roll their way. Each book in The Dance Fairies Boxed Set is written after one dance. The ribbon color varies based on the dance style. Easy language is suitable for preschool and above reading.

children's fairy book series - Bonnie the Bike-Riding Fairy

Bonnie the Bike-Riding Fairy

Let your kids help Kirsty and Rachel find Bonnie the Bike-Riding Fairy’s magical object. The After School Sports Fairies series has all sorts of sports for children to enjoy. Kids are sure to love the trampoline, roller Skating, climbing – and meet the fairies who make them possible! (Ages 5-7 years)

children's fairy book series - Grace the Glitter Fairy

Grace the Glitter Fairy

The Fairyland jubilee bash thrown for King Oberon and Queen Titania is in trouble. Help Party Fairies find the magic party bag in each book for the series. A series for glamour-loving young girls. (Ages 7-10 years)

children's fairy book series - Esther the Kindness Fairy

Esther the Kindness Fairy

Jack Frost and his pal Goblins are at it again! This time they stole Esther’s magic heart brooch. With kindness lost, fights break down everywhere. Help save the friendship magic with The Friendship Fairies! The book series is a great read for Primary grade girls. (Age 7-10 years)

children's fairy book series - Etta the Elephant Fairy

Etta the Elephant Fairy

Rachel and Kirsty are on an adventure to rescue endangered animals. They need to help save them before evil Jack succeeds in his plan. Etta the Elephant fairy needs their help now. The universal theme of the book appeals to all. (Ages 5-8 years)

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