Children find aquariums fascinating. The colorful fishes and underwater life, it is all seem so near, yet so far. Now take fishy fun a notch higher with these children’s books. From bedtime stories to classroom reads, babies to beginner readers – all types of fish books for kids to choose from.

15 Fun Fish Books For Kids

fish books for kids

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Make learning fun with these Fish books for toddlers, preschoolers, new readers.

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Board & Picture Books

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Good Night Fish explores the wonderful world of fish. Pufferfish, sharks, flying fish, catfish, piranhas – it is the colorful underwater world.

The book is simple. Pictures are soothing and colorful. A perfect bedtime read. Dive in with your toddler and enjoy! (Ages 0-3 years)

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Hooray for Fish! Swim along with the little fish and meet many of its fish friends. yellow, red, blue, happy fish, spotty fish – they come in all colors and shapes.

It is an underwater riot of colors and designs. A beautiful board book your toddler can not get enough of. (Ages 1-3 years)

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Big Fish Little Fish is an interactive book for preschoolers. Kids will learn the concept of opposites. It showcases fish of different shapes, sizes. Learn about long fish, short fish, fast fish, slow fish, and more.

Kids will enjoy the finger-hole that goes through the pages. A fun and colorful read-aloud. (Ages 2-5 years)

Fish Fact: There are over 30,000 species of fish in the world.

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Little White Fish is part of an internationally bestselling series. Little white fish is searching for its Mommy and looking everywhere for her. It meets other animals on the way – crab, octopus, starfish. But where is Mommy!

The story ends beautifully with the fish finding its mother. The pages are a riot of color. The captivating story would keep your young one engrossed for long. (Ages 2-5 years). Check out other books from the series here.

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The Three Little Bass and the Big Bad Gar is the adaptation of three little pigs. Read this book for the modern twist in the classic tale.

The story is written by 8 years old James and Illustrated by his mother Kris Taft Miller (former Disney Animation graphic designer). The hard work of the duo clearly reflected throughout the book. (Ages 3-6 years)

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A Fish Out of Water is a must-read children’s classic. A boy does not heed instructions and feeds his pet goldfish too much food. Now the goldfish has turned into a giant whale.

The story is sweet and short with a happy ending and a beautiful message. Writing is crispt and in comic style. The illustrations are colorful and just perfect for toddler\preschooletr level. (Ages 2-6 years)

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Wish for a Fish is part of the popular Cat in the Hat’s Learning Library. Captain Cat and his crew partake in an undersea voyage. They meet all the underwater life forms on the way – sharks, jellyfishes, whales – to name a few.

A good book to teach your child about the ocean. Kids are sure to be hooked from page 1. (Ages 3-7 years)

Beginner Reader Books

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Only One You reminds the kids how special they are. Each one is unique in its own way. The story is simple and timeless. Parents giving child life lesson. To be always in the look for a friend, for beauty, and more.

Each page has only a line. The book is a mesmerizing work of art. (Ages 2-8 years)

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Freaky, Funky Fish is a fun nonfiction picture book. Children would learn about the fascinating things fish do to survive. Zapping, singing, stinging – there are many different tools the aquatic life possesses.

The illustrations are done artistically. Scientific explanations are in simple language. A fun book for preschool and above. (Ages 4-8 years)

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Stephanie’s Spectacular Aquarium Visit. Join Stephanie and her Aunt Stacy on their visit to the local aquarium.

Kids will learn about fishes and many different aqua species and their behavior. The educational storyline is perfect for beginner reader’s classrooms. (Ages 2-8 years)

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Fish Coloring Book is for future fish experts. The illustrations are clear and done in bold lines. A total of 50 pages are enough to keep kids occupied for hours.

Fish Fact: Lungfish can live out of water for few years.

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The Fish Who Found the Sea is written by popular author Alan Watts. Read the tale of a fish that is spending its time chasing itself in circles. Till the Sea comes out to help.

The illustrations by Khoa Le bring life into the story. The lesson here is getting comfortable with the flow of life. (Ages 4-8 years)

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Fish for Kids is for future scientists. Kids will learn about how to manage their own aquarium. Read tips on fishing. The hands-on activities are helpful for kids to learn more about these interesting animals.

There are enough interesting fishy facts to keep kids engaged for hours. This one is a sure hit. (Ages 5-10 years)

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Monster Fish! Read the true stories of underwater adventure with Zeb Hogan. Read the fascinating stories and see amazing real pictures.

The book also raises awareness about many concerns. The chapters are short. The writing is suitable for beginner readers onwards. (Ages 7-10 years)

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Fish is a fun pet. And keeping a fish does not seem that tough. Now teach your child all about keeping a fish pet through this book.

How to keep fish happy. What to do when they are sick. Learn to understand fish behavior. A good handbook for little fish pet owners. (Ages 8-12 years)

Fish Themed Activities For Kids

Aquatic Educational Toys

Make learning about fish and underwater fun with these toys.

Read-aloud of the book – FISH IS FISH

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