Check this list of highly recommended children’s football books for kids of all ages. Find fun picture books for reading aloud with your football-loving little one. Beginner football chapter books are suitable for new readers to learn more about the game. Inspiring middle schooler books would help 10 to 13-year-olds to prepare better for the game on and off the field. There is so much to know about the history of football. Also, motivate teens and young adults with football biographies and autobiographies.

30 Fun Children’s Football Books For Little Footballers

children's football books

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Here are the some of the best books on football for kids. Choose one as per your child interest and kick-start the fun time!

Football Picture Books | 0-5 Years

Football picture book - Let's Play Football

1. Let’s Play Football

Introduce your child to the world of football with this picture book. The lift-the-flap board book version is ideal for toddlers. Read about cleats, safety gears, tackle, end zone, etc. Kids love the animal character pictures playing football. (Ages 1-3)

Football picture book - Football With Dad

2. Football With Dad

Read the adorable football story of father-son bonding over the game. Every Sunday, a father and son goes out and plays football. The book teaches about having fun while learning about the game and safety on the field. (Ages 2-5)

Football picture book - My First Football Book

3. My First Football Book

Introduce football vocabulary to beginners. Each page has one large colorful picture and the word associated with it. Receiver, Kicker, Jersey, Coach, Team – get ready to talk football with your child. (Ages 1-3)

Football picture book - My First Book of Football

4. My First Book of Football

A fun book for the mini football fans. Learn essential football terminologies with simple wordings and humor. The pictures are big and bright. Get ready for some parent-child bonding time over football. (Ages 2-7)

Football picture book - Little Football

5. Little Football

Test your child’s football knowledge. Solve fun rhyme and find out the answer. It is always a football-related word. The artwork is beautiful. An entertaining read for preschool and kindergarten classrooms. (Ages 3-5)

Football picture book - Max's Football Dream

6. Max’s Football Dream

A children’s football book about having a dream and working towards achieving it. Kids can easily relate to Max and his belief in his football dream. A good football book for 5-year-old beginner readers. (Ages 2-7)

The Football Game Is On!

7. The Football Game Is On!

Check out the Wildcats and the Mustangs competing in this fabulous football picture book. Play-by-play action is covered, along with simple narration. (Ages 3-7)

Football Chapter Books & Beginner Books | 6-9 years

Football Chapter Book - The Football Fiasco

8. The Football Fiasco

Read this football-themed chapter book by Mike Lupica. 8-year-old twins Zach and Zoe discover that their football is deflated. Thus starts the unraveling of the mystery. A fun and easy read for beginning readers. (Ages 6-9)

Girls Play Football Too

9. Girls Play Football Too

Give this inspirational football book to a young girl. Jayah loves to play football, which is perceived to be a boy’s game. Now she is determined to show others that girls play football too. The illustrations are lovely and spot on. (Ages 4-9)

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10. A Running Back Can’t Always Rush

Young Danny is fast on the football field. And he carries his speed to other day-to-day activities. But he also makes mistakes hurrying through things. Kids love this great football story with lessons on and off the field. The chapters are small and easy to read for new readers. (Ages 6-8)

Football Book - Kick, Pass, and Run

11. Kick, Pass, and Run

A football fell in the middle of a jungle. The animals wonder what it is. A boy picks up the object and starts playing with it. Now the animals want to play football too. But where do they get one! An interesting and fun read for a beginner reader and read-aloud. (Ages 4-8)

Football Book - NFL Legends

12. NFL Legends

Learn interesting football facts. Read stats of today’s stars against pre-Super Bowl time. It is a 100 pages jumbo coloring and activity book for football-loving kids. A good choice for kids 6 and above. (Ages 4-8)

Football Chapter Book - The Dog That Stole Football Plays

13. The Dog That Stole Football Plays

A football fiction book about the spirit of the game for kids. Mike’s dog Harry is telepathic and can tell Mike what the opposite team is thinking. Mike has to decide if he should take Harry’s help to win games. (Ages 6-9)

he Ultimate Football Trivia Book

14. The Ultimate Football Trivia Book

Which player had collected an MVP and Super Bowl trophy in the same season? What 2010 Pro Bowl quarterback never started a game in college? Get the answers to these and many more interesting questions. Pretty soon your little one would be ready to flaunt his or her football knowledge. (Ages 9-14)

Football Activity Book for kids

15. Football Activity Book

Find every activity possible for a football-loving child. Word searches, football anagrams, football math, mazes, football geography. This fun book has a total of 70 pages. (Ages 4-11 Years)

Football Books For Middle Schoolers | 10-13 Years

Put Me In, Coach! - football book for middle schoolers

16. Put Me In, Coach!

7th grader Cole Patterson is confident of making it big in his middle school football tournament. But his father is the coach and would not even put him in the game. How does Cole achieve his dream while also doing what is best for his team. (Ages 7-13)

Quarterback Scramble

17. Quarterback Scramble

Read this middle-school football fiction story from Sports Illustrated Kids. Ben Paulson is the backup quarterback for the Hawks and is happy to spend his time on the bench hanging out with others. But when the star quarterback’s unavailability puts Ben in the field, can he rise to the occasion and deliver? (Ages 8-14)

 Perfect Season

18. Perfect Season

Read the motivational football book from the popular football series of Football Genius. Troy’s dream of playing for a prestigious football school is shattered. Now he’s joined a public school instead. Read how he makes a perfect season for his public school team. (Ages 8-12)

The Everything Kids' Football Book

19. The Everything Kids’ Football Book

This book has everything for a football-crazy kid. It introduces football rules, positions, tips along with puzzles. Also, find information about famous players and teams.

Odell Beckham Jr

20. Odell Beckham Jr

Read the inspiring story of one of the football’s greatest wide receivers – Cleveland Browns’ Star – Odell Beckham Jr. Starting with early life to his present-day legacy – it is an exciting read for middle schoolers. (Ages 8-12)

The Greatest Football Teams of All Time

21. The Greatest Football Teams of All Time

Know about some of the best and most well-known football teams of all time over the past few decades. Kids will learn about team building, strategy, player selection, match-winning combination, and more. Amazing real pictures and fun facts about the game make it an enjoyable read. (Ages 8-12 Years)

Football: Who Does What?

22. Football: Who Does What?

One of the best football books to learn the players’ role in the game. Know about the positions of players on the football field. Cornerbacks, quarterback – all the 11 players cover a particular part of the field and have a defined job to do. (Ages 8-12)

Football Genius

23. Football Genius

12-year-old Troy can predict football games in advance. When his mom gets a job with Atlanta Falcons, Troy sees this as an opportunity. But can he make it? Read on to find out.
(Ages 9-13)

Football: Then to WOW!

24. Football: Then to WOW!

Read how the football game has evolved over the years. From a melon-like ball crudely stitched together to the current day aerodynamic pigskin. Learn about the history, rules, equipment and small tidbits about the game. (Ages 8-12)

Russell Wilson

25. Russell Wilson

The story of football star, Russell Wilson is sure to inspire Children. Starting with his early life, this book covers Russell’s football journey through high school, college years, and then at NFL. It even contains parts of his personal life. A good football book for 10-year-olds and above. (Age 10+)

Footballer Autobiographies For Teens & YA

Footballer Autobiography For Teens & YA - Relentless: A Memoir

26. Relentless: A Memoir

Read the memoir of one of the most reliable players of NFL games, Julian Edelman. Filled with growing-up memories, his rise, friendship with other players, it is an inspiring and unapologetic tale.

Footballer Autobiography For Teens & YA - Out of the Pocket: Football, Fatherhood, and College GameDay Saturdays

27. Out of the Pocket: Football, Fatherhood, and College GameDay Saturdays

Get a sneak-peek into the College GameDay set. Read about the formative years that shaped Herbstreit into the young man who followed his dream of a career in broadcasting.

Footballer Autobiography For Teens & YA - From Underdog to Bulldog

28. From Underdog to Bulldog

Read how a positive mindset and determination helped achieve his dream. He also provides valuable tips on setting goals and managing the journey. An inspiring story in young football.

Footballer Autobiography For Teens & YA - Coming Back Stronger

29. Coming Back Stronger

Read the motivational comeback story of Super Bowl MVP Drew Brees. An encouraging story for youth to fight and win the adversities.

Footballer biography For Teens & YA - Peyton Manning: The Football Legend

30. Peyton Manning: The Football Legend

It is the inspiring biography of one of the footballs’ greatest heroes. It is a story of willpower, hard work and never giving up.

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