Did you know foxes are capable of retracting their claws as cats do? Or they can make 40 different sounds! Read about these interesting mutts. Check out the below booklist in agewise order – from babies, preschoolers to middle graders. The bedtime fox stories are super adorable with big bright pictures.

15 Best Children’s Books About Foxes

fox books for Kids

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Baby Fox: Finger Puppet Book

Baby Fox: Finger Puppet Book follows a cute baby fox from morning to bedtime. Find out how baby fox plays. Hoes does it find a snack and so on.

The text rhymes. Illustrations are eye-catchy. The finger puppet is a nice addition to keep the little ones engaged for longer. (Ages 0-3 years)

A Little Fox - a board book

A Little Fox is a shaped board book for babies and toddlers. See what a little fox does from the time it is born. How do they start to hear and smell? What do they eat?

The book is educational. Bright pictures would engage the children for longer. (Ages baby-2 years)

Little Fox Listens - a rhyming bedtime read

Little Fox Listens is a sing-song rhyming bedtime story. Little fox needs to sleep in his den with his mother. But the forest creatures are moving around with their regular activities. It breaks the little fox’s peace.

The story is engaging with repetitive rhyming. Kids would also learn about daytime and nocturnal animals. (Ages 0-4 years)

Little Fox Can't Wait to Dream - toddler bedtime story

Little Fox Can’t Wait to Dream is the story of a little fox who wants to go to bed early. Reason – it wants to dream. The story structure is clever with excellent imaginative illustrations.

A rhyming book to make bedtime exciting for your little one. (Ages 2-5 years)

Fletcher and the Falling Leaves - a fictional read

Fletcher and the Falling Leaves is 2nd book in the series of children’s popular fox character Fletcher. Outside his den, Fletcher’s favorite tree is shading leaves. He is worried and tries his best to stop the leaves from falling.

But nature continues to do its wonder and leaves Fletcher with a wonderful surprise at the end. A cute picture book to read to toddlers and above. (Ages 2-6 years)

Winter Dance - a fox picture book

Winter Dance is a factual story about what different animals do in preparation for winter. Squirrels gather nuts, geese soar south for survival. But what is a fox to do!

Read till the end and find. The poetic story is sure to leave your child dancing. The pictures do complete justice to the beautiful weather. The Repetition of the words makes it easy for newly learning readers. (Ages 4-7 years)

The Tomten and the Fox - an adaptation of a folklore

The Tomten and the Fox is an adaptation of a popular Scandinavian folktale. A hungry fox wanders into a farm at night in search of food. The guard Tomten protects the chicken by giving the fox oatmeal.

The story is magical and speaks of kindness. A charming picture book for preschoolers and above. (Ages 4-8 years)

Hector Fox and the Giant Quest - for beginner readers

Hector Fox and the Giant Quest is a fictional story about the adventure of five friends. Hector Fox and his friends are on the lookout for a fairy-tale giant. Join them on an exploration of the Forbidden Marsh.

The illustrations are eye-catchy. This amazing story is suitable for beginner readers. (Ages 5-9 years)

The Secret Life of the Red Fox - a book for 6-9 years

The Secret Life of the Red Fox follows a red fox named Vixen through a year. Get to know its secret life. See how Vixen hunts, finds food, escapes dangers, finds a mate. The story ends with the kits leaving the parents to their own secret lives.

The nonfiction narrative is fascinating and engaging. Children would learn many interesting facts about the red fox. (Ages 6-9 years)

My Fox Ate My Homework - a humorous story

My Fox Ate My Homework is a funny kids’ fantasy chapter book. Eleven-year-old Joe moved to rural Alabama after her mother lost her job. There Joe meets a talking fox and they became best friends.

But the fox is up to a lot of mischiefs and keeps causing trouble for Joe. The series is humorous and the dialogues are engaging. (Ages 7-10 years)

The Fox Went Out on a Chilly Night - a book for 3-7 years

The Fox Went Out on a Chilly Night is a restored, full-colored version of the original Caldecott Honor book. Follow a fox as it roams around a New England town in search of food.

Just be aware of the ending. Some parents may not like the idea of exposing children early to death. The classic picture book is sure to bring many memories for parents. (Ages 5-7)

Fox Coloring and Activity Book for kids

Fox Coloring and Activity Book is for fox-loving kids. It is full of fun facts, puzzles, mazes, word searches, and plenty of coloring pages.

Kids will learn how different types of foxes look – Fennec foxes, Red Foxes, Arctic Foxes. (Ages 8-12 years)

The Ultimate Fox Book - for fox lovers

The Ultimate Fox Book is a complete guide to different foxes. Read about 12 different fox species, their habitat lives from birth to adulthood.

Did you know Some Arctic fox dens are over 100 years old and passed over generations? Read 100 such amazing facts. A must-have book for all fox lovers.

The Taken - a fiction about ancient art foxcraft

The Taken is the first book in the animal fantasy trilogy Foxcraft. Young fox Isla is in trouble. Her den is set ablaze. and her brother missing. To look for her missing family she must navigate all challenges. While also being hunted by an enemy.

To survive she must learn the lost ancient art and secrets of foxcraft. The series is magical and full of hearts. An interesting story narrated from fox’s point of view. (Ages 8-12 years)

Red fox: The Catlike Canine - a well researched book

Red fox: The Catlike Canine is an introduction to red fox for kids. Author J David Henry digs deep into the resemblances of the red fox with felines.

He devoted his life studying the species and it is visible from the depth of the book. An excellent informational read for middle grades and above.

Watch and listen to the fascinating read-aloud of How to Find a Fox

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