Choosing friendship books for 3rd graders can be tricky. At 8 years, kids start developing serious friendships in schools and other social circles. With this comes many other challenges as well. Hence it is important to teach kids the real meaning of friendship – acceptance, diversity, kindness. It is also equally important to equip kids with the necessary life skill to stand up to bullying and other social evil. The below list of books- recommended by parents, teacher and loved by students, cover all the above. The language is simple, keeping the reading level of 3rd graders in mind.

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Friendship Books for 3rd Graders – Fictions

All Different and Beautiful

All Different and Beautiful

Belle Belrose

This book narrates the heartwarming story of a young boy, named Orion, who makes friends with everyone despite their difference. It celebrates the message about diversity and inclusivity. Delightful illustrations make this book an interesting read. Check here on Amazon.

The Hero Two Doors Down

The Hero Two Doors Down

Sharon Robinson

This 3rd grader friendship book is based on the true story of an eight years old boy who became neighbors and friends with his hero, Jackie Robinson. It is a feel-good book about friendship\mentorship teaching kids about respect, acceptance. Check here on Amazon.



Barbara O’Connor (Author)

This touching friendship book is a story about an 11 years old girl, Charlie, who comes to stay with her aunt’s family after her parents became unfit for taking care. Charlie has difficulty adjusting to a new place. However slowly she develops friendships with a street dog and a local boy. A beautiful book about how friendship makes life easier for children. Chapters are short, making this a perfect read for 3rd graders. Check here on Amazon.

Through Rosalie Colored Glasses

Through Rosalie Colored Glasses

 Carrie J  (Author), Paper Peony Press (Author), Kamdon Callaway (Illustrator)

This 3rd grader friendship book is about kindness and bravery in friendship. The protagonist, Rosalie, finds herself in a new school and difficult situation. However, she faces all hardships and bullying, by making bold choices and being compassionate to others. A great story, which is sure to spark conversation about bullying and true friendship for children. Children in grades 3 and above can read this book independently. Check here on Amazon.

Thats My Friend

That’s My Friend!

Vad Lee (Author), Khayla Lee (Author), Sisca Angreani (Author)

This one is a beautiful friendship book about diversity and inclusivity. It is perfect for any child aged from baby till 12 years. A celebration of friendship amongst cultural diversity as seen through the eyes of 3 years old. Check here on Amazon.

Walk Tall

Walk Tall:

Cher Louise Jones and Lee Dixon

Gemma Giraffe is looking for friends, but none of the animals from the jungle are ready to befriend her. She is just too different with her spotty skin and skinny legs. However, soon Gemma realizes that she is looking at the wrong places by looking down. She looks up and sees a flock of flying birds, who become her friends eventually. This beautifully illustrated rhyming picture book about friendship is for kids till 3rd grade. It teaches young kids that it is ok to walk out of unfriendly places and people and search for friends who are truly accepting of individuality. A story about walking tall indeed! Check here on Amazon.

Kennys Team Unites

Kenny’s Team Unites

Kathy Schanefelt

This book is a tale about friendship and soccer. It is inspired by the experience of the author’s sons in sports. The story narrates how friendship and soccer team is formed with kids from different background. The story is about accepting individuality, preserve and learning life lessons through friendship. Suitable for kids from age 4 to 10 years old. Check here on Amazon.

Friendship Books for 3rd Graders – Tips and Social Skills

Growing Friendships

Growing Friendships

Dr. Eileen Kennedy-Moore and Christine McLaughlin

This book, written by psychologist and children’s friendships expert Eileen Kennedy-Moore and parenting and health writer Christine McLaughlin provides kids the answers they need to make and keep friends. Practical exercises and useful tips on topics like – how to say no, how to handle bullying, how to notice other people’s body languages – equip children with tools for handling real-life friendship problems. Peppered with 200+ fun cartoons, this book is a fun read for young kids. Ideal friendship book for kids in 3rd and 4th grades. Check here on Amazon.

Stand Up for Yourself Your Friends

Stand Up for Yourself & Your Friends

Patti Kelley Criswell (Author), Angela Martini (Illustrator)

This book about friendship for 3rd grader and above teaches young kids how to stand up for self and friends. It can be read to even younger children. With tips to handle many real-life scenarios, only too frequent in the life of modern-day children, this book is a handy guide on how to deal with them. A highly recommended book by parents and teachers, this book opens up conversations between parents and children about many social evils. Check here on Amazon.

Social Skills Activities for Kids

Social Skills Activities for Kids

Natasha Daniels

A childrens’ friendship book about Dos and Don’ts for making friends and keeping them. A list of 50 activities detailed in this book makes learning about social skills fun and easy. Real scenarios with topics about bullying, using social media, etc are discussed in detail with tips to navigate difficult situations. This book is for kids in 3rd grade and above. Check here on Amazon.