Birbal was one of the advisors in emperor Akbar’s court and was well known for his wits and wisdom. The funny and short stories of Akbar and Birbal have entertained generations of children and taught them how anyone can come out of a tricky situation with intelligence.

The Akbar Birbal stories have mostly been passed orally from generation to generation and are part of rich Indian folk tales. The stories are short, have a challenging problem, and almost always end with a funny and moral twist. These short stories are perfect for kids during any time of the day.

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Funny Akbar Birbal short stories for kids - feature

Enjoy the collection of the best of the short Akbar Birbal stories below.

Short Akbar Birbal Stories for Kids

Money for All Worlds – Akbar Birbal Story

Akbar decides to test Birbal’s wit and wisdom by giving him money and specific conditions for spending them. Read Here

One Question – Birbal Story

One scholar challenges Birbal’s intelligence. Birbal gives him a fitting reply. Read Here

Akbar Birbal Story – Noble Beggar

The story of when Akbar wanted Birbal to find out noble and lowest man. Birbal find one and presents to Akbar. Read Here

Generous Birbal – Birbal Story

What did Birbal do when someone came asking for money? He used his wit to avoid any such request. Read Here

Answering with Question -Akbar Birbal Story

What happens when Akbar asks a question, and Birbal can not answer? Birbal helps Akbar understand how illogical the question is. Read Here

Who is The King – Akbar Birbal Story

The story when Birbal identified the real king from a group of similarly dressed man. A lesson on observance power and understanding human character. Read Here

Water and Well – Akbar Birbal Story

In this story Birbal helps a farmer who has been tricked by his neighbor. Read Here

Akbar’s Dream – Akbar Birbal Story

Akbar tries to put down Birbal, but does not succeed- in this hilarious story. Read Here

The Peacock Bird – Akbar Birbal Story

Birbal catches a tricksters bird catcher by being observant. Read Here

Who is the Thief – Birbal Story

Birbal helps a merchant find out the thief who stole his jewels. Read Here

Hunting in Jungles – Akbar Birbal Story

Find out how Birbal convinced Akbar about the harmful effects of hunting on the environment. Read Here

Respect or Fear? Akbar Birbal Story

Akbar thinks his people obeys him out of respect. Birbal does not agree. And proves that everyone obeys Akbar out of fear. Read Here

Cooking Khichdi – Akbar Birbal Story

Birbal teaches Akbar a lesson when Akbar does not give a poor man his due. Akbar accepts his mistake. Read Here

A Donkey’s Load – Akbar Birbal Story

Akbar tries to make fun of Birbal But fails miserably when Birbal turns the table. Read Here

The Hot Iron Test – Birbal Story

In this story, Birbal helps settle an argument by his intelligent and innovative solution. And teaches a fraudster a lesson along the way. Read Here

Akbar and One Tooth Dream – Akbar Birbal Story

Akbar has a bad dream. No one can help him understand the meaning of it. However, Birbal helps him see the bright side of it. Read Here

Who is the Master? – Akbar Birbal Story

A servant frauds his master and took his place. Birbal helps the master solve the problem and teaches the fraud servant a lesson. Read Here

The More Beautiful Flower – Akbar Birbal Story

In this story, Birbal helps Akbar understand that people mostly look at materialistic value. Read Here

How Many Blinds? – Akbar Birbal Story

Find out how Birbal uniquely answers Akbar’s difficult question with a funny twist. Read Here