Children love stories – listening to them or reading them. Funny stories are especially popular with kids. Humor in stories brings out laughter and lightens the mood.

Bedtime is the best time for children to read or listen to funny stories. Children can drift into their dream world with pearls of laughter and happy thoughts. Also, the moral of these stories guide the children to the right path.

Here are 9 of the best funny bedtime stories for kids. Children between the ages of 8 to 10 can read these humorous stories online. Parents can narrate these stories to their toddlers, kindergarteners.

Funny Bedtime Stories For Kids – with Moral

Fly Ate The Sweets

This popular Gopal Bhar funny story is from the eastern part of India. Gopal Bhar was a court jester in medieval Bengal and renowned for being witty and entertaining. He was very fond of eating, especially sweets.

Fly ate the sweets picture - funny stories for kids

One afternoon Gopal Bhar went to a sweet shop to buy some sweets. The shopkeeper was resting inside after lunch while his small daughter was taking care of the shop. Gopal Bhar saw the girl and immediately thought of an Idea.
Without asking for permission, he started picking one sweet after another and stuffing his mouth with them. The child became anxious and called out to her father, “Father, someone is eating sweets without permission!”

The shopkeeper replied from inside, “Ask him his name”. The child asked Gopal Bhar his name and he told his name is ‘Fly’.

The girl called out to her father, “Father, fly is eating lots of sweets!”

Now the shopkeeper responded, “That is ok. Let the fly eat as much as it wants. It can not eat much anyway.”

The girl kept quiet while Gopal Bhar kept on devouring the sweets. After some time, he was full and prepared to leave.

As Gopal Bhar was leaving the shop without paying, the girl called out to the shopkeeper, “Father, fly is leaving without paying any money for the sweets.”

The amused father responded, “That’s ok. Where will a fly get money to pay!”.

After some time, the shopper finished his siesta and came back to his shop. Looking at the half-empty shelves, he screamed out in horror. The shopkeeper asked his child where did all the sweets go.

The girl calmly responded, “I told you, a man named fly came, ate all the sweets, and left without paying.”

The shopkeeper nearly fainted.

Moral: Always investigate. Do not be quick to judge and conclude.

Egg Seller’s Dream

This humorous bedtime story narrates the fun daydream of an egg seller. Also what happens when someone loses focus. Perfect story with humor for 8 to 10 year-olds to read online.

One day an egg seller was going to the market with a basket of eggs on her head. While walking on the road, she started thinking. I have few eggs now. I will sell these eggs in the market today and save some money.

With that money, I will buy some more chicken. Then I will have more eggs from more chicken. I will sell those eggs too in the market and save some more money. With that money, I will buy some more chicken. Those chicken will give me more eggs to sell.

Like this, I will have lots of chicken and will get lots of eggs daily to sell. I will become rich by selling so many eggs.

Once I have the money, I will build a bigger house for myself. My current house is so small. I will become very rich and will have many clothes and jewelry.

People will respect me more. Some will come and ask for money. But, I will not give my hard-earned money to anyone. I will say – “No, I will not give you money. Go out of my house”, pointing to the door.

With this, she raised her hand to point to the imaginary door. She had already forgotten that she was holding the eggs in her head. As she moved her hand, the basket fell. All eggs fell on the road and broke. With that, the daydream of the egg seller also broke.

Moral: Do not be lost in daydream. Keep focus on your current work.

Emperor’s New Clothes

This laugh-out-loud story is a popular classic written by Hans Christian Andersen. Children aged 8 and above can read this story online.

There lived an old emperor who was quite vain and liked to spend lavishly on his clothes and accessories. One day two men appeared in the court of the emperor. They proposed to make gorgeous clothes for the emperor – something that people have never seen before. However, they also added that people who are fools or stupid – cannot see the clothes. 

The emperor agreed and set up looms for them in his palace. The two weavers started with the work. Days after days they kept on running the loom.

In between, the emperor and his ministers visited the loom. All they saw were the empty looms running. But, no one dared to speak, for the fear of being called out a fool.

Finally, the day arrived when both the weavers appeared in the court with the clothes in a box. They acted to dress the emperor in beautiful clothes. Everyone in the court was praising the clothes.

The emperor himself could not see anything. But did not open his mouth since he did not want to be proved a fool. The emperor rewarded the weavers handsomely.

As decided earlier, the emperor and his ministers went on a procession around the city to showcase his new clothes. All the emperor’s subjects cheered and praised the new clothes. No one dared to offend the emperor.

There was a small boy amongst the crowd. He shouted, “Look at the king, wearing nothing!”

Immediately, everyone became quiet. The emperor realized that he had been fooled. However, the two swindlers had already left the kingdom by then with the reward.

Moral: Do not follow the crowd blindly. Use your intelligence to judge any situation

Gentleman Thief

This children’s story is a humorous Tenali Rama folk tale. Tenali Rama was an advisor in the court of King Krishnadevaraya in the southern Indian state, Vijayanagar. He was known to be quick-witted. His intelligence and humor saved the King and himself from many tricky situations.

Once Tenali Rama was having dinner with his wife. Suddenly he heard suspicious sounds and movement coming out from his backyard garden. On peeping out, Tenali Rama saw a man hiding behind the bush. Immediately he realized that the man is a thief and will surely try to steal household stuff once everyone is asleep. Tenali Rama devised a plan. 

After dinner, he took a glass of water and stood in front of the bush, and started rinsing his mouth. Every time after rinsing, he spat out the dirty water aiming at the backside of the bush. 

It fell on the thief. But the thief could not move lest he got caught. 

Once the glass was empty, Tenali Rams called out to his wife, “Please get me another glass of water.” 

She obliged and got him another class. This repeated few times. After handing him few glasses of water, his wife got irritated. On being requested for the next glass, she came out and started arguing with Tenali Rama. 

This time, Tenali Rama spat out the dirty water on his wife. 

She got super angry and started screaming, “Are you blind? Have you gone out of your mind? Why did you spit dirty water from your mouth on me?”

Tenali Rama replied calmly, “Hold your horses. What are you getting so upset about? I just spat the dirty water on you only once. Think of the gentleman sitting behind the bush. I have been spitting the water on him for the last thirty minutes. But he is still sitting calmly without any complaint. Learn to be nice from him.” 

Now the thief realized that he is caught. 

Dripping with water, he came out with folded hands, “Please forgive me. I have heard of your intelligence. Today I witnessed it. Now I know why no one dares to mess with you.” 

Tenali Rama forgave the thief.

Moral: Wit and humor can resolve tricky situations easily.

Baby Camel’s Question

A funny animal story to entertain the kids. The story will be appreciated by children in kindergarten and above.

representation picture baby camel's question - funny stories for kids

Once a baby camel and its mother were resting after food. The baby camel started looking around and became curious after noticing the difference between its body and other animals. 

It asked its mother, “Mother, why do we have humps in our back when no other animal does?” 

The mother said, “We have the hump to store water. Since we live in a desert, there is always a scarcity of water. The hump releases the water when our body needs it.” 

The baby camel understood. Now it got even more curious and asked, “Mother, but why do we have long eyelashes.” 

The mother explained, “We have long eyelashes, to protect our eyes from sandy desert winds. The winds bring lots of sands. The eyelashes protect our eyes so that they do not go inside.” 

“Ok mother. Yes, it makes sense.” replied the baby camel. 

However, after some time another thought came to its mind, “Mother, why do we have long legs?” 

“We have long legs so that we can walk with ease in the deep desert sands. It helps us balance.” 

Puzzled, the baby camel asked, ” We have our entire body fit for living in sands and desert. Then what are we doing in a zoo?”

Moral: Everyone and everything has its own place.

Golden Egg Goose

This short hilarious story for kids narrates how one should not be too greedy.

A farmer and his wife had a bunch of geese. One fine morning, the farmer went to collect the geese eggs. Suddenly he saw one shiny golden egg amongst other normal eggs. 

Delighted, he showed the egg to his wife. Both of them could not believe their luck in getting such a valuable egg.

The next day morning also the same thing happened. The farmer found another golden egg. Now they decided to find the goose which was laying the golden egg.

That night they kept all the geese separately in different places. In the morning, when they went to collect the eggs, there it was. Another shiny golden egg. They found the goose which was laying the egg.

Night after night the goose kept on laying golden eggs. Every night the farmer and his wife waited eagerly for morning to get the golden egg. This went on for few weeks.

The farmer and his wife got very rich. They did not need to work in the fields anymore.

However, greed crept in. They started thinking, instead of waiting daily for one egg, if they cut the goose, they can get all the eggs from its stomach at once.

The next day morning, they cut the goose. But there was no egg inside the stomach.

The couple realized their mistake. Learned the lesson that greed is not good.

Moral: Too much greed causes downfall.

Friend in Need

This short bedtime story is perfect for children starting school and making new friends. It also teaches that one can have a tough conversion with wit and humor.

Two friends were walking in the jungle. Deep inside the jungle, suddenly a bear started chasing them. One of the friends could climb trees. He knew that bears can not climb trees. So he found a tall tree nearby and climbed on top of it.

Now the second friend was in trouble. He did not know how to climb a tree. Suddenly, an idea occurred to him. He remembered hearing somewhere that bears do not eat dead beings. So, he lay down on the road pretending to be dead.

The bear caught on soon enough and reached the spot. It stopped near the second friend, lying on the road.

The bear bent near the friend’s head and seemed to whisper something in his ear. And then it left without touching the person lying on the road.

When the bear left, the first friend climbed down from the tree. The second friend also got up from the road.

Curious, the first friend asked, “Friend, what did the bear whisper in your ears?”

The other smiled and replied, “The bear said – a friend who leaves you in times of need is no friend at all.”

First friend got the message. The friends parted there and went their separate ways.

Moral: A friend in need is a friend indeed. Use humor when you have to navigate a tricky situation.

A Monkey and Two Cats

This short and funny animal story is perfect for a bedtime storytelling session for small children.

bread picture - A monkey and two cats - funny stories for kids

One day two cats found a loaf of bread. Both wanted to eat the bread entirely. So they started fighting. Finally, they decided to break the bread in half and share.

However, now the problem was, who will divide the bread. One would not trust the other. Another fight ensued.

In a nearby tree, a monkey was sitting. It was observing the cats fighting for some time. An idea came to its mind. It went near the cats and told them, “I can divide the bread if you want.”

Now both the cats agreed since the monkey was a neutral third party.

The monkey took the bread and broke it. It broke unevenly, making one part bigger and another smaller. Again the cats started fighting about who would take the bigger part.

Now the monkey proposed, “Let me take a small bite from the bigger piece so that both the pieces become equal.” The cats agreed.

However, the monkey took quite a big bite. Now the bigger half became even smaller in size. The monkey took another bite from the other bigger part, making it small again.

This continued for some time. Now there was almost no bread left. The monkey ate the very last piece and left.

Now the cats looked at each other. They realized that the monkey took advantage of their fights. They decided never to let any outsider interfere in between them anymore.

Moral: Do not let outsiders take advantage of your internal fights.

The Mysterious Egg

This is another short and fun story from animal kingdom. Watch your child delight with joy when they reach the end.

Once a rabbit drifted to the side of the jungle near the road. There it saw a colorful ball lying on the road. The rabbit picked it up thinking it was an egg. However, it just could not figure out which animal’s egg it was.

The rabbit then took the ball and went to his friend – the donkey. “Is it your egg?” the rabbit asked.

“No. Ask the birds who are laying eggs all the time”, the donkey replied.

The rabbit went to the birds, “Is this your egg?”

“No, never seen such a colorful egg.” the birds replied.

The rabbit next went to the monkey, “Do you know whose egg it is?”

“No idea, Maybe check with the giraffe.” said the monkey.

The giraffe denied. So did all the other animals whom the rabbit asked.

Exhausted, the rabbit sat under a tree, wondering whom to ask next.

After few minutes, a porcupine appeared. It looked at the rabbit, lost in its thought. “Why do you look so worried?” asked the porcupine.

The rabbit showed the ball and narrated the story to the porcupine. “Let me see.” said the porcupine and held the ball with its hand. The ball touched one of its sharp quills and burst after letting out a whoosh of air.

“Oh, it is the wind’s egg!” exclaimed the rabbit, relieved finally.