Did you know giraffes sleep only 5-30 minutes a day! Their height helps them keep a look for natural predators. Read many such interesting facts and stories about these gorgeous animals. The adorable giraffe books are suitable for a nighttime read with your child.

7 Epic Giraffe Books For Kids

giraffe books for kids

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Stay Close to Mama. Twiga, the baby giraffe is curious to explore. But keeps getting into trouble. The mama giraffe wants Twiga to stay close and be safe.

The text is lyrical with small sentences. The story and pictures show parents’ love for their kids. A good book for bedtime snuggles. (Ages 0-3 years)

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Baby Giraffe Goes Potty is an adorable potty training book for toddlers & preschoolers. The pages are full of funny characters.

Different animals guide through the process of using the toilet, through interesting rhymes. A must-have book. (Ages 2-5 years)

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A Giraffe and a Half is a picture book about a boy and his giraffe. The possibilities of things the duo can do- are endless. Starting with getting a chair to comb the giraffe’s hair – there are lots.

The rhyming story is full of tongue-twisting repetitive words. This Shel Silverstein book is sure to keep everyone laughing till the end. (Ages 3-6)

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Giraffes Can’t Sing celebrates imperfections and diversity. James the giraffe is teased by other animals in the jungle. He is just too tall with a long neck.

Then one day James decide to sing the karaoke. The other animals are surprised by his powerful voice. A cute read-aloud story. (Ages 2-5 years)

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National Geographic Readers: Giraffes explores African savanna with young kids. The storyline is full of scientific facts and beautiful pictures.

The jokes and funny information keep the readers hooked. The entire series is perfect for beginner readers. (Ages 3-7 years)

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Giraffe Problems is a hilarious picture book. Edward, the giraffe is conscious of his long bending neck. He tries disguising it, hiding it. But nothing helps.

Finally, a turtle shows the giraffe the purpose of his long neck. It’s the bow-tie! The crazy story cracks kids up every time. (Ages 3-7 years)

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The Star in the Christmas Play is an endearing story for kids to be comfortable with their own looks. Raffi, the giraffe is upset at not getting any part in the school play.

But finally, the part comes, for which Raffi’s tall frame is just perfect! He understands that he is perfect in his own way. An endearing picture book for kids dealing with self-consciousness. (Ages 4-8 years)

Activities For Kids

  1. Letter G – Giraffe themed activities are super useful to teach toddlers and preschoolers about alphabets (besttoys4toddlers).
  2. Craft Stick Giraffe Craft from Our Kid Things, is just what you need to do on a boring day stuck indoor with kids.
  3. Make your very own paper giraffe family with krokotak. The end result is definitely worth all the effort.

Fun read-aloud of the book – Giraffes Ruin Everything by Heidi Schulz

courtesy: KidTimeStoryTime