Check this list of amazing gymnastics books for kids. Find gymnastics picture books for beginners starting with the sports. 6-12 year-olds can learn more about gymnastics by reading these engaging books. Teens and young adults would enjoy the autobiographies of popular gymnasts. With the success of the USA gymnastics team in the Olympics, the sport is slowly getting the popularity it deserves. There are several new books authored on this sport – some of them by the gymnasts themselves. Choose one based on your kid’s age, and let your child soar high!

21 Gymnastics Books for Kids – Toddlers to YA

children's gymnastics books

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Gymnastics Picture Books

My First Book of Gymnastics (3-6 years) - Gymnastics Picture Book

My First Book of Gymnastics (3-6 years)

This children’s gymnastics book features 10 fun poses and exercises. The movements are fun for children to follow along easily – be it leaping like a frog or slithering like a crocodile. A great book to introduce your toddler or preschooler to gymnastic movements. The multicultural illustrations deserve worth a mention.

I Will Try (4-8 years) - Gymnastics Picture Book

I Will Try (4-8 years)

Check this gymnastics picture book about perseverance, friendship, kindness, sportsmanship. A story about how two young girls help each other in their gymnast journey. It is an I like to Read book – perfect for Kindergarten level. Simple sentences and bright pictures, make this book a fun read-aloud.

Gymnastics Jump (4-6 years) - Gymnastics Picture Book

Gymnastics Jump (4-6 years)

Read the children’s gymnastics book about a little gymnast Lily. She is competing in her first gymnast meet. and nervous about it. How does Lily overcome her jitters? The book is written in easy short phrases for new readers. kids can relate to this gymnastics story.

My First Gymnastics Class (3-5 years) - Gymnastics Picture Book

My First Gymnastics Class (3-5 years)

How is the first day at a gymnastics class for a child? This book narrates the experience in great detail. Find fun photography of children in various gymnast poses. There is also a section with step-by-step instructions for stretches. A fun read for preschoolers and kindergarteners.

Tina Tumbles (3-8 years) - Gymnastics Picture Book

Tina Tumbles (3-8 years)

Read this fictional gymnastics book about hard work and practice. Young Tina sees gymnasts perform on the TV and wants to be a gymnast herself. But the cartwheel is not as easy as it looks. Kids learn that ups and downs are part of learning. The book also has a helpful chart with various forms of gymnasts.

She's Got This (3-6 years) - Gymnastics Picture Book

She’s Got This (3-6 years)

This gymnast picture book is written by gold-medal-winning Olympic gymnast Laurie Hernandez. Children learn that it is ok to fall. But you can just get up and try again. This simple story is suitable for preschool and above classrooms.

Gymnastics Books for 7-10 year olds (Chapter Books)

My Book of Gymnastics (6-9 years) - Gymnastics Book

My Book of Gymnastics (6-9 years)

Start with a brief history of gymnastics, different forms of styles. Also, read about competitions, and the world-famous gymnasts. The book does a great job of explaining some of the complex concepts – breaking them into small simple steps.

The Gymnastics Book (7-11 years) - Gymnastics Book

The Gymnastics Book (7-11 years)

This fiction gymnastics book teaches children how to be a gymnast. Read about how to find a good gymnastics club. Learn to manage financial aspects and emotional well-being throughout competitions. This book has it all. A motivating book for young gymnastics students.

Curious George Gymnastics Fun (6-9 years) - Gymnastics Book

Curious George Gymnastics Fun (6-9 years)

Children’s gymnastics book based on the popular TV series Curious George. Have fun with George, Allie, and Bill as they make their backyard into a gymnastics area. A fun book for early readers.

The Gemma the Gymnastic Fairy (7-10 years) - Gymnastics Book

The Gemma the Gymnastic Fairy (7-10 years)

This gymnastics book is for fairy-loving kids. All the fairies are preparing for the Fairy Olympics. But the Goblins stole the sports items. What follows next is what this book is about.

Overcoming Mental Blocks (8-12 years) - Gymnastics Book

Overcoming Mental Blocks (8-12 years)

A gymnastics workbook from the popular series of Perfect balance Gymnastics. There are five strategies inside, detailed with worksheets, to help children come out of different mental blocks. A useful book for young gymnasts, along with tips, tricks, and more. A great book for tween gymnasts.

Gymnastics Books For 11-13 Year Olds

Epic Athletes: Simone Biles (8-12 years) - Gymnastics Book

Epic Athletes: Simone Biles (8-12 years)

Read the biography of celebrated and most successful American gymnast Simone Biles. From being in foster care to winning a record number of Golds at the 2016 Olympics. She is arguably the greatest gymnast of all time. This motivational story is for young readers.

How to Win the Gold Medal in Pajamas - Gymnastics Book

How to Win the Gold Medal in Pajamas

This one is a motivational and mental self-help book for children aged 11 and up. The sport of gymnastics provides the perfect backdrop to the story. The book tells that greatness is a result of persistence, positivity, hard work – among other things.

Heart of a Champion - Gymnastics Book

Heart of a Champion

Dominique Dawes made history as the first African American woman to win an individual Olympic medal. This book narrates her struggle against all odds. She persisted and won the Gold. An inspiring biography for gymnastics-loving tweens and teens.

Tumbling (12+ years) - Gymnastics Book

Tumbling (12+ years)

This gymnastics book completely covers the Olympics trials. The story is told from the viewpoints of five girls – all with the same goals – reaching the Olympics. Read about the problems each one goes through personally and professionally. And the choices they make. A gripping read!

Reaching High (10-12 years) - Gymnastics Book

Reaching High (10-12 years)

Read about a gymnast schoolkid Jessie. Just like any other child, she has regular school-life challenges. But she powers ahead despite all. It is a book about friendship, teamwork, striving for goals.

The Flip Side (12+ years) - Gymnastics Book

The Flip Side (12+ years)

Read this novel about a budding gymnast who is chasing her dream and falling in love. The writer pours her own experience as a professional gymnast into creating the characters and storyline. It is a relatable story about a gymnast who aims to dream high.

Nonfiction Gymnastics Books Young Adults

Grace, Gold, and Glory - Gymnastics Book for Teens and YA

Grace, Gold, and Glory

Gabrielle Douglas is the first African-American gymnast in Olympic history to become the individual all-around champion. In this autobiography, she narrates the struggles she and her family went through in her path to success. It is a story of faith, determination, hard work. An inspiring children’s sports book, especially for girls from minorities.

Falling Forward - Gymnastics Book for Teens and YA

Falling Forward

Jonathan Horton is an inspiring gymnast and a brilliant author. And this book is as special. Written for children aged 10 years and above, he tells the readers that it is ok to fail sometimes. He puts the life lessons he learned in his journey, in this book. A must-read for young adults.

Nastia Liukin: Ballerina of Gymnastics - Gymnastics Book for Teens and YA

Nastia Liukin: Ballerina of Gymnastics

Nastia Liukin is one of the greatest American gymnasts. She has inspired an entire generation with her dazzling technique, extraordinary sportsmanship, and exceptional artistry. This book takes the readers on the journey of the gymnast. A fascinating read for high school and ya.

Off Balance: A Memoir - Gymnastics Book for Teens and YA

Off Balance: A Memoir

This book is the memoir of Dominique Moceanu, the 14 years old youngest member of the 1996 US Women’s Olympic Gymnastics team. Her difficult life as a kid in a competitive sport is quite touching. This real-life story will tug at your heart. It is a good read for teenagers and above.

Gymnastics Story Read Aloud – She’s Got This

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