Here is the ultimate booklist for your hockey-crazy child. Find the best hockey books for kids of all ages – from toddlers to 13 years old. There is even a section especially for girls– for the much-needed inspiration. Barn Burner!

19 Best Hockey Books for Kids – Toddlers to Tweens

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Here is our recommendation of Hockey books for kids.

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Goodnight Hockey

Michael Dahl (Author), Christina E. Forshay (Illustrator)

This hockey book is an easy bedtime read for any toddler. It is colorful, fun, with rhyming text and vivid illustrations. A good way to end the day for any sports-loving toddler.

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My First Book of Hockey

by The Editors of Sports Illustrated Kids

This is the only book you would need to introduce your child to the beautiful game of hockey. Written for the age group of toddlers to preschoolers – it is fifty pages of humorous, colorful details about the game. This book has all the concepts one needs to know to understand the game – starting with positions, rules, information, and pictures of current players.

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Z is for Zamboni: A Hockey Alphabet

Matt M. Napier (Author), Melanie Rose (Illustrator)

This book is perfect to teach alphabets to any hockey-loving toddler. Each page has an alphabet and related word from the game of hockey, along with a colorful illustration. The pages also have a sidebar with more information on the game, which the children can read when they grow up.

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Let’s Play Hockey

Ginger Swift (Author), Cottage Door Press (Author), Kathryn Selbert (Illustrator)

If you love hockey and want to introduce your baby to it early, this is the book for your child. This well-made sturdy lift the flap hockey book is recommended for babies as young as a few months to toddlers. Very few words, all related to hockey, introduce the child to the game. Bright artwork with pictures of the hockey family keeps the child engrossed in the book.

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Hockey in the Wild

Nicholas Oldland (Author, Illustrator)

It is a cute picture book from the series Life in the Wild. Narrates a story of how three hockey-crazy friends – a beaver, bear, and moose waiting for the lake to freeze so that they can play their favorite sport hockey. A fun read-aloud book for the preschoolers – narrating what the three friends do while waiting. Something children of this age can relate to.

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5-Minute Hockey Stories

Meg Braithwaite (Author), Nick Craine (Illustrator)

The hockey book has a dozen of true stories of hockey from Canada. From building an ice rink to scoring a golden goal, this book narrates a few fun and real incidents of the game. Suitable for children preschoolers to grade 2.

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I Spy with My Little Eye Hockey

Matt Napier (Author)

This is a visual puzzle book, where the difference between two pictures needs to be found by the reader. Each picture is filled with every imaginable item of hockey. An interesting and fun activity book for any preschooler.

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Ice Hockey Coloring Book For Kids

Coloring Heaven (Author)

Most preschoolers love to color. With many Ice hockey pictures on each page, this book is perfect for your sports-loving preschooler.

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Early Readers – Age 6 to 9

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Hockey Morning Noon and Night

Doretta Groenendyk (Author)

This hockey picture book is based on the author’s then 7 years old son and how he finds hockey in everything he does -drawing, music, eating, sleeping. Children can easily relate to this kind of obsession. Simple text with real colorful hockey pictures makes this book an easy and interesting read for 6 to 9-year-olds.

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by TrimPrim Press Point

A perfect activity book for any hockey lover. This has coloring pages, word searches, puzzles, find the numbers and many more. Total 96 pages full of fun activities.

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Lisa Wheeler (Author), Barry Gott (Illustrator)

This hockey book is part of the popular Dino sports series. It combines the game of hockey along with children’s favorite animal dinosaurs. It is a rhyming book and easy to read with bright pictures.

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Hockey Jokes!

Blake Hoena (Author)

All children love jokes. This book presents jokes, riddles, memes about the game of hockey. Children like to read the book and retell them to their friends and family again and again.

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Middle Graders – Age 10 to 13

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Hockey Wars

Sam Lawrence (Author), Ben Jackson (Author)

Two friends Millie and Cameron are childhood friends. Millie formed an all-girls hockey team while Cameron is the captain of another team. Now they face off each other to win. An exciting storyline, with several sets of twists and turns, makes this hockey book a joyful read. Suitable for 8 to 13 years old.

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Hockey: Then to WOW!

by The Editors of Sports Illustrated Kids

This hockey book narrates how the game has changed from the beginning days to now. Along with equipment, rules, players from now to then – everything a sports enthusiast can think of. Full of trivia, facts, and illustrations on every page, this hockey book is an interesting read for any middle grader.

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Face-Off: Top 10 Lists of Everything in Hockey

by The Editors of Sports Illustrated Kids

This book, as the name suggests, lists the top 10 of everything in hockey – starting with best players. shooter etc. It even includes the history of the game. It is a motivating and enjoyable book for any hockey lover and sports fan.

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Hockey: The Math of the Game

Shane Frederick (Author)

This hockey book is for children aged 10 years and above. How much water is needed to cover an ice rink? This book provides the answer with the help of mathematics in a clearly explained formula. The entire book is full of details about the game of hockey and how mathematics is related to every aspect of it. An enjoyable learning experience for any sports lover.

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Hockey Books with Girl Players

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Lucy Tries Hockey

Lisa Bowes (Author), James Hearne (Illustrator)

This one is a wonderful book to encourage kids to be active and play sports. The child Lucy in this book, sees a new game being played and asked her parents if she can learn it. Simple texts and bright illustrations encourage kids to read this book on their own. The main character of the book is a girl, which highlights the importance of playing for girls as well as boys.

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Breaking the Ice

Angie Bullaro (Author), C. F. Payne (Illustrator), Manon Rhéaume (Afterword)

This book is the true story of Manon Rhéaume, the first woman to play an NHL game. Her hockey journey started at the age of 5 and was filled with many nay-sayers. But she proved all wrong and made a spectacular career in the game of hockey. An inspiring book for all the sports girls out there. Written in simple words, it is suitable for children from preschoolers to 3rd grade.

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Pink Laces & Pony Tails

Rob Haswell (Author)

The book highlights a very glaring problem – there are just not enough girls playing hockey or any sport for that matter. It makes the road for the girls who play, even harder. A worthy read for any child – boy or girl aged 8 to 12, this is a story that needs to be retold and reminded.

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