Indian mythology is full of stories of good winning over evil, dark over light, intelligence over ignorance. These stories provide an excellent moral ground to kids and make them understand what is right or wrong.
Reading mythology is much needed for today’s kids growing up in the exposure of social media!

Indian Mythology books for kids - Toddlers to Tweens

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Best Indian Mythology Books for Kids

The list below is a selection from the very best the Indian Mythology literature has to offer.

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The Feminine Force Durga

Om Books Editorial Team (Author)

Devi Durga is a story that needs to be narrated to all our kids. Nothing can be more inspiring than a Goddess who was created with all the best parts from all Gods to destroy the evil in the world. Little ones of today need to know that everyone can become a Durga. Kids friendly language with colorful illustrations on each page make this book attractive to younger children. Ideal for age group 7 and above. Perfect book to read during the Navrathri season.

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Mahabharata by Amar Chitra Katha

Kamala Chandrakant; B.R. Bhagwat; Subba Rao; Gayatri Madan Dutt

Read the world’s largest epic in a 3-volume set. This is a collection of 42 comic books of Mahabharta stories.

Quality of Amar Chitra Katha books need no introduction. This one is a collector’s item. Even though the format is suitable for the younger audience, even elders would enjoy this simplified version equally. A perfect gift for kids!

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Ganesha’s Sweet Tooth

Sanjay Patel &Emily Haynes (Author)

A fun mythological story with amazing graphics on how Lord Ganesh came to write Mahabharat. The book takes the legend of how Lord Ganesh broke his tusk and reinvent it in a playful way, keeping it relevant to modern-day kids of any faith. This book is a treat to look at. You can read aloud to your child as young as 2. Once they grow up a bit, Kids will learn to appreciate the story and art more.

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Shiva Loves to Dance

Anita Raina-Thapan (Author)

Your child loves dancing. So does Lord Shiva! Here is an enchanting story on how Shiva creates a happy world. Simple storytelling – told from a child’s perspective along with beautiful illustrations. You can read aloud to younger kids, while beginner readers can read the book by themselves.

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365 Tales from Indian Mythology

Om Books Editorial Team (Author)

Here is a mythology book for you to read along with your child at bedtime. The 365 stories have you covered for the entire year. The book has small stories with beautiful illustrations and easy to read words. While most of the stories are ideal to read aloud to a preschooler, few of them can only be understood by kids age 7 and above. The vast range of stories makes it a really attractive bargain. You will never run out of mythology stories for your child!

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Ramayana for Children

Sudha Gupta

Epic Ramayan – told in a simple crisp narrative in the form of short stories. The visuals that go along with every page help reinforce the story. It is an easy read for new readers. This book is ideal for age 7 and above.

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Amma, Tell Me About Hanuman!

Bhakti Mathur (Author)

What can be more interesting to a toddler than stories about little Hanuman! Read about mischiefs of young Hanuman and how he gets into trouble when he tries to gobble up the Sun! The ‘rhyming’ style of writing is fun to read and the pictures do justice to the story.

You can also check out other two books from this trilogy.

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Mahabharata Stories: The Ashram of Dronacharya

Subhadra Sen Gupta (Author)

Award-winning author Subhadra Sen Gupta loves writing for children and it shows in her storytelling technique. This book covers an important chapter in Mahabharat. It provides a glimpse into the learnings a prince needs to go through to be worthy of a king -quite a subtle message for today’s children. An easy read for early readers, this book is too good to be missed!

You can check out below books as well from the same author.

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Kahaani Puraani (Hindi Edition)

Pridhee (Author), Alicia Souza (Illustrator)

If you are looking for a child-friendly mythology book in an Indian language, then this one is for you. It is the story of Ramayana retold in poetic form. This book gives you reading options in both Hindi and English transliterations. Pull out tabs, rotating wheel, colorful pictures make this a fun interactive experience for your young one. Ideal for kids age 3 and above.

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The Gita and You

Sheila Dhir  (Author)

This book tackles a very different and tough topic -‘The Gita’ and presents it in a kid-friendly manner. It has eight Kathas that capture the essence of the conversation that took place between Lord Krishna and Arjuna during the Kurukshetra War. The stories are simple enough to be easily understood by small children. A perfect mythology book for tweens.