Check this list of motivational books for teens and YA athletes. Some are even written by the champions themselves. These books are excellent for young kids to draw inspiration from, learn how the celebrated sports stars overcame challenges to achieve success in life. The underlying lesson remains the same for all – Trust the grind, have the Courage to soar and you will reach there.

9 Must-Read Motivational Books For Athletes (Tweens &Teens)

motivational books for athletes

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Here is a selection of 9 of the best motivational books that are sure to inspire young athletes.

A Walk in Our Cleats: 25 Athletes Who Never Gave Up - a motivational book

1. A Walk in Our Cleats: 25 Athletes Who Never Gave Up

A motivational book that champions self-belief. Learn from the inspiring stories of 25 NFL players who faced injuries and other challenges. But never gave up on their path of success. Read the inspirational stories about the hard work it takes to reach the pinnacle.

Shoot Your Shot - inspirational sports books

2. Shoot Your Shot

It is a Sport-Inspired Guide to empower and encourage youth to take control of life. Using basketball analogies, this book keeps wisdom fun and relatable. A great read, even if you are not a basketball fan. The quotes from the popular basketball players, keep things entertaining. An inspiring book for teens of all races, gender, ethnicity. Find more children’s basketball books here.

Trust the Grind - motivational sports books for youth

3. Trust the Grind

A must-read motivational ya sports book along with helpful facts. Read how some World-Class Athletes Got To The Top. It has sixteen athletes from eleven sports. Each share a habit, which helped them reach the Everest of success. The chapters are further backed up with scientific research to defend the practices mentioned. Teens will learn how to work hard and be fit mentally and physically.

Courage to Soar - inspirational book

4. Courage to Soar

This positive and powerful story is one of the best books for athletes. Co-authored by Simone Biles herself, this book is an honest account of the discipline and focus which made her the gymnastics sensation. An inspirational book, especially for all the female teen and YA athletes. Find more gymnastics books here.

The Young Champion's Mind - best books for athletes

5. The Young Champion’s Mind

Read how to Think, Train, and Thrive Like an Elite Athlete. It is written by Sports psychologist Jim Afremow, peppered with his experience of training Olympic sportspersons. Learn to train mind, body, and spirit for the highest level of the game. It is an insightful guide for all the wannabe sports stars – starting with how to get into a zone, be a team player, progress, and sustain. A must-read book on sports psychology.

The League - inspirational sports book

6. The League

An insightful and inspiring book on the business side of sports. Know how Five Rivals Created the NFL and Launched a Sports Empire. Read on about the formation years of the NFL – the most popular sporting event in America. This book is about the five team-owners who believed and put in the hard work with long-term goals in mind.

Stephen Curry - inspirational sports book

7. Stephen Curry

It is the Inspirational Story of One of the Greatest Basketball Players of All Time! Starting with his childhood, this book shines light on forming years. Know Stephen Curry’s philosophies and habits which made him one of the NBA superstars.

Go For the Goal - motivational book for athletes

8. Go For the Goal

A Champion’s Guide To Winning In Soccer And Life. It is an uplifting story of how a suburban kid became one of the finest soccer players in the world. Mia’s incredible determination to improve and succeed shines through the book. Personal anecdotes, bright illustrations, and helpful tricks make this book a must-have for wannabe sports players – especially for girls.

Beyond the Finish - inspirational athlete book

9. Beyond the Finish

What could be more inspiring than the tale of competing in Ironman World Championships from the wheelchairs! Read on, in this beautiful story about how Kyle Pease competed in the games of basketball and marathon from his wheelchair. A motivational read about a kid diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Written from the perspective of both the brothers – Brent and Kyle, this inspiring book is all about grit.

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