Wildlife fascinates everyone! Our kids are no different. Take your child on a jungle safari with these fascinating animal books. Vibrant pictures and simple texts make these books perfect for a read-aloud for toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarten kids.

Jungle Books for Toddlers & Preschoolers

jungle animal books for kids

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Let your child be privy to the secret life of a tiger. Or help a lemur find her baby. Or learn about the value of completing a task with the best of effort. Your young obe would surely enjoy these Jungle animal books.

Image of the book - Rumble in the Jungle

Rumble in the Jungle Go on a jungle safari along with your child with this rhyming book. And meet giraffe, tiger, elephant, and many such jungle animals. The artistic illustrations beautifully capture the fun mood of the book. The rhyming is catchy. Pretty soon your toddler would be reading along.

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Safari Park is a great introduction to safari for babies and toddlers. Join Bear and friends as they are going on a wildlife safari. The board book is shaped as a safari vehicle. They size is ideal for young hands to carry around.

Image of the book - Secret Life of a Tiger

Secret Life of a Tiger is a funny take on the activities of children’s favorite animal – the tiger. Learn about the tiger’s secret life – how it takes care of a snake, chops salad for a baby elephant, and many more.

The story is humorous and beautiful illustrations perfectly complement the texts. It reminds the reader that there is more to everyone than what meets the eye. This book is suitable for kids aged 3 to 5 years.

Image of the book - Jazzy in the Jungle

Jazzy in the Jungle A mother lemur is looking for her baby – Jazzy, in the jungle. Let your child help her search for Jazzy through die-cut windows in the pages. The cut-out pages and flaps, along with the interactive story, make the book engaging.

The book itself is a work of art with illustrations in vivid tropical colors. The description of the jungle flora and fauna is fun, and the language is repetitive. A perfect bedtime storybook.

Image of the book - Over in the Grasslands

Over in the Grasslands Africa’s savanna is home to a diversity of animals. Come along in an African safari and see lions, hippos, rhinos, hornbills, and many more African animals. Your child would even be able to practice counting. Map of Africa, information about animals- make this book quite educational. Children enjoy the interactive part of discovering hidden animals and the sing-along song. A good nonfiction book for toddlers to kindergarteners.

Image of the book - Over in the Jungle

Over in the Jungle introduces the rainforest ecology, animal habitats, and environment to children. It also doubles up as a counting book for kids. The animal pictures are the artwork of polymer clay and gives a spectacular 3d effect. The extra pages with valuable ideas provide educators and parents enough resources for art projects. A highly recommended and loved book.

Image of the book - Sloths Don't Run

Sloths Don’t Run A sloth gets inspired by the running cheetahs of the jungle and decides to enroll in The Great Rainforest race. Read on to find out how the sloth trains and what happens during the race.

This book reminds the readers that sometimes participation and crossing the finish line itself is a great act of courage – winning does not matter. A lesson every child needs to remember. The beautiful artwork would make you fall in love with the jungle environment.

Image of the book - Ultimate Sticker Book: Jungle

Ultimate Sticker Book: Jungle is a fun activity book suitable for preschoolers. Filled with stunning pictures, fun facts about forest animals, interesting puzzles, sticker quiz – this book is many things rolled into one.

Children would have lots of fun creating the scenes, matching, completing zigsaw puzzles for hours. The stickers are reusable, and activities are simple enough for kids to do independently.

Image of the book - Honey & Grapes Go To The Amazon

Honey & Grapes Go To The Amazon is a delightful account of a trip across the Amazon rainforest by two grandparents, co-authored with their granddaughter. The pictures are the photograph taken during the trip.

The text is simple and informative, with detailed descriptions of the animals and birds. It is an interactive nonfiction book. Readers are asked questions- answers of which can be found in the accompanying pictures. It is a nice-to-have book that your child can use even later.

Image of the book - Deadly Animals Collection

Deadly Animals Collection Learn about the earth’s ferocious animals in this multi-book set collection. Learn how these predators stalk, chase, prey. And read about their different hunting methods. The accompanying pictures are vivid and colorful, making children engaged for longer.

Jungle Themed activities for Toddlers & Preschoolers

Make a Rainforest Terrarium. naturalbeachliving.com shows how with pictures.

craftymorning.com has a good tutorial for making paper plate snake using bubble wrap.

Also check out these jungle themed decoration ideas.

Have fun making this cardboard tube tiger with your child. This majestic jungle animal is quite popular with toddler or preschooler. creativefamilyfun.net details the steps with pictures.

Watch this fun read-aloud of the book Rumble in the Jungle

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