You are looking for some good lion books for your 0- 3 years old. There are plenty of good children books available about this fascinating animal.

We went through a few dozens to find the best ones for your child. Scroll down to explore the list.

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In a hurry? The below three are our absolute favorite.

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17 Best Lion Books for Babies and Toddlers

Explore the list of 17 of the best lion books for babies and toddlers. All of them are highly recommended by parents and loved by kids.

Arlo the Lion Who Couldn’t Sleep

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Arlo, the lion, can not sleep. He is tired and tried everything. However, the prickly grass and noisy trees do not help him.

Finally, a helpful owl comes to the rescue of Arlo. It is a gentle and funny story to calm your little one before bedtime.

The Lion & the Mouse

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This one is an age-old story about kindness, made suitably for babies and toddlers. A mighty lion spares a mouse from being its food. The mouse repays the kindness, by saving the lion when it is trapped.

The book has very few words and mostly sound effects. You can be creative while reading to your little one. The pictures are bright and beautiful. A must-read story to your child.

Disney – The Lion King – Friends Forever

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It is a popular story from Lion King where young Simba travels to his land to become the King. The book has seven buttons with lion sound and music. Your baby would love the play along while listening to the story.

With the central theme of friendship, this story also features the characters of Nala, Timon, Pumbaa, Mufasa, and more!

I Thought I Saw a Lion!

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Find the lion in this clever hide-and-seek book. Your child would love sliding and revealing the lion in every scene.

Each set of pages has a lion hiding in it. It pops out as the slider is moved. Get the book and watch your little one giggle with joy at finding the lion every time.

A Wild Taco Tuesday

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Rory the Lion is all set to enjoy his Taco Tuesday. However, he has a ton of hungry animal friends. So Rory is now sharing his taco with his friends.

This book teaches young ones the value of friendship and sharing. The illustrations are cute and whimsical enough to keep the kids interested longer.

Disney – Lion Guard

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This is a look-and-find book for your lion-loving child. Simba’s son Kion is the king of the Pride Land now. Along with his friends Bunga, Ono, Fuli, and Beshte, he is protecting the land.

Your two-year-old would love identifying, matching, pointing the items on each page. This interactive book encourages focus and exploration in young ones.

Little Lone Leelo

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Teach your little one the value of teamwork with Little Leelo, the lion cub. Leelo is a proud and boastful lion cub, who does not care much about others.

Read this fun story to learn how Leelo understands the value of teamwork. This book is suitable for kids as young as babies.


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Watch your child roar with delight through the mouth hole of this book. Kids can choose from the many animal sounds of the book.

The book itself is sturdy, and finger holes are perfect for small hands. Kids as young as few months old can use this book.

Scaredy Cat!

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This book is a tale of friendship, patience, encouragement. A lion is struggling to find its roar. Finally, with the help of its friend Meerkat, it succeeds.

With beautiful pictures, this book teaches kids to be kind, patient and encouraging towards others.

Louie The Lion And His Fuzzy, Furry Feet

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What does Louie the lion do through its entire day? Come along as Louie climbs trees, dances with bees, eats blueberries, and more. An engaging book with amazing pictures.

Daddy Lion’s Tea Party

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Daddy lion is organizing a tea party for his cubs. But the cubs want to invite pigs, skunks, and all other friends to the party. Daddy lion does not want his genteel party to be spoilt by the stinky and unruly animals.

Read on to find out what happens next. A hilarious book- full of noise and chaos that your child is sure to love.

Roaring Like a Lion

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This is an affirmation book to help develop a child’s inner power. Join the baby lion as he learns to roar like a lion. A fun and encouraging book for your little one to unleash the potential.

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The Happy Lion

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A lion at a zoo is content and happy. Everyone around is friendly and nice. One day the lion finds the zoo door open and decides to visit its neighbors. Read on to find out what happens. A classic beautiful tale about a lion’s friendship.

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When Your Lion Needs a Bath

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Make your child’s bath time fun with this clever storybook about a lion’s bath. Imagine, you have a lion and it needs a bath.

But lions don’t like getting into the water. Now, how do you lure the lion into the bathtub. Plenty of yammy food, toys are one way. This charming book hilariously takes your little one through the task of prepping a lion for bath.

How to Be a Lion

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Leonard, the lion, has a friend Marianne, the duck. They enjoy doing all the activities together – writing, playing, talking, making wishes. However, one day a group of bullies questions the unlikely friendship.

Leonard has to soon find out a way to be a friend and stand up for what is right. A funny thought-provoking story for your young ones.

The Great Big Lion

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Written by a child author– Chryseis Knight, this book is worth checking out. Chryseis seamlessly weaves her imagination and thoughts through the animal kingdom. An engaging book for young readers.

Lillie The Lion and Friends

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Read the stories of the adorable little Lion Lillie and her friends. The rhyming and the short read are perfect for a quick reading with your little one. Your child would surely look forward to the ‘roar’ at the end!

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